Living Room Design

35 Best Modern Living Room Storage Renovation Ideas

Are you lost in the choice of living room decoration? You want to make the most of the main room of the apartment with clean lines design and decoration without losing the comfortable and warm atmosphere. These brands provide you with a variety of modern living room storage options that meet your individual needs. If you are still not sure which layout to choose for your living room, we will provide 35 excellent ideas for modern living room storage in this article.

1- Wood Fireplace

Modern living storage wall system light wood fireplace integrated marble.

2- Modern living room lockers with simple lines and simple decoration

Storage room modern wall composition white frame design

To decorate the living room, you must first set your precise needs and define the decoration style you want to create. To help you, we have selected some examples of modular systems provided by major furniture manufacturers. It all depends on your taste and requirements. In order to decorate the walls discreetly and save space on the floor of the living room, consider using wall shelves. You can easily connect the wall shelves to the wall or hinge them by the fireplace to give the living room decoration an original feel. The wall shelf is very practical and very suitable for displaying your books or decorative items.

3- Modern living room lockers-dare to be sober in the clean shape of the Nordic

Modern living room storage system-wall wood brown decoration minimalist

Reading enthusiasts will be able to create a modern bookshelf, add exquisite and exquisite decoration to your living room and transform it into the main decoration.

4- The modern living room storage and wall system is solid oak, creating a warm atmosphere

Modern Living Room Locker-Design-Solid Wood

For TV fans, their main consideration is to choose a beautiful TV cabinet that will make the living room more spacious without contrasting with the rest of the room. Before you start, you must first stop using a particular color. Bet on a color similar to the color of the wall where you plan to place the TV stand. Regarding models and building materials, the store will open its doors to showcase the latest trends in new collections from the most famous brands. For example, you can choose a TV cabinet with a solid wood veneer shell and MDF painted door frame. And, why not choose cabinets with satin polyurethane varnish and notched drawers? A large TV cabinet with sliding doors and internal storage compartments is suitable for people who have a lot of items to store and don’t want to display on a shelf.

5- Modern living room storage, designer furniture in contrasting colors

Storage living room modern shelf TV cabinet gray carpet red

Now, let us proceed to the decoration of the wall, which can be used as a decoration alone. You can create a personalized decoration and highlight the space of your choice-sofa, TV area, etc. Don’t forget to consider the choice of wall. To create a modern style, you can create fake brick walls to give the room personality. Lovers of rustic decoration should try their best to choose wall materials made of natural stone, which will bring a warm and unique atmosphere to the storage space of the modern living room.

6- Modern living room storage and modern TV cabinet in black lacquered wood and light wood

Modern Living Room Storage Furniture-Low Design-Black Brown

An important detail that cannot be ignored is to let your living room breathe. The main characteristics of the modern living room storage room are simple decorative lines, light load, will not suffocate the room, and make the space more spacious and bright.

7- Modern living room storage shelf-design-furniture-black-white

Solid wood shelf, golden metal floor lamp and simple black and white decoration.

8- Modern Living Room Storage System

Modern living room storage and wall composition in white and brown. Modular Wood Decor-Scandinavia.

9- Storage living room modern wall system white sofa gray

Modern living room storage with white, grey sofa and green carpet.

10- Storage Room-Modern Furniture-White Painted Fluffy Carpet

Modern living room storage, black and white furniture and gray furry carpet.

11- Wooden Items

Light wood bookshelf and lacquered wood TV cabinet. Storage Room-Modern Wall System Design-Parquet.

12- Modern living room storage yellow modern wall composition

The design TV cabinet is yellow, and the accessories are gray and red.

13- Modern living room locker, minimalist TV cabinet, red and black

Modern living room storage modern tv cabinet red black.

14- Storage Room-Modern TV Cabinet-Low Black

Modern living room storage room, black TV cabinet and solid wood parquet floor.

15- Modern bedroom with white and grey, lacquered white TV cabinet

Storage room-modern wall composition white parquet floor gray.

16- Modern living room storage, white bookshelf, modern grey sofa and blue carpet

Storage life modern furniture white sofa gray blue carpet.

17- Storage Room-Modern TV Cabinet Solid Oak

Solid oak TV stand, parquet floor and matching brown carpet.

18- Modern living room storage, beige and brown

Storage living modern furniture beige wooden table.

19- Gray paint, white furniture and matching sofa bed

Storage room modern paint gray daybed white.

20- Dark brown wood and jet black modern living room storage

Storage Room-Modern Furniture-Wood Rug-Ethnicity.

21- Exquisite decoration and Zen atmosphere

Storage Room-Modern Furniture-Gray-Anthracite White-Pouf.

22- Modern living room, dark tones and green decoration

Storage room modern black furniture coffee table.

23- Wall Shelf

Modern living room storage wall combination shelf.

24- Bookshelf- Modular

Storage room-modern bookshelf-modular white matching furniture.

25- Lamp

Storage living room and modern shelf furniture wooden floor lamp modern.

26- Modular Brown Sofa

Storage Room-Modern and Bookshelf-Modular Brown Sofa.

27- Storage Shlef

Modern living room storage shelf stacking.

28- Bookcase

Storage modern living room bookcase-wardrobe integration.

29- Pine Modern Shelves

Storage Room-Modern Shelves-Pine Color.

30- Parquet Modern Shelves

Storage Room-Modern Shelves-Parquet.

31- Wooden Floor and Blue Chair

Storage Room-Modern Shelves-Wooden Floor-Parquet Floor-Blue Chair.

32- Antique Style

Storage room modern shelf wood antique style.

33- Parquet Oak

Storage Room-Modern Furniture-Parquet-Oak.

34- Wooden Chair

Storage Room-Modern Furniture-Office-Wooden Chair.

35- Dark Blue Wooden Chairs

Storage Room-Modern Shelves-Wooden Chairs-Dark Blue.