42 Engaging Cafe Corner Ideas to Compose the Space

Coffee Lovers: A drink so loved deserves to be served in a unique atmosphere.

The coffee corner is comforting, inviting, and a perfect environment to replenish your energy. It can be mounted in a space in the house or even in the office.

Everyone sets aside a few moments of the day for themselves and their coffee. A break to chat, relax and recharge your battery. To make this ritual even more pleasurable, it is worth relying on a creative, pleasant, and full of personality design.

Inspirations for creating the perfect coffee corner

How about taking a break from the hurry of everyday life to have a cup of coffee? – This is the proposal of this extraordinary corner. Here are the best ideas for creating a coffee corner that looks just like you:

1- Industrial style

Industrial style cafe corner.

The industrial style invaded Brazilian homes and can also be present in the decor of the café’s corner. In this idea, black tubes and wooden shelves were used to build the furniture. A charm only!

2- Vintage style

Vintage style in the corner of the cafe.

The vintage style is perfect for those who want to reuse some old objects when composing the season. The use of flowers, demolition wood, glass jars, and pieces from other times make the space super charming.

3- Rustic corner

Chalkboard and rustic wood decorate the setting for serving coffee.

Those who like the rustic style can combine robust wooden furniture with a blackboard. The concrete bench also contributes to the rusticity of the environment.

4- Shelf with pallet

Corner with pallet shelf.

Don’tDon’t have a lot of space to set up the coffee corner? The tip is to create a shelf with a pallet. This piece is used to hang cups that do not fit on the rack.

5- Coffee Cart

Coffee cart.

Instead of using fixed furniture to decorate, you can innovate and bet on the coffee cart, structured with wooden boards and copper tubes.

6- Coffee and books

Coffee and reading corner.

The same piece of furniture in the living room is used to place the coffee machine and organize the books, thus creating a super cozy corner.

7- Coffee corner inside the cupboard

A coffee corner inside the cupboard.

A large antique kitchen cupboard turned into a coffee corner. There is space to put cups, toaster, coffee maker, among other items.

8- Rustic and modern

Rustic and modern cafe corner.

This coffee corner combines rustic and modern elements in the same composition. The demolition wood furniture is decorated with glass jars with coffee beans, plants, coffee makers, mugs, and glass packaging with sugar.

9- Combination of shelves and old furniture

Antique furniture in the corner of the cafe.

An old cabinet was redesigned with a new painting to be the furniture in the coffee corner in this decoration. The space on the wall was used with shelves, which support cups and glass jars.

10- Two in one

Coffee corner with wine cellar.

In tiny houses, the tip is to use the “two in one” strategy. You can combine the coffee corner with the wine cellar.

11- Open furniture

Open and organized furniture in the coffee corner.

A fundamental and open piece of furniture, with its shelves at the bottom, highlights this coffee corner. The decoration was on account of items such as wire containers, coffee maker, and mugs.

12- Kitchen bench

Coffee lovers can set up the corner on the kitchen counter.

Instead of accumulating useless things on the kitchen counter, turn them into the coffee corner. All you require to do is add the coffee maker, a cookie jar, and some charming utensils. On the wall, a red wire grid serves to hang the mugs and cups.

13- Monochromatic

Monochrome coffee corner.

A small open cupboard was used as a coffee station. It is all decorated with black and white utensils, as well as glass jars. The garland in the center is also part of the monochromatic style proposal.

14- Charming Cups

Cups form the word COFFEE.

The cups, hanging from a stand on the red furniture, form the word: COFFEE. It’sIt’s a creative idea and very easy to replicate at home.

15- Coffee station with a rustic and chic look

A coffee station with a rustic, chic look.

The environment was decorated with antique furniture painted in very light green. In addition, it has a support on the wall that combines wood and grid.

16- Cozy corner

Cozy corner to serve coffee.

Lovely plants and utensils decorate this perfect space for a cup of coffee. The wooden shelves and the sign with the word COFFEE also stand out in the composition.

17- Many colors

Super colorful coffee corner.

The coffee corner can be your home’s colorful space. To do this, invest in bright colors and wall-mounted pictures.

18- Station with pendant lamp

Aged furniture, wooden cup holders, and message boards give the decor full of character. In the space, there is also a super modern pendant lamp.

