Aesthetic Tips for Decorating With Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is one of the most creative ways to decorate the empty walls of a home and, with many styles, sizes, colors and prices to choose from, you are sure to find enthralling paintings. Be adventurous and transform your decor into a real work of art.

1- Large Painting

Size really matters because, when it comes to decorating a house with contemporary art, a large painting will always have a greater impact than a small one – a wall and a space are no longer normal, but sensational!

2- Smaller Pieces

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to choosing large works of contemporary art to decorate your home – you can and should bet on smaller pieces that you can simply place on a table, console or sideboard, leaning the piece of art against the wall and completing -a with the addition of other decorative pieces. Alternatively, you can use your small contemporary art collection to create a gallery on one of the walls at home – corridors being the ideal spaces for this type of decoration.

3- Tones and Contrast

In terms of colors, the trend is often to buy contemporary art in the color palette of the decor that already exists in the space for which the painting is intended. While not wrong, it is suggested to choose contemporary art in tones that contrast with the pre-existing furniture and decorative elements. The result will be an original decoration and due emphasis on the paintings hanging on the walls.

4- Best Frame

Wherever you buy a contemporary art painting (directly from the artist, art gallery or specialized store), always follow the suggestion of someone who knows about the best way to frame the piece. Be aware, however, that a canvas does not need a frame and that large photographs look best when displayed in acrylic frames.

5- Proper Distance

The larger the contemporary art painting you are going to hang, the closer it must be to the piece of furniture that will accompany and/or highlight it – as a general rule, the distance between one and the other must remain between 10 and 15 centimeters.

6- Golden Rule

The main golden rule when it comes to hanging contemporary art (or any painting) is that it should always be at eye level and never far above any piece of furniture that serves as a reference point or complements it.

7- Small Paintings

If you are going to decorate the room with contemporary art, it is suggested that since it is a space of rest and tranquility, choose small paintings, with soft colors, pastels or watercolors; and/or sepia or black and white photography.

8- Kitchen Walls

Do not neglect the kitchen walls as a place equally deserving of contemporary art, in fact, there is nothing more creative than finding art on unexpected walls.

9- Bathroom

And who says the kitchen, says the bathroom that, even being one of the smallest spaces in the house, if decorated with beautiful examples of contemporary art, it will quickly become one of the spaces of choice in the house!

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