Halloween Decorations

30 Wonderful Ideas for Kids Halloween Party

Ideas for Kids Halloween Party

Halloween is one of the most awaited parties for children and even adults but kids are always excited about the games, costumes, and, party theme, so it is really important to organise an amazing party for them. We brought you a super creative list with suggestions for you to make during this time of mischief. The tips are for you to decorate and make your Halloween party even more fun. Check out 30 Halloween party decorating ideas!

1 – Ghosts with Balloons

1 - Ghosts with Balloons

How about creating beautiful little ghosts with balloons? Just decorate them using coloured paper, glue and a lot of creativity. Suspend using lines, wooden skewers, straws or simply fixing the walls with adhesive tapes. These fun ghosts will look great at your Halloween party!

2 – Spiders with Pipe Cleaners

2 - Spiders with Pipe Cleaners

To make these spiders you only need fabric pompoms and black pipe cleaners, in addition to the plastic eyes and the glue. Glue everything, assembling your spider’s paws with pipe cleaners and wait for it to dry.

Then just distribute it in a nice corner of the party to decorate. You can use gases to make your spider webs super fun!

3 – Decorating with Cans

3 - Decorating with Cans

To make these ornaments is very easy. You just need to fill the can with water, take it to the freezer and wait overnight. The other day, with the can with frozen water inside, use a nail and hammer to drill holes and keep the can in its original shape, without crushing it, with the help of the water that is frozen inside.

Glue some mould on top just so you can guide yourself when making the holes in the can. This decorated tin is very graceful. Just put a candle inside and that’s it. A true show of beauty and creativity!

4 – Ghosts with Gases

4 - Ghosts with Gases

Using gases, glue, a PET bottle, Styrofoam ball and wires, you create a beautiful little ghost. To do this, just put the gas in a bowl with 1/2 glue and 1/2 water and create a structure similar to the image below. Then, with the glue-soaked gauze, you should dress the structure to make the shape of a ghost. Then just wait to dry to remove the gas in the shape of a ghost and glue the eyes. Simple and easy to do.

4 - Ghosts with Gases 1

It looks so cute! It goes well with Halloween parties outdoors. Put your hands in the dough and also make your little ghost fun with gases and glue.

5 – Pumpkin with Colored Paper and Felt

5 - Pumpkin with Colored Paper and Felt

Look how cute this paper and felt pumpkin is. Let’s learn how easy it is to do. You only need to cut 4 strips of paper and a circle of felt. Glue everything together as the images are showing below. Then just wait to dry and decorate the corner of the party you want.

Very cute these pumpkins, right? Make it also and make the party more colourful with this simple prop to create at home.

6 – Decorated Bottles for Halloween

6 - Decorated Bottles for Halloween

This tip is wonderful to do at home and make everything more beautiful while waiting for Halloween. You will create this decoration with bottles and spray paints for glass. Check out how to do it in the step-by-step that we already showed here on the blog.

Then just tie the bow and create a simple setting with pumpkins, leaves and sweets in yellow and orange colours.

7 – Halloween decoration with ink marks

7 - Halloween decoration with ink marks

With glue and dye or even just paint, you can create cool sets around the house. See these ideas!

7 - Halloween decoration with ink marks 1

Just mark with red ink handprints on some glass in the bathroom or even make red footprints around the party environment.

7 - Halloween decoration with ink marks 2

Use your creativity and make the environment even cooler with these ideas of marks and spots of hands or feet. Cool huh? And the coolest thing is that it is simple, practical and economical to do.

8 – Decoration with Pumpkin (Jerimum)

8 - Decoration with Pumpkin (Jerimum)

Look how cute this decoration with Jerimum. They are decorative kittens for Halloween. To do this, use only the skin of the Jerimum to create the head and body. Cut the eyes on the Jerimum with a small knife and make the ears with the bark of another Jerimum. Ready! Now just join with the little body and put a candle inside. It looks cute!

8 - Decoration with Pumpkin (Jerimum) 1

Very cute! Do it too and make your party more lively with this pet made of vegetables.

9 – Ice bucket with Jerimum for Halloween

9 - Ice bucket with jerimum for Halloween

A charming and creative tip. Create an ice bucket with half the skin of a Jerimum. A delicate touch for the decoration of your Halloween party.

10 – Spiders suspended with bladders

10 - Spiders suspended with bladders

Speaks seriously! These decorative spiders suspended with balloons are very beautiful.

There are two ways to suspend the spiders with the bladders: you can temporarily stick the bladders on the ceiling with duct tape or you can simply fill the bladders with helium and let them go up to the ceiling alone and stay there suspending your paper spiders.

It is very cool to give a personalized in your decoration. You can take care of the colours of the bladders and the style of your spiders. Look for a cool template on Google Images and make your paper spiders suspend with the balls.

11 – Phosphorescent Paint Bladders

11 - Phosphorescent Paint Bladders

Another really cool idea is to make faces and paint balloons with phosphorescent paint, they look cute at your party. Something creative and that can delight the guests.

11 - Phosphorescent Paint Bladders.1

Very fun and easy to do. You can even create with the children.

12 – Decoration with Toy Spiders

12 - Decoration with Toy Spiders

Spreading toy spiders around parts of the house can be a great idea to customize a corner of your home at the Halloween party. It is especially nice to place the spiders in lighter or completely white spots, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

13 – Personalized flags

13 - Personalized flags

Improvising personalized flags for your Halloween party is also a great idea to make your event more fun and unique. Use straws, wooden skewers or improvise with the materials you have in hand.

14 – Customized Drinks

14 - Customized Drinks

Creating suquinhos or drinks in greenish and orange tones is also very cool when we can customize the containers. The idea of ​​cutting out witches’ silhouettes and putting them in the bottles was great! It makes your party even more bright and personality.

15 – Decoration with Disposable Cups

15 - Decoration with Disposable Cups

You can create cute Halloween faces and decorate corners of the party. A delicious job to do and that can be done with children. Look how many interesting characters you can create. Also, do it and use LED candles to light it up, creating a beautiful and super creative decoration.

15 - Decoration with Disposable Cups 1

It looks really cool! Acuteness can be the differential of your party.

16 – Souvenirs for Halloween with Jute Fabric

16 - Souvenirs for Halloween with Jute Fabric

These treats are just beautiful! With the jute fabric and satin ribbon, you create beautiful souvenirs for Halloween. Learn how to create step by step!

16 - Souvenirs for Halloween with Jute Fabric 1


For each jute bag, cut two 12 x 16 cm faces and sew around, leaving only a part without sewing to make your jute bag. The ideal is to sew on the sewing machine. Then you just need to put the bullets in and tie them with the fabric ribbon. If you want to customize with polka dots, like the idea of ​​the image above. Use the eraser of a pencil to melt the ink and mark the bags of jute. That way you decorate the bags in a very nice way.

17 – Decoration with Dolls

17 - Decoration with Dolls

Look what a cool idea! You can use old Barbies dolls to create a Halloween decorating setting. Just let the kids use their creativity to scratch the dolls, dye their hair and even tear up their old clothes. Zombie Barbies will be very successful at your party.

18 – Felt Decoration for Halloween

18 - Felt Decoration for Halloween

You can create a personalized table cloth to enjoy this special day. See what a wonderful idea to put kittens at the foot of the tablecloth. It is grace! On the table, you can place items that refer to Halloween, such as pumpkins and decorations that match the type of the party.

19 – Decoration with shadow play

19 - Decoration with shadow play

With cool moulds, black paper and scissors, you create a super creative and charming decoration. See that the job was just to make the candle holders that could suspend the reasons you made with paper.

Be careful to keep the subjects away from the candle fire so that there is no risk of catching fire. Another cool idea is to use LED candles.

20 – Embellishment with Paper Bags

20 - Embellishment with Paper Bags

Use paper punches to decorate bags with holes to decorate the house this Halloween. Place LED candles inside and that’s it! It looks too beautiful. 

Cute, right? Make and decorate the house with a lot of creativity too. See in the last example that you can scratch paper bags too, instead of puncturing. It looks beautiful in the same way, just get cool moulds and get your hands dirty.

21 – Halloween Rug

21 - Halloween Rug

A simple idea that can make a difference in a room where the party takes place. Note that just using white paint with a spider web brush on black felt. Easy, fast and economical!

You can even place a straw broom nearby. It will be a charm at your Halloween party.

22 – Scenery with a fake skull

22 - Scenery with fake skull

This idea is cool to create and create a nice atmosphere in a part of the party. Use your creativity and improvise with the materials you have in hand. 

See how easy it was. It was just placing the skull on a black carpet and creating a dead tree with black tissue paper. Decorate as you prefer and make a fun and terrifying scenario for this Halloween.

23 – Felt rug for Halloween

23 - Felt rug for Halloween

This rug is super easy to make. Just look for a cool template on Google Images and transfer it to the felt. Then glue or sew the composition you made on top of another felt to finish the piece. It is very cool to decorate the Halloween party.

24 – Fun characters with paper

24 - Fun characters with paper

With paper and a lot of creativity, you can create Halloween characters and paste them on walls or murals at the party. Look at the spiders as they were cool scattered among the characters. Such cuteness to do with the kids!

25 – Bats with Preachers

25 - Bats with Preachers.jpg1

A beautiful idea that can also be done with children: bat preachers! Just paint the preachers black, cut the wings on black paper and stick them on the preacher. Then just hang and create a beautiful mobile for Halloween.

25 - Bats with Preachers

Children will simply love this decoration. If you suspend the bats with rubber bands it is even cool for children to play with pulling to see the bats moving when interacting with them.

26 – Scenery with jugs

26 - Scenery with jugs

By decorating pots that you already have at home, you can create a delicate decoration for Halloween. See what a cool idea we brought you. To do just work with the art of decoupage and create a beautiful set like this too.

27 – Fun pumpkin

27 - Fun pumpkin

How about creating fun pumpkins for your party? Get round Jerimuns to do this job. Just put beads to be the eyes and cut a space to put the plastic vampire denture.

It is a real cutie! Your party will be very fun with several of these scattered around the environment.

28 – Candleholder for Halloween

28 - Candle holder for Halloween

This candle holder is very easy to make and can be really cool to put on your party. To do it, just glue several eyes on transparent candle holders, like glasses, that you have. Another cool differential for your Halloween party!

29 – Halloween scenery with skull

29 - Halloween scenery with skull

If you have the plastic skull of a skull, you can decorate the top of the skull with flowers and plants, plastic or even real. It is very nice to decorate the event.

Note that you can decorate the scene with old hardcover books and plastic bags.

30 – Decorative frame for Halloween

30 - Decorative frame for Halloween

Look what a beautiful picture you can make this Halloween. Just make a simple embroidery on a canvas with the help of a cross stitch pattern or another pattern of your choice.

I hope you enjoyed the tips that we present you in this post. Now it’s up to you. See more cool Halloween decorating ideas in our special Halloween section or search for more cool references on Google Images. Tell us what you think in the comments.