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30 Table Ideas for Small Dining Room

Table Ideas for Small Dining Room 1

Having a small dining room is no excuse for not getting family and friends together to enjoy a meal and a good chat on Sundays. There are several table options that you can fit in even the smallest spaces.


This, without forgetting that, especially in 2020, this Corner of the house took different forms and showed how plural it is! The dining table has become a home office in many homes, a corner for studies, reading, socializing. In other words, in addition to serving our food, our dining table has to be exceptionally functional.

Regardless of the purpose, the mission transforms your dining room into more than a unique environment. Get ready to find tables with a lot of styles to inspire you.

Table Ideas for Small Dining Room

There are many models and styles, so how about we divide them by categories!?

Rustic Table

Rustic Table 1

Rustic Table 2

Rustic Table 3

Rustic dining tables can fit into small dining rooms. Usually, they carry that interior home atmosphere, all cozy and inviting, the way grandma likes it, accompanied by cornmeal cake and coffee with milk.

The highlight of this table is that rustic furniture items are usually made from solid wood – so they are very resistant and durable.

And while we’re giving you ideas, how about combining your rustic dining table with a picnic park-style dining bench? Bench on one side, stools on the other, and you’re already saving space in style.

Rectangular Table

Rectangular Table 4

Rectangular Table 5

Rectangular Table 6

Rectangular Table 7

The most popular of tables! Here the advantage is due to the timeless style, its versatility, and wide variety of models. Find a corner, even if it’s that small dining room, and add decorative items to make it look elegant; take these items off and make it more casual.

Round Table

Round Table 8

Round Table 9

Round Table 10

Round Table 11

Stylish, elegant, and super adaptable for small dining rooms! The advantage here is due to the extra space that is gained compared to rectangular tables. How many people will sit around her? How many elbows will allow!

It can be extensive, opening up more space and transforming it from a round table into an oval. We’ll talk about this on the following topics!

Oval Table

Oval Table 12

Imagine the stