Artistic Ways to Transform a Room With Fabric Only

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to give a decorative touch to a place that is already getting boring is the inexpensive use of some fabric with creativity. Sometimes funny pillows, an application on the curtains, a new sofa cover changes an entire room without great cost. Even Vivian Leigh in the film “Gone with the Wind” surprised with what you can do with just a few curtains and a little creativity… A piece of fabric represents countless decorative possibilities. And how to use fabric in order to obtain a decoration that is really worth it? Here are some tips that will help you get meters of creative and inexpensive results.


Covering just the ottoman cushion or some sofa cushions with a bold pattern will be an excellent way to achieve a modern look. This type of fabric, with bold patterns, should be used in small quantities and only in strategic locations in the division (places that will attract the eye); because putting a bold pattern on the curtains, sofa, pillows, and other places in the room, instead of getting an interesting and balanced decoration, you get something uninteresting and very confusing. Ideally – as a fabric like this will be used in small quantities – they should opt for a more special fabric, which can be even more expensive, but then complement it with other fabrics that are less expensive and more neutral in the rest of the decoration.


We all have a simple white shirt in the wardrobe that we know goes with all kinds of clothes and accessories, as it is a neutral piece. To emphasize the sofa, it doesn’t need to be upholstered in a strong color or with patterns, you can just complement it with bolder pillows that you can always change when you decide to change the look of the room in an easy way. Thus, the sofa becomes the neutral piece of furniture that can be adorned whenever they want, changing the look of the room easily. If you choose a colorful or patterned sofa, this should be the only central piece of furniture that draws attention, the rest of the room should be in neutral tones, otherwise you will run the risk of having a room that is too messy and unwelcoming.


This rule is essential to keep a piece interesting for longer, avoiding getting tired of it quickly. If you are lining a sofa or a large chair, then opt for a small-sized pattern, as a large sofa or chair already has enough prominence due to its size, in addition to these assumptions, small patterns are almost always more elegant, as they are more discreet.


If you have children or are used to having snacks on the sofa, then choosing a sofa with patterns can be a great idea. Patterns mask stains more than plain fabric. A textured fabric is also a good option, as textures such as cotton, velvet or other embossed textures are a good mask for the bad luck that can happen on the sofa. This way they will be less worried about the sofa getting dirty, and they will be able to enjoy the room more.


A rug can also be a very captivating focus of interest in a room. A room in neutral colors with the decorative emphasis all on lush carpeting will give a chic air and a lot of design to a room. The remaining pieces don’t have to be anything special, they will just complement the decor.


Ideally, opt for white or beige fabric blinds that are inexpensive, and just adding a little more expensive or bold fabric note to complement it can be very different. For example, you can put a small curtain just on one side of the window, this can be a creative and inexpensive idea. Whenever you want to change the room, just change the curtain, keeping the basic blinds. Another interesting way to color plain blinds is to line them from the inside with wallpaper, so whenever they’re down you’ll see an interesting pattern instead of just a plain fabric blind. This second option works well if the shades are the width of a roll of wallpaper. Even if the curtains are a little down, they will always have a great effect.


Instead of opting for wallpaper to highlight a wall in the room, cover the wall with a fabric that matches the rest of the room. This will completely change the feel of the room and give it an air of old French palaces: distinction and opulence, all with just a few meters of fabric.


One way to have original art on the wall, easily changeable and at low cost, is to put (as an option for decorative paintings or photographs) some fabric – in equal tones or even according to some fabrics used in the room, such as cushions or chairs – in the frames, ie framed. Use patterns interesting enough that they can be displayed in frames. This way, whenever they want to change the room, it is only necessary to change the fabric of the frames, and voilá, they will have decorative art and a new room at a low price; all this without making new holes in the wall to change the exposed images.

Another good option is to put one or several fabrics you like on a canvas stretcher. The fabric can be larger or smaller, depending on the impact you want. You can do it in any frame store for a ridiculous price.

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