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5 Statement Pieces to Bring a Living Space Together

Living rooms are the main space in a home for socializing, recreation, and general downtime. Given its importance, people tend to desire a warmly designed space with a few pieces of key furniture to bring everything together. Regardless of how you prefer to design, for example, minimalistic or busy and bright, there are a few commonly agreed upon pieces of furniture that should feature in any living space, and you can discover them below.

Television Station

TVs are a common feature of living spaces, but how people present them varies from house to house. Some are wall-mounted, while others have an in-built stand. However, these TV Cabinet options can be a statement feature in their own right for several reasons. They are safer than wall mounting or having the television as a standalone item as they provide a higher, more stable and permanent home. 

Lots of television cabinets come with additional storage, and storage is beneficial for keeping things tidy, which then makes the room look more together overall. Most options will also come with an in-built solution for cable presentation which means no more knots, and no more messy wires on show. People are better able to relax or unwind in a clutter-free environment, after all. 

Coffee Table

Coffee tables are typically placed in front of the seating area, in the middle of the room. Just like you would have a centerpiece on a dining table to make everything come together with a central focus, the same principle can be applied to coffee tables. If your decorative style is more out of the box than in, try these odd shaped coffee tables to fit with a more eclectic theme. 

Statement Seating

What seating you have coincides with the taste and the theme of your home. A couch and an armchair are the most common choices, but beanbags have also grown in popularity lately. Reclining chairs are also a comfortable option too. However the seating takes shape, no living space will ever be complete without somewhere inviting to sit down and rest. For smaller rooms, less is better and conversely, larger areas benefit from an increase in seating options. 

Side Table

Much like a coffee table, a side table is an accent accessory with practical purposes. They can be used as somewhere to put a drink down, to store smaller miscellaneous objects such as candles, or stationery, and they are small enough to fit into most spaces in a subtle way. 

Lighting and Wall Hangings

Soft lighting is essential for relaxation as it decreases visual strain, while also providing a cozy environment and positive mood vibes. Try adding a lamp in a strategic position to avoid using the main, brighter light all the time or having to sit in complete darkness. 

To truly create a sense of completion in a living space, statement furniture and features are the best tools at your disposal. Work with the space on offer and fill in the blanks to create a relaxation zone worthy of anyone.