7 Home Activity Ideas To Enjoy With Your Children

We’ve all spent more time at home than we ever could have anticipated over the last couple of years. One of the most positive outcomes of this has been a stronger appreciation for where we live and who we live with. As the holidays come around, you may find yourself in need once again of some time-consuming activities which will help to keep the smaller members of your family occupied – and with the new year on the horizon, why not take the opportunity to take part in some crafts that could also double as home interior decorations?

So, grab yourself some art supplies, decide on a gallery hanging system that suits your walls, and round up some willing participants… it’s time to get creative!

Paint Decorative Plates

Decorative plates were once an extremely popular interior design feature but are no longer produced in the manner they were to commemorate events and occasions. But why not? Welcome vintage design into your home and into the 21st century by creating your own decorative plates. Plain, white, ceramic plates can be bought cheaply from any supermarket or homeware store, and almost any kind of paint can be used and then varnished over for a long-lasting decorative finish. Specialist plate hangers fit around cookware of all sizes and ensure a secure hanging for your finished work of art.

Handprint Portraits

A bold and effective print idea is to make pictures out of children’s handprints using bright paint. The paint handprints can be created on white, matte paper, or a canvas, and either turned into a wider design or simply used as a memento of growth over the years. Why not keep one as a document of the whole family’s hands as you age together?

Bake Salt Dough Decorations

Salt dough decorations are often linked to the festive season and thought of as just a Christmas bauble craft. However, these quick and simple creations can be enjoyed all year round and themed to fit any season. Paint and bake your salt dough, then thread through ribbons coloured to match your interior design theme and hang from threads, fairy lights, or picture rails. You could even make baking salt dough a tradition for various occasions; mixing up the old with new decorations for Valentine’s Day, Easter, summer, Christmas, Halloween, or New Year’s.

Thread Paper Chains

Colourful paper chains have been a vintage family favourite throughout the ages and are classic decorations that are easy enough for even the smallest of fingers to construct. Plus they are available in an infinite variety of colours, patterns and finishes! If you want to keep your little craft helpers occupied for longer, why not have them colour in or draw on the paper first before cutting and threading the chains?

Map Out Your Family Tree

Researching a family tree can be hugely informative and great fun for all involved, no matter their age. Drawing one, however, can be even more of a joy for inquisitive and creative minds, and will create a beautiful homemade masterpiece to be cherished for generations of that same family. If the artists involved are a little bit too young for tree and branch drawing, then green paint handprints can work well as branches and leaves with annotations added in later.

Chalk The Walls

If the smaller members of your family are fans of getting creative in places they shouldn’t, it may be wise to invest in some chalkboard paint. Chalkboard paint creates a matte black (or other dark shade) finish that can be written or drawn on with chalk and erased with a wiper as required – just as you would on a traditional blackboard. You don’t need to paint a whole wall black – that’s a fairly bold move for most homeowners! Instead, try a small patch of wall or a border strip around the room. Just but be sure that it’s not too high for your little ones to get to or they’ll end up chalking up your usual paint or wallpaper instead.

Create Collages

The art of collage is something most of us haven’t indulged in since our early school years but it makes for a fun, time-consuming activity that, best of all, can be as messy as you like! You can hang collages once they’re complete or stick them pride of place to your fridge or playroom walls (especially if they don’t quite fit the theme or colours of your interiors). You can also cut the collages into hearts or other bold shapes to make them stand out and help them to better suit your overall interior design and decoration.

Spending time with children can sometimes be a challenge – and often a messy one. But treasured memories are made in doing fun activities together, and using arts and crafts created by tiny people to furnish your home makes for a beautiful, humble home filled with love and laughter… and a few homemade goodies!