5 Most Popular Accessories for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a busy area, full of appliances, countertop devices, utensils, food items, cutlery and a host of various accessories. All of which can lead to quite a bit of unintentional clutter, making use of the space inefficient, and in some cases, outright frustrating.

Not to mention all of that clutter takes away from the energy, feel and beauty of your well-designed kitchen space. In this guide we explore 5 of the most popular accessories for the kitchen, focusing on kitchen cabinet accessories that will improve your space and make using your kitchen much more enjoyable.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Accessories Storage

Kitchen cabinets are the primary storage space for most Toronto kitchens. This makes them a prime opportunity for kitchen cabinet accessories that will help you get and stay better organized.

From professional chefs to at-home cooks for the family, anyone who uses the space will appreciate the improved organization and efficiency that kitchen cabinet accessories in Toronto can achieve.

Professional Kitchen Accessories to Help you Get and Stay Organized

According to expert interior designers and organizers interviewed at Well and Good, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach kitchen organization, and professional kitchen accessories can go a long way in getting it done right.

Double Wastebasket Cabinet

Ranking among the most popular with Toronto area homeowners, the double wastebasket cabinet features not one, but TWO wastebaskets. Environmentally conscious residents will appreciate the ability to easily sort and separate recyclables, while those with larger families or who cook a lot will appreciate the additional space.

Double-Tiered Cutlery Drawer

The majority of cutlery drawers utilize a single organizer thats either built-in or removable. Not the double-tiered drawer. This design maximizes available space, integrating TWO cutlery organizers, with the top organizer sliding to reveal that below.

Door Racks

A simple, yet highly effective kitchen cabinet accessory, door racks come in a wide variety of styles and designs. These racksattach to the back of your cabinet doors, allowing you to hang or store various items in a space that is often underutilized.

An Appliance Garage

Your car has a garage…so why not your appliances? For most Toronto residents, our counters are lined with appliances, taking up valuable cooking and/or storage space, rendering it virtually unusable. In other cases, we store seldom-used appliances in a pantry or off-kitchen closet. Not exactly ideal. 

An appliance garage can take on a multitude of styles and designs. One such design is an overhead storage garage with a door that lifts up similar to a miniature garage door. Doing so reveals a line of appliances, out of sight, but not out of reach. The only question is…what will you do with all that additional counter space?

Pull-Out Storage Cabinets

We are all familiar with the classic Lazy Susanfor corner cabinets. Although a lazy Susan can aid with organization and storage, theres a new sheriff in town. The pull-out corner cabinet is similar to one big shelf, allowing you to pull out the cabinet to completely reveal the entirety of its contents. This makes organization and use a breeze. No more crouching down and trying to see whats at the back.

Toe Kick Drawers

Similar to unused space above cabinets, the same can often be said of that below them. In some cases, there may be an opportunity to install a toe kick drawer. As the name suggests, these drawers are installed at the bottom of your cabinet base, and can be gently tappedor kickedto initiate the drawer sliding out. These drawers are perfect for storing and organizing large thin accessories such as baking pans, cookie sheets, and cutting boards.

Cookbook Rack

Prefer old school cookbooks? Not everyone is sold on digital. Theres something about holding a real book in your hand, especially if it is a recipe book passed down to you from a mother or grandmother. Storing them on the counter can subject them to accidental spills and moisture, but a cookbook rack can help you keep them neatly organized and comfortably tucked away inside of your cabinets.

Vertical Utensil and Knife Storage

Knife blocks have their place, but if youre short on countertop space they can end up taking up more room than youd like. A vertical utensil storage cabinet is uniquely designed with pull-out drawers, inserts, hooks and several customizations tailored for helping you organize and properly store cutlery and utensils. 

Popular Kitchen Accessories: the key to staying organized

A disorganized kitchen is an inefficient, unsafe, and frustrating one. Luckily, with the help of Kitchen Land and a few accessories, you can transform your mess of a kitchen into a well-organized space ready to tackle the challenges and needs of your daily life. 

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