Halloween Decorations

40 Easy Halloween Decorations to Make at Home

Halloween or “Halloween Day”, as it is known in Brazil, takes place on October 31st. And to help you with thematic decoration, we have collected 40 ideas of Halloween ornaments to decorate the house or school together with the children.

All the models of ornaments that we separated are super easy to make with materials that, even, you must already have out there. So, if what you are looking for is a cheap and creative decoration to make children happy, you have come to the right place! We will see?

Balloon Pumpkin

Balloon Pumpkin 1

Balloon Pumpkin 2

Balloon Pumpkin 3

Balloon Pumpkin 4

Balloon Pumpkin 5

Balloon Pumpkin 6

The balloon is a wildcard for those who want to spend little on Halloween decoration. With it, you can give fun and scary ghosts to decorate your party. Just use a permanent pen, or paper appliqués to make the ghost’s face.

Ghostly lollipops

Ghostly lollipops 7

Ghostly lollipops 8

Ghostly lollipops 9

Ghostly lollipops 10

The lollipops can’t be missing at the Halloween party. This is because, in addition to sweetening the taste of the guests, they can make your decor more fun. Just dress them in white square fabric to turn them into little ghosts. Then, tie each of the lollipops with a satin ribbon and make a bow. Use a marker pen to draw the eyes. Point! Your candy table will be scary.

Orange peel pumpkins

Orange peel pumpkins 11

Orange peel pumpkins 12

Orange peel pumpkins 13

Orange peel pumpkins 14

This one you didn’t expect: Halloween pumpkin made from orange peel. The idea is simple, sustainable and easy to do. Separate the fruit from the peel and then cut the faces. Cool, huh?

Halloween ornaments with paper rolls

Halloween ornaments with paper rolls 18

Halloween ornaments with paper rolls 19

Halloween ornaments with paper rolls 16

Halloween ornaments with paper rolls 17

Halloween ornaments with paper rolls 15

When the toilet paper or paper towels run out, we usually throw the leftover roll in the trash, don’t we? But, with a little creativity, this scroll can turn into several terrifying characters, such as ghosts, witches and bats.

Monster hands

Monster hands 20

Monster hands 21

Monster hands 22

Monster hands 23

Do you know those disposable gloves, used to handle food or chemical procedures, such as hair dye? They can become monster hands. For this, you will have to put jujube on each finger and then fill the glove with popcorn.

Handmade lanterns

Handmade lanterns 24

Handmade lanterns 25

Handmade lanterns 26

Handmade lanterns 27

Handmade lanterns 28

Glass jars can also be reused at your party to make Halloween lanterns. Making the piece is simple: paint the jars with orange or black acrylic paint and glue the scary face. That done, just light a candle or LED light inside this customized container.

Gauze ghost

Gauze ghost 29

Gauze ghost 30

This tip is sensational and will make everyone curious! See how easy it is to do: give the gauze a bath of glue and let it hang with a balloon until the glue dries. Then cut two balls of black felt and fix them with hot glue to make the eyes.

Paper or EVA mice and bats

Paper or EVA mice and bats 31

Paper or EVA mice and bats 35

Paper or EVA mice and bats 33

Paper or EVA mice and bats 34

Paper or EVA mice and bats 32

With EVA or black cardboard, you can cut out black mice and bats to decorate the floor and walls of the house. Making them in different sizes will also make your decor even more interesting.

Syringe Shots

Syringe Shots 36

Syringe Shots 37

Use plastic syringes to put juices and decorate your table.

Spiders made with disposable plates

Spiders made with disposable plates 38

Spiders made with disposable plates 39

Spiders made with disposable plates 40

This is another idea of ​​reuse. To make the spider plates, you will need plastic cups and plates. Cut the glass into strips and make creases to form the spider’s legs. Then glue them to the plate. You can make the eyes with cardboard or felt and the paws with folding straws.

Now, with all the tips and ideas for Halloween decorations, the decoration for Halloween will be a great success. Just bring the kids together and get your hands dirty!

Did you like the ornaments? Leave us a comment telling us which models you liked the most!