19- A trip to France

Cafe corner inspired by a French bakery.

Do you know what the inspiration for this coffee corner was? A charming French bakery. Impossible not to fall in love with this classic design.

20- Mobile Cafe

Modern coffee cart.

This cart has enough space to store various types of coffee, mugs, and sugar jars. Another highlight of this project is the luminaire arrow on the wall.

21- Navy blue and copper

Navy blue and copper cup holder.

The combination of these two colors in the cup holder made the space much more sophisticated and modern. How about copying this idea?

22- In autumn weather

Autumn decoration in the corner of the cafe.

Your coffee corner doesn’t need to have the same decoration every time. You can put some thematic ideas into practice, such as this autumn-inspired décor.

23- Christmas

Christmas decoration for the coffee corner.

And speaking of thematic inspirations, let’s not forgotten the Christmas corner. Mugs illustrated with Christmas symbols share space with small pine trees.

24- Scandinavian style

Scandinavian-style café corner.

Light colors, fresh vegetation, and geometric elements share space in this Scandinavian décor.

25- Colorful and retro-looking corner

Colorful, retro corner.

The shelves support beautiful and colorful cups. Comics also add color to the project.

26- Fluffy and old cans

Old, fluffy cans in the corner decoration for serving coffee.

Put some old cans on the shelves to make the coffee corner more beautiful and full of character. They steal attention from any project.

27- Simplicity of wood

The simplicity of wood stands out in the coffee corner.

Everything is structured with wood in this project, including the main furniture, the comics, and the shelves.

28- Blackboard and floating shelves

Blackboard and floating shelves.

The chalkboard wall is perfect for writing notes in chalk. And in order not to lose space, some wooden shelves were installed in the vertical area.

29- Neutral colors

Neutral color corner.

This corner of the cafe was set up in neutral colors and easy to adapt to the decor.

30- Mural with photos

Photo mural as a background of the corner.

At the bottom of the coffee corner wall, a wall with several photos of happy moments.

31- Menu exposed

The menu can be on the wall.

The menu can be displayed on the wall as if it were a blackboard. That way, the people who live in the house and its guests know the drinks available at the coffee station.

32- Details on the blackboard

Cafe corner with chalkboard details.

This is a simple, romantic coffee corner with chalkboard details. The garland with paper hearts is another element that stands out in the decor.

33- Clean

Beach house cafe corner.

Clean and charming corner, perfect for setting up in a beach house.

34- Elegant and country

An elegant, farm-style corner.

The two-story wooden tray brings out the rustic style of the farm, while the elegance comes from the white cabinet.

35- Corner of the cafe near the window

Corner of the cafe near a window.

A small space was planned and installed near the window—an invitation to have a cup of coffee while enjoying the scenery.

36- Thick wooden shelves

Coffee corner for a small apartment.

To decorate the corner, use thick, sturdy wooden shelves. They are used to place kettles, pots with coffee beans, mugs, and other charming utensils. It is the perfect solution for a coffee corner in a small apartment.

37- Pallet support for cups

Pallet support for cups.

The colored cups can be hung on a pallet stand on the wall. It’sIt’s a creative and sustainable idea.

38- Coffee corner in the planned kitchen

Coffee corner on the kitchen counter.

Of course, there is space for the coffee corner in the kitchen. You need to use the bench well.

39- Chic and industrial

Chic and industrial cafe corner.

The idea of ​​this space is to combine chic style and industrial style in the same composition. Books, flowers, and art add to the elegance.

40- Succulents

Coffee cart decorated with succulents.

The coffee corner at home can be decorated with small plants, such as succulents. The plants are even more beautiful in the minimalist and elegant decor.

41- The planned corner

Corner designed to serve coffee and wine.

An environment decorated with thoughtful furniture and warm lighting, perfect for serving coffee or wine to guests.

42- Mix of frames and family photos

A mix of paintings and photos decorates the coffee corner wall.

The coffee maker is essential in the decor, but not the only item. In this project, residents bet on furniture with open shelves and all items neatly organized. On the wall is a mix of paintings and family photos.

Whether in the dining room, the living room, the kitchen, or even the home office, the coffee corner is a great idea to relax.

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