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Bella Catarina Ideas for Complete Solutions From the Lobby to the Pool

Bellacatarina is a reference in furniture and decorative objects in the capital of Santa Catarina. Access this article to learn more about the store! Bellacatarina is located in Florianópolis (SC), at Avenida Beira-Mar Norte, nº 5036. Recently, the store was present at Mostra Unlimited 2020, promoted by Portobello.

The purpose of Bellacatarina is to present complete solutions for the decoration of environments, from the entrance hall to the swimming pool. Its managers have more than three decades of experience in the area and have gathered all this knowledge in the project.

An item marketed by Bellacatarina was used in the water mirror project developed by renowned plastic artist Oskar Metsavaht.

To learn more about Bellacatarina and its participation in Mostra Unlimited, just read this article. You are enchanted by all the beauty and innovation that the store brings to the environments!

Shop with decoration options ranging from the hall to the pool

A little history of Bellacatarina

Bellacatarina was inaugurated in 2001 and is currently located in the city of Florianópolis

Bellacatarina was created by architect Milton Bordin, who has been working with furniture since the 1980s.

He had the insight to open his own store when he realized the need for complementary furniture to the planned ones.

The store was opened in 2001, in the city of Joinville (SC). However, 15 years ago the company was transferred to Florianópolis, where it is located until today.

Bordin says that the name Bellacatarina is inspired by a well-known slogan used by tourism companies that sell travel packages to Santa Catarina.

It is quite common to see advertising pieces with phrases like “come and meet Santa and beautiful Catarina”. That’s where he got the idea for the name of the store, which is in the state.

Bordin also tells that the inspiration is related to the fact that decoration is an essentially feminine activity. As Catarina is a woman’s name and the word “beautiful” is translated as bella, in Italian, the terms were combined.

The Bellacatarina store offers up to five years of warranty on its products and specialized service for specifiers and end customers. In addition, it has free delivery for up to 100 km.

Products found in the store

Products from several famous brands and designers are found at Bellacatarina

Bellacatarina’s proposal is to meet all demands for complementary furniture and decorative objects, such as rugs. The store offers products for home and corporate environments.

In the catalog you will find renowned brands recognized for their quality, such as Tidelli, América, Studio Bola, Tissot, Bell’arte, Century and Empório das Chairs, among others.

In addition, the store is a partner of excellent designers, such as Fernando Mendes, Zanine de Zanini, Zanine Caldas, Sérgio Fahrer, Sérgio Rodrigues, Arthur Casas, Marcelo Rosenbaum and Jean Gillion, among others.

Bellacatarina also has consultants who can guide the creation of environments. These qualified professionals seek a balance between design trends and each client’s lifestyle.

Bellacatarina at the Unlimited Portobello Show

Bellacatarina was chosen by artist Oskar Metsavaht to have one of his products at Mostra Unlimited

In the first edition of the Mostra Unlimited Portobello, which took place in October 2020, the plastic artist Oskar Metsavaht developed a water mirror.

The environment mixes elements of nature in a minimalist way. To achieve this result, a panel was created that refers to the neotropical style and traditional textures of the Portuguese stones on the promenade of the Orla de Ipanema.

Metsavaht used pieces from the Ipanema coating line, which he developed exclusively for Portobello, in the environment.

The Ipanema collection , inspired by the homonymous neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, is a line with the essence of the Brazilian Soul, strongly influenced by the curves and modernism of the wonderful city.

In the artist’s words: “the Ipanema collection is a balance between opposites: on the one hand, curves, organic designs and colors made by the sea and sand. On the other, the black asphalt and the straight lines of its modernist buildings. A powerful dialectic”.

In the decoration of the environment that serves to promote the Ipanema collection, there is an armchair that was created by designer Elias Lanzarini and is marketed by Bellacatarina.


The San Diego armchair is built with recyclable materials from abandoned boats on the coast of Santa Catarina

The San Diego armchair, used in the environment developed by Metsavaht for Mostra Unlimited, was built based on recyclable materials from abandoned boats on the coast of Santa Catarina.

The piece was named San Diego because the craftsman who built it, Lanzarini, developed the technique of reusing materials in California.

The use of the armchair made from recyclable materials is in line with the proposal for valuing nature that Metsavaht thought of when creating the water mirror.


Bellacatarina’s management is pleased to participate in Mostra Unlimited

The owner of Bellacatarina is very pleased to have participated in Mostra Unlimited Portobello. He recalls the famous popular saying that goes “tell me who you are with and I’ll tell you who you are”, explaining that having your store’s name associated with Portobello’s brings value and credibility to your brand.

“For us it is a great pride, because we are associated with the greatest reference in the area of ​​coatings and ceramics in the country”, says Bordin.

Bellacatarina is today a highlight in furniture and decorative objects that go from the lobby to the pool. Therefore, you, architect, designer or final consumer, cannot fail to put the store on the itinerary of your next visit to Florianópolis.

As we have seen, the environment where the Bellacatarina armchair was used is a creation of Oskar Metsavaht.