35+ Bathroom Decor Ideas for You to Get Inspired!

If the bathroom is no longer alive, there is no longer any reason to delay that renovation you have been planning for so long. Having a well-decorated bathroom is synonymous not only with beauty, but also with greater hygiene and well-being, as living in a well-planned environment greatly affects our quality of life.

Assembling the decor for the bathroom is crucial, as this is the only way to meet expectations, extracting the maximum potential that an environment has. But, for that, it is necessary to have some bases and fundamentals of the decoration or, then, INSPIRATION.

It is obvious that decoration has its bases and principles, but you can leave absolutely all that aside, as nothing works if you don’t have inspiration germinating in your mind. Only with this element it is possible to create harmonious and coherent combinations that are able to tell a story, drawing attention for its class and elegance.

Simple Bathroom Decor

Thinking of inspiring you in your revitalization, we brought several photos of decorated bathrooms so you can see and understand that you don’t have to go far to achieve excellent results in decoration.

Is it possible to decorate a small bathroom?
What types of decorations work with small bathrooms?
Can I decorate a simple small bathroom?
For these and many other questions the answer is yes. No matter the size, every bathroom deserves to be charming and welcoming by following simple, inexpensive and functional tips!

Bathroom Decorating Tips

1- Painting

There’s nothing more revitalizing than painting a room. However, the bathroom generates a lot of moisture and care must be taken with the chosen paint. Gone are the days when only bright shades coated the walls to fight moisture. You can choose your favorite matte color and just add an additive that increases its grip.

2- Lighting

Keep your bathroom lights up to date. If possible, opt for LED because of its greater efficiency and reduced heating. This includes replacing older luminaires with newer, more refined options that are sure to diffuse light more accurately.

3- Wall Decoration

Just because it’s the bathroom doesn’t mean the walls can be empty and unadorned. There are many ways to apply concepts to bathroom walls, even in the face of bad weather.

Graphic stickers, frames , baskets or even starfish are some of the items that make up the magnificent bathrooms that the best designers have inspired us.

4- Tiles

Tiles already had their time of glory where they were installed in absolutely everything. But now its use is very specific. In this case, the bathroom can sound boring with that old tile and there really isn’t much to do – except opt ​​for the works.

In case of replacement, choose removable tiles, which are easy to cut, install and look as real as the genuine ones. The advantage lies in removing them from the wall whenever you like, without causing damage to it.

5- Details Update

Handles Accessories Bathroom Decoration

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to bring about a big makeover in your bathroom is when you change drawer handles, towel bars, toilet paper holders, and anything like that. If they are made of some more fragile material, such as plastic, wear is likely to be evident.

Replacement is usually very simple, as most of the time it only involves a screwdriver and screws. The result is impressive, as depending on the style of the accessory, it can contrast and give life to the bathroom again.

6- Floors

Looking from the bottom up, the bathroom deserves a floor designed to match the rest of the look and it doesn’t always have to be the traditional porcelain one.

Vinyl floors, laminates and other alternatives can be great options, especially for those who enjoy wood on the floor but do not have the necessary investment for such a work. The impact is pretty much the same: refined and elegant.

7- Expand Storage

More cabinets, countertops and space to store essential hygiene items are needed to add a modern and sophisticated look to the space. Also, an empty workbench is much nicer than one filled with accessories.

Make Wall Bathroom Brushes

For that, you don’t only need furniture, but also baskets on the wall and several other accessories that can be added to provide this addition – including those in the DIY style (do it yourself).

8- Update the tapestry

Rugs , bathing suits, shower curtains, mats and various other accessories are just some of the essential ornaments your bathroom should have. But stop to think how long has a certain piece and consider the possibility of updating.

9- Plants and Natural Elements

Rustic wood furniture, large and elegant faucets are just some of the bathroom decor possibilities. Natural elements, with wood texture or organic materials, such as straw baskets, promote a rustic, elegant and sophisticated look for the decoration.

Plants are also welcome, as green is one of the colors that brings us the most harmony, peace and quiet. Having nature present even at bath time is sensational. Therefore, opt for plants that can survive and adapt to an environment of indirect light and high humidity, such as orchids.

10- Add Aromas

A bathroom is not enough to be clean in the eyes: it needs to be clean in the sense of smell! Entering a bathroom and smelling inviting and cozy aromas is essential to increase well-being and feel at ease in the space.

But for this, pine or other disinfectants are not enough, it is necessary to perfume with quality, whether through diffusers, soaps or even aromatic candles.

Types of Bathroom

11- Simple White Bathroom Decor

Small and simple bathroom, but well decorated – in keeping with the Brazilian reality.

12- Color Bathroom Decoration

Small bathrooms can be colored in furniture to make them more cheerful.

13- Beautiful Bathroom Decor

Do you find it difficult to create a small bathroom decor? Look what a simple inspiration!

14- Bathroom Tapestry Decor

Small bathroom model, but full of colors and receptivity.

15- Colorful Bathroom

Small and cute bathrooms can be conquered by adding color.

16- Hangers Behind Bathroom Door

Hangers behind the door are a smart way to take advantage of space without affecting its functionality.

17- Black and White Bathroom Decor

Black and white are also replicable concepts to highlight and create points of interest in the toilet.

18- Succulents Bathroom Decoration

Do you like plants? When there is good lighting, succulents are welcome in bathroom decor.

19- Wood Decor Bathroom

Wood enriches and adds a lot of charm to small bathroom decor.

20-Decorative Bathroom Mirror

In addition to the main mirror, other decorative options can complement and enlarge.

21- Floor Plan Bathroom

This is just one of several small bathroom models with an orchid present. Detail for the rustic furniture and strong personality, as well as the floor.

22- Decorated corner in the bathroom

Dead zones such as the one above the toilet provide the best space for adding shelves. Just be careful with the height to avoid accidents.

23- Details Bathroom Decoration

It is the details with ornaments, ceramics and other small objects that create a charming decoration of small bathrooms.

24- Details in the Decor Small Bathroom

Details transform any simple small bathroom into a sleek and elegant space.

25- Wall Featured Bathroom Decor

Highlight a wall for a small bathroom decorated and revitalized. It’s always good to feel change.

26- Elegantly Decorated Bathroom

Achieving elegance and class doesn’t depend on quantity, but quality. Notice how the setting is composed of simple but unique objects with a strong personality.

27- Small and Modern Simple Bathroom

Even though it’s a very small bathroom, it doesn’t stop it from having its own personality.

28- Stone Bathroom Sink Decoration

A small bathroom sink should be unique and charming. The tiny space doesn’t allow many chances to shine. So, when choosing something, make it the best. This is the only way to make an impressive impression.

29- Carpet Cactuses Bathroom Games

A small bathroom calls for simple but unique decorations. A beautiful cactus as well as rug sets can provide the highlight you are looking for.

30- Maximalism Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom model with a maximalist style: adornments and paraphernalia to decorate and cause are never enough.

31- Fluffy Decorated Bathroom

But among all the photos of a small bathroom, the simple one is always the most charming and captivating. Precise colors, protagonist floor and absolutely everything in balance.

32- Wood Bathroom Decoration

Wood, when applied over white, yields a uniquely elegant contrast.

33- Inspiration Beach Bathroom Decor

Creating custom atmospheres is just one of the wonderful bathroom ideas. This one, for example, portrays the bathroom of a beach house.

34- White Bathroom Decor

Simple and small bathroom that proves that the white color is the one that offers the most success in the composition of your new or remodeled bathroom.

35- Industrial Style Bathroom Decor

The industrial decoration gained admiration and started to compose several environments, including bathrooms.

36- Black and White Sophisticated Bathroom

Understanding color concepts and knowing how to apply them can yield spectacular results.

37- Simple Elegant Bathroom Decor

Here’s another example that inspiration and a focus on details can guarantee a simple but successful project.

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