40 Encouraging Indoor Stairs Ideas for You

The stairs, in addition to having an indoor functionality, they can also be used to decorate the environment. Today, there are a variety of styles and types of indoor stairs. They can be straight, circular, snail, L-shaped, U-shaped, among others. The choice of stairway format depends on the need for the environment and the space available.

Internal stairs can be made of concrete, wood, iron, masonry, among others. Each material has specific benefits that are chosen according to the customer’s taste and need.

We’ve separated 40 internal stairs with different materials and styles for you to be inspired, check out below.

1- Wooden Staircase

In this project, a straight hollow ladder was made. The steps were made of wood to harmonize with the environment that has the floor of the same material. Room with straight wooden staircase, wooden floor with gray walls, white armchair with black cushion, wooden furniture with books and decorative objects.

2- U-shaped Staircase

In a different style, this project opted for a U-shaped staircase with glass handrails. Light wooden U-shaped staircase with stainless steel and glass handrail.

3- U-shaped staircase with hollow wooden steps

This ladder, also in U, was made with hollow steps.

4- Ladder with glass handrails, black steps and white base

Glass handrails, this staircase harmonized with the decor of the more clean environment with black and white steps.

5- Circular staircase with stainless steel handrail, white steps and black structure

In an exquisite style, this staircase was made in a circular shape with its structure in white and black colors.

6- Copper Staircase

In this industrial-style environment, a straight staircase, hanging on the wall, in copper color was built.
Room with a straight staircase, hanging on the wall, in copper color with a copper handrail and wood covering on the wall.

7- Spiral-Shaped Staircase 

The stairs gained special attention in the environment. Snail-shaped, it has a wooden cladding and an iron handrail.
Spiral-shaped staircase with wood cladding and handrail and iron

8- Straight Black Staircase

Pendant ladder on the wall, straight shaped in black. Straight black staircase, pendant on the wall with black handrail.

9- Yellow straight ladder matching yellow sidewall 

How about betting on daring indoor stairs? Bet on vibrant colors and different styles to highlight the environment.

10- Stairs with wooden steps and glass protection replacing handrail

This ladder has wooden steps and a glass shield replacing the handrail. A great option to harmonize with the environment.

11- Colorful Iron Staircase

Modern environment with colorful iron staircase. Modern setting with colorful iron stairs and iron railing.

12- Environment with a green spiral staircase

If you want to create a more laid-back and modern space, a colorful staircase can help you decorate.

13- Cement stairs with black handrails

It is possible to see that in this house the stairs match the decoration of the environment that was inserted. Its cement frame and black handrails provided an industrial style.

14- White staircase with metal handrails

In a clean environment, this white staircase with metal handrails harmonized the decor.

15- U-shaped staircase with three flights

Beautiful U-shaped wooden staircase in 3 flights and glass protection on the sides.

16- U-shaped wooden ladder in 3 flights and glass protection on the sides

This stairway, also of three flights, was made with the wooden steps and the glass handrails, well positioned in the window.

17- Alternative ladder

Alternative ladder made of iron and wooden steps.

18- Spiral staircase with black frame and handrail and wooden steps

The spiral stairs usually highlight the decoration of the environment. In this project, the color black and wood were chosen to break the neutral colors of the decoration.

19- L-shaped staircase in two flights

With no handrails, this ladder was made on the wall of the house, in L-shape, with two flights. L-shaped staircase in two flights made on the house wall with white structure, dark wood steps and glass protection.

20- Wooden ladder with cobogós making the protection

How about a wooden ladder with cobogós replacing the handrails? For those who like to be daring in home decor, this is a great option.

21- Concrete spiral staircase with black iron handrail

Another spiral staircase inspiration for you. This more minimalist one, made of concrete.

22- Porcelain Tile and Glass Protection

A great option is to use ambient floor covering on the stairs. Straight staircase with steps coated in clear porcelain tile equal to the environment and glass protection.

23- Straight floating ladder with wooden steps

This project opted for a straight internal staircase, floating with wooden steps. Very modern, isn’t it?

24- Stairs with Kitchen Cabinet

In this project, the stairs also served as a kitchen cabinet. Made of wood, it was inserted very accurately into the environment.

25- Straight and simple ladder

Straight and simple ladder with wooden steps and iron structure.

26- Clean spiral staircase

Clean environment with a spiral staircase with wooden steps and a white iron handrail.

27- An iron staircase with rustic wooden steps

In this totally rustic environment, an iron staircase with rustic wooden steps was chosen to harmonize with the decor. Rustic setting with a spiral iron staircase with rustic wooden steps to harmonize with the decor and a black handrail.

28- Modern Design

This modern design created a pendant ladder with metal wires supporting the steps. Beautiful, isn’t it?

29- Straight ladder with custom step with colorful recyclable objects

Wow! This house used recyclable material to decorate the wooden steps. The result was very intimate and colorful.

30- Neutral Colors Staircase

U-shaped staircase with neutral colors to harmonize with the decor.

31- Rustic environment 

Rustic environment with a U-shaped staircase, wooden steps and iron handrail.

32- Straight ladder with wooden steps

In this project, the straight ladder was made with wooden steps hanging from the wall and iron handrail.

33- U-shaped stairs with cement steps and iron railings

Another U-stair option with cement treads and iron rail handrails.

34- Gray iron ladder with iron handrail

This iron ladder also gave a special touch to the decoration.

35- Modern staircase with hollow white steps hanging on the wall and handrail with glass protection

In a modern style, a staircase with hollow white steps and glass handrails was made for this project.

36- U-shaped staircase with hollow white steps

In this project, the ladder was built in a U, with hollow white steps.

37- White marble staircase without handrail and with LED on the steps

Beautiful staircase made of white marble, without handrails and with LED at the bottom of the steps.

38- Spiral staircase with wooden structure and handrail and room with wooden floor and wall

For that environment, the stairs harmonized very well. With wooden handrails, it is made of a snail.

39- Stairs with its metallic structure and wooden steps

Stairs with metal structures and wooden steps in an environment with rustic porcelain and potted plants

40- Wooden staircase with steps hanging on the wall and handrail made of custom white metal sheet

As an alternative, this ladder was made with steps hanging from the wall and a handrail made of very artistic sheet metal.

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