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30+ Unusual and Raw Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

A small apartment kitchen has over the years turned into a multifunctional room, in which the family not only eats daily meals, but also has fun, plans their day and watches TV. But in small apartments it is not always possible to arrange a space for all these activities in one room.

The shapes of small apartment kitchens range from long and thin like a hallway, or even a small square. Even so, it is always possible to find a way to make this space a great place to spend a good time together with someone cooking. We’ve put together 50 ideas for you that can get you moving and transforming your small kitchen into an amazing place.

The best option for those who have a small kitchen in their apartment is to use as much space as possible during planning and also during decoration. In fact we have a great post about planned kitchens that is undoubtedly the best way to take advantage of all the available space.

The most important thing is to always think of the kitchen as a place that needs to be comfortable and cozy and that reflects your taste, in short, a place where you and your family feel good, after all, this is where meals will be made whenever you gather friends and family members.

Each project varies from kitchen to kitchen, so it is important that you select from the ideas below based on your needs and available space.

Small Apartment Kitchen – See amazing tips for decorating your kitchen

We’ve selected 30 amazing small apartment kitchen photos and tips for you to use in your home and enjoy as much space as possible to decorate your small apartment kitchen. Below are the kitchen models in a small and compact apartment, with tips on how to better plan your kitchen without wasting space and leaving the decoration beautiful.

1- Small apartment kitchen with island

The islands in apartment kitchens have gained a lot of evidence, mainly because they are able to take advantage of a space that would not be being used. This is great for small kitchens, and it’s also architecturally beautiful to see this style in the kitchen.

2- Modulated small apartment kitchen

The modulation of kitchens in apartments, especially small ones, comes from the furniture, p which is great for fitting them into the right places. Here’s an example of modular white furniture in the kitchen, how it fits neatly together.

3- Simple small apartment kitchen

Simplicity is always a sensational ally when we talk about decoration, making good use of spaces in reduced environments. Then see how a simple color combination can decorate very well without putting additional objects to decorate, which would take up a lot of extra space.

4- Small apartment kitchen with laundry

A room combination is very common in small apartments, so the kitchen with laundry is one of those very popular combinations. Usually side by side, sometimes with a wall partition, sometimes not.

5- Hall-style small apartment kitchen

This architecture is very common in apartments a little smaller, so the kitchen is with a larger extension but less wide. An idea usually mixed with the room.

6- Kitchen cabinets in a small apartment

Custom cabinets are sensational for small kitchens, as they manage to fit perfectly into spaces that were pre-thought. This is a great way to increase the functionality of the environment, it is well worth it.

7- Small apartment kitchen with tablets

Kitchen tablets are widely used without a shadow of a doubt. This is mainly because, in addition to the aesthetic effect, they allow easier maintenance by not allowing permanent stains, as would be the case with direct painting on the wall.

8- Black and white small apartment kitchen

The black and white kitchen is a classic in the decoration of the environment, with many fans, and is still used in several other rooms. You can use room paint or even furniture to compose this style.

9- Small apartment kitchen with table

A table in an apartment kitchen with less space, is usually adapted to one of the corner corners. See above for a table in this style with two seats.

10- Small apartment kitchen chandelier

A chandelier in a small apartment is sensational because, in addition to differentiated lighting, it manages to impose a beautiful decoration.

Look at this example of a chandelier hanging over a table with great lighting.

11- Small apartment square kitchen

It is not the most common format for a kitchen in a smaller apartment, but it is used in some architectures. The square shape is also great as it allows the use of islands in the kitchen.

12- Kitchen in a small stainless steel apartment

Place mirrors wherever possible to give the impression of more space. Mirrors are old acquaintances of those who live in small places, after all they give the impression of increasing space.

13- Shelves wherever possible

Find corners that won’t be used for anything and add shelves, it will certainly optimize your space, try to make the shelves match the existing countertops in the kitchen .

14- Create your own small apartment kitchen

If you can customize the furniture and enjoy every square meter of the environment, great. This is undoubtedly a great alternative for those who want to save time and money.

15- Lights in the right places

Lighting is a big advantage in any small apartment decorating project . And for a small kitchen the solution might be to put lights in places like this.

16- Hang your pans to avoid excess drawers and cabinets

As we are talking about optimizing space. Hanging structures for your pots can come in handy as well as being very charming.

17- Use the middle of your kitchen if space allows

Think outside the box, put some furniture in the middle of the kitchen, which are the spaces that would be left over in a traditional kitchen, but as a small apartment kitchen lacks space, use wherever you can.

18- Hooks can be useful

The hooks will allow you to use the wall spaces that would be left over in your kitchen, and still add a rustic feel to your room.

19- Kitchen in a small, planned apartment

Put some kitchen items symmetrically in place with others, of course it won’t always be possible, but when you see a possibility grab it.

20- Integrated branches

To reduce visual clutter and optimize space, look for counters that are integrated, and add all the functions to them.

21- Charming kitchen in a small apartment

Mix shelves with hanging pans, in addition to a special touch with flowers, your kitchen will be a charm.

22- Few objects

One of the simplest methods to decorate and optimize a small apartment kitchen is to keep the kitchen very clean and simple. To do this, remove excessive objects from sight.

23- Corner shelves

Make your shelves continuously in the corners, this ensures more counter space in your small apartment kitchen.

24- Use the input

Making compartments like these at the entrance to your small apartment kitchen is a smart solution.

25- Rustic elements in small kitchens

Placing elements such as a stone wall will definitely give the space a new lease of life.

26- Millimeter fittings

When your kitchen is really small, you’ll need to fit your appliances to the millimeter before you can walk.

27- Use compartments

Put compartments in place of counters, the space to store your things will be the same, but as they are displayed the decor project will thank you.

28- A table in the window

A simple but amazing solution for very small spaces, ensuring a great place to dine.

29- Long apartment kitchen

The best option to be able to use the space available in narrow and long kitchens is to use custom furniture.

30- Furniture without handles to open

Removing the furniture handles is a solution to make your small apartment kitchen look cleaner and more beautiful.

31- American kitchen countertop

This gives a simple and elegant look.

Some more beautiful examples

Decorating with your own kitchen utensils

Small but cozy style

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