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40 Wenge-coloured Furniture Ideas for You

Wenge is a tree species native to West Africa. It provides a very dark and very durable exotic wood, usually used in the production of parquet floors, furniture and cabinets. The color of the wenge wood may vary, but it is usually very dark brown, sometimes with lighter orange veins. Real wenge is very expensive, because its natural distribution is uneven, so transportation costs are high. But more importantly, the overexploitation of forests decades ago almost led to the extinction of forests. Today, it is an endangered species protected by law. This is why contemporary furniture manufacturers no longer need to chop off the Millettia Laurentii tree to make products with the appearance of wenge. Therefore, you can still appreciate the typical dark brown in an environmentally friendly way. But what kind of wenge wood furniture can be selected for which space and the combination of wenge color furniture to obtain a modern and beautiful interior decoration? Here are 40 ideas to help you choose!

1- Use leather-colored furniture in the living room and decorate it with fresh tones

Furniture Living Room Color Wenge Modular Sofa White

Since wenge is dark brown in color and sometimes looks almost black, rooms filled with this kind of furniture often run the risk of appearing dark and chaotic. Therefore, it is important not only to choose the right furniture, but also to know what furniture to match it with to get a beautiful and elegant interior decoration. The color of wenge wood has a big advantage-it presents a light color against a dark neutral background, whether it is soft or flashy. Choose warm yellows, oranges and greens and you can’t go wrong. These add freshness to any room. Our suggestion: choose red, yellow or green, but don’t choose all three at the same time. Tip: Choose a color inspired by the African savannah, such as avan stone, if you want to create an interior with ethnic style.

2- Chic adult bedroom with wenge-wood furniture in sober and elegant tones

Beige gray beige furniture bedroom

If you like more natural and low-key tones, taupe, sand and cream, and beige are ideal for you. Avoid using charcoal gray and dark chocolate color to avoid matching with wenge color. The smooth surface and white color also form a sharp contrast with the dark brown wenge.

3- Wenge color table, modern medallion chair

The dining area is equipped with a chicken wing wooden table and a modern medallion chair.

4- Low gray living room, super low white table with chicken wings

Monochrome modern living room with low-wing wooden cabinets and white ultra-low table.

5- Bleached Bronze Parquet Floor, White Furniture, Wenger Kitchen

White kitchen with bar and wenge wood color with weathered wood look parquet floor.

6- Green gray, white cabinet color Wenge wood mural kitchen

Wenger kitchen cabinets with grey and white sober background.

7- The hue of the furniture is wenge wood, and the sofa is gray lilac.

Open concept, with grey sofa, coffee table designed by famous designer and lavender decoration.

8- Wenge wood animated accent goose adult bedroom furniture

Decorate the gray and taupe bedroom with goose droppings or yellow.

9- Living Room Furniture Shaman Upholstered Brown Leather Wenge White Saffs

Modern living room furniture, white sofa and upholstered brown leather upholstery.

10- Kitchen with bar, white wenge wood cabinets

White and wenge-colored kitchen looks minimalist.

11- Warm pistachio green wenge wood kitchen cabinet

Wenge and pistachio green kitchen cabinets: another harmonious combination.

12- White walnut workbench in modern kitchen colour Wenge

Color leather veneer furniture, white countertops and walnut wood.

13- Color Wenge Wood Combination Paint Pink Pastel Bedside Table

The wenge color of the bedroom is mixed with lavender, soft pink and gray.

14- Black leather bed and solid wood wardrobe

Wenge color, low bed clothing design, solid wood composite floor, bedside collocation.

15- Decorative wall panel with female face in bedroom

Color temperature grid bed low panel bedside wardrobe matching.

16- Modern bedroom with red decoration

Wenge color low bed matching wardrobe robe lamp ceiling red.

17- Wenge color is very popular in modern living rooms!

Color Wenge Sofa Seat Right Parquet.

18- Modular system in wenge color and matching coffee table

Color Wenger Coffee Table, Modular System Sofa Anti-wrinkle Mat.

19- Dark brown leather corner sofa and colorful decorative cushions

Color Wenger Sofa, Right Leather Dark Brown Armchair, and, Green Floor Lamp.

20- Bridge Bed Color

The padded bridge bed is made of wenge wood and has a storage head.

21- Chicken Wing Color

Adult Bedroom Chicken Wing Color Bed Red White Bedding.

22- Double bed Color Wenge

The hue of the double bed is wenge wood, and the wall painting is eggplant gray.

23- Orange Red Wood Accent

Chicken wings in an open kitchen with an orange red wood accent.

24- Central Island

Wenge wood is the hue of the central island cabinet in a modern kitchen.

25- Natural Stone

Wenge natural stone wall in a modern rural kitchen.

26- Light Color

Textile Paint Light Color Chicken Wing Color Combination.

27- Wood Cabinets

Wenge wood cabinet kitchen dining table and chairs.

28- Dressing Table and Drawers

Dressing table-chest of drawers-wenge wood-cream wall paint.

29- Kitchen Bar

Color chicken wings wood lacquered white green open concept kitchen bar.

30- Fluffy Furniture

Wenge wood fluffy furniture in an adult bedroom.

31- Wood and Woven

The dining table is made of wenge wood, while the chairs are woven orange.

32- Table and with Geometric 

The table is wenge, and the chairs are white, with a geometric pattern on the carpeting.

33- 3 IN 1

Wenge-Chrome Glass table, chair, and drawer.

34- Coffee Table

Coffee table with a colour scheme of chicken wings, a corner sofa, and a white carpeting.

35- TV Cabinet

Gray sofa and dark-colored TV cabinet in a modern living room.

36- Beside Table

Wenge Wood Fluffy Brown Rug, Wardrobe, and Bedside Table.

37- Wood Armchair

Wenge wood armchair with white carpet and grey cushion.

38- Doubel Bed

Wenge head bed wood grey lacquered grey colour double bed.

39- Avengers sail shade 

The Avengers sail shade beach in full colour in the bedroom.

40- Neoclassical Style

Living room furniture in a neoclassical style with a gray armchair and yellow accents.