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6 Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Nice and Tidy

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Are you one of those people who struggle to keep your bathroom clean? There are too many knick-knacks lying around unorganized, no garbage bin to keep your pieces of waste, no place to store extra toiletries, and toilet necessities. Well, keeping your sacred room isn’t as difficult as it may seem to be; it may be as simple as just putting in a small drawer. Bathroom Renovations Every Homeowner Should Consider.

Make Sure Your Bathroom Smells Good

Though its impact in the visual aspect of tidiness is not applicable, being in a pleasant smelling bathroom is always positive – you wouldn’t want it to smell like one of those abandoned houses now, would you? Start by doing your regular cleaning; scrub the toilet bowl, sink, countertop, shower walls, bathtub, all of these contribute to an unpleasant odor.

Allow your New Bathrooms to have proper ventilation, install an exhaust fan that allows the bad air to be sucked out, or you can always leave a window ajar so that fresher air can come in whenever. Try using incense, air purifiers, diffusers, and fresheners because this is where the plus points come in, having a nicely scented toilet is always a pleasure for the user.

Clear Your Drains

Sometimes the details are what matter most, though they might not be the elephant in the room, attention to the little things will allow you to do better. There might be plenty of mucky gray hair that refuses to go down smoothly and leaving it as it is will cause a potential clogged drain, water won’t go down so you’ll have wet floors after every bath.

Fit a Smaller Toilet Seat

Fitting a small toilet seat unto your throne will give you much more space to place other floor items because a big clunky seat would take up too much space, making the whole thing look unattractive, and you don’t want your throne to look unappealing, do you?

Add Shelves

Try placing a shelf above the sink. It works wonders! Not only do you have a new platform for you to put more things onto, but having layers to your decor can make things look neater, and it seems like you put lots of thought into the placement of your toiletries. Having shelves in the bathroom gives you a little more space in such a confined room.

Buy Narrow Cabinets

A narrow cabinet may be the answer to your storing needs, having a tall stature rather than wide, ensures that you have a place to put away your toilet necessities while still giving you space for other floor items like a laundry basket, garbage bins, and scales. Placing one of these next to the toilet is quite efficient, and it is quite budget-friendly.

Use Unique Storage Compartments

Get creative with your storage, having a place to store things doesn’t have to be boring, like just using a cupboard. An old spice rack can be transformed into a new home for your beauty products, toothbrushes, tubes of toothpaste, razors, and your face masks. Add a little creativity to bring color into your already neat looking bathroom.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to only use one of these at a time when you need to. Always try to use all of these tips in synergy with each other to make sure that your bathroom can stay clean, neat, organized, and always smelling good for you and others who may have to use it in the future.

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