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Astonishing Coating Trends for 2021

After the world entered a new scenario due to the Covid-19 pandemic, recent trends emerged in decoration and coverings. Because thousands of Brazilians are spending more time at home with their families and enjoying the coziness of home, perceptions have become more frequent, giving people more importance to the natural and straightforward.

Expo Register, the largest finishing event in Latin America, started this Monday (22) and had its 19th edition 100% digital for the first time. The fair had more than 30 brands launching their new collections and trends in coatings and decoration for 2021, with these new perceptions of looking at the natural and reinventing themselves.

We have separated for you the leading products and trends in coatings and decoration for 2021. Check it out!

Rescue to Natural

Vernacular Architecture

The simplicity and reconnection with our origins in a world that goes through so many complexities and lives connectedly give warmth to our home and soul. We have to feel that our house embraces us, providing a welcome for us to continue facing this moment that we do not know when will end.

The environment with wall cladding inspired by wattle and daub, wooden flooring, brown straw chair, and wooden stool with decorative objects.

An example of rescuing the natural is the vernacular architecture. Last year I spoke at Casa Vogue Experience and was invited by Castelatto and talked about this type of architecture, the oldest construction method in humanity, where people use natural resources and techniques specific to a specific region.

And today, thanks to technology, it is possible to have in our homes products that rescue this memory of our ancestors, revisit the technique, being reproduced through materials such as architectural concrete, which is easy to install, maintain, and aesthetics with more possibilities.

Biophilic Design

There is an environment with slatted wood cladding on the wall, wooden flooring, and small wooden furniture with books and pictures.

An environment with green leaf wallpaper, wooden floor, wooden chair, straw baskets and chests, and decorative plant pots.

Java ceramic atlas green insert.

Concerning coatings and decoration for 2021, the brands bet on collections that brought a connection to nature with a biophilic design, which is nothing more than creating environments with the insertion of natural elements to improve well-being, bringing various benefits for our health.

In addition to plants, there are other ways to bring biophilia into the home. Coverings, such as floors and wood coverings, ornamental stones, or porcelain tiles that imitate these materials, colors, fabrics, and products with prints that resemble nature.


Office with neutral tone granite floor, wooden table with computer and black chair, shelves and plant pot on the decorative foot.

About coatings and decoration for 2021, granites continued with everything this year! Anyone who accompanies me already knows that I am completely in love with this style of flooring. The original material widely used in the 1940s consisted of a cementitious base to which mineral granules such as quartz, granite, and marble were added.

With the strong trend, several materials reproduce granite, such as laminates, ceramics, porcelain, and cementitious. Each scheme has different needs and demand types of products that better serve the people who will enjoy the environment. And I loved this versatility and the various options presented at Expo Register.

Eucatex was inspired by this established trend and brought Botticino, laminate flooring that reproduces granite. The name was inspired by a stone found in Italy and Turkey.

House facade with neutral tone granite coating on the walls, lawn, and large wooden door.

In architectural concrete, Castelatto brought the Crepp di Gré from the newest Colors collection, the reinterpretation of a sedimentary stone extracted in Lombardy, Italy, which can be inserted indoors and outdoors.

An environment with green walls, wooden floor, hexagonal granite coating, round wooden table with blue chairs, and yellow sofa.

Ceuta launched the Confete collection, a ceramic that reproduces granite in a hexagonal format, playing with the colors and different sizes of the “granules.”

Marbled Porcelain

The dining room has marble tile on the main wall, a gray floor, a wooden table with a gray structure with five chairs, a gray carpet, and a gray and gold pendant lamp.

Marble is one of the most classic and beloved coatings, and it’s no wonder that most brands bet on marbled coatings. It has a very striking feature for its visual beauty, in addition to providing more refined environments.

The marketing manager of Roca Cerâmica, Christie Schulka, presented in a study of incredible trends. She related marble to the feminine era we live in, as it is a delicate, classic material that provides a subtle architecture, and I loved it. The brand brought Calacata Light, which reproduces this material through HD printing technology.

Room with large-format marbled porcelain tile in gray tones, round wooden coffee tables, two armchairs with cushions, table, and chair.

Another release that I liked was Primor by Portinari. Inspired by the Cinerea Armani marble, the pieces show veins in different directions, causing depth in the look. A product is rich in design that adds beauty and elegance to spaces.

Super Formats

The room has super woody porcelain tile on the floor, a brown leather sofa, armchairs with gray upholstery, benches, a round coffee table, pendant lamps, a column with brick cladding, and the main wall with rose cladding.

Porcelain tile super formats are increasingly gaining ground in the market and intensifying their technology. With designs from 120×120, this product has become a big trend in Brazil.

Incept, a brand of the Roca Cerâmica group, constantly innovating, launched 120 x 120 and 100 x 200 cm coverings, capable of transforming the environments they are inserted. “These are smart formats and perfect for apartment renovations, as they can be easily transported by elevator,” says Christie.

With an urban essence, the City line expands the range of Incepa SuperFormats. Available in Cement and Nude shades, it reinterprets cement surfaces, which, due to their neutral and timeless character, always remain a trend.

Room with white porcelain floor, marbled coating on the entrance wall, other white walls, and glass.

Portinari also presented pieces that reached three meters. I thought the Cênica collection was beautiful, which was created to be the stage for outstanding moments. The details are motivated by the Labradorite stone, original from the Labrador region in northwestern Canada. Its surface reflection resembles oxidized stains in a play of colors that simulates the translucency effect, with striking shades of blue and green that did not exist in the brand’s portfolio.

Room with black tub, white bench, gray marbled coating on the walls and floor, and a dog is lying down.

And I also loved Portobello’s Bleu de Savoie line, inspired by one of the most precious stones in the world, from a cave in Aime in Savoie, in the French Alps region, enchanting for its particular variation of bluish-gray tones. The light, almost white veins flow smoothly on the surface and ensure the material’s contemporary feel. And unnecessary to say how much I love their puppy. I love pets.

Small Formats

Wall with red tiles in small format.

We look at small pieces and remember our childhood, don’t we? The first ceramics created were minor, and with technology and new needs, they gained new dimensions.

And while the use of super formats is on the rise, small sizes bring balance to the compositions. They make environments more affectionate and intimate.

Portobello brought us the Bonbon line, which has 15.5×15.5 formats, with irregular shapes in pastel shades, creating a unique mosaic. With pieces of 17.5×17.5cm in a hexagonal design that allow different pagination.

Bathroom with wooden floor, light blue walls, burnt cement tub, above rectangular mirror with black frame, bathtub wall with hexagonal coating.

The Macramê collection is inspired by the artisanal weaving technique that uses knots to create fringes and hems in sheets and towels. What makes this collection even more enchanting is the colors and shape of the pieces that can be mixed and used in every room in the house. In a trapeze shape and pastel shades, the super versatile pieces allow infinite delicate and unique combinations.


The external area with walls covered with natural stones, a gray porcelain floor, wooden furniture with vases and decorative objects, a deckchair, and a small tree.

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese philosophy. We can say that “Wabi” means simplicity, rustic… while “Sabi” refers to the beauty of age and the wear and tear of time. The premise of this trend is the beauty of imperfection, which is in keeping with everything we are experiencing in this pandemic period.

With so much going on, we get very emotionally unstable. For me, that philosophy is about accepting that it’s okay to not get through everything and not be okay every day.

And bringing it to the world of coverings, I see it translated into pieces with wide variations in tones, natural stones, and irregular bricks, ceramics, architectural concrete, and porcelain tiles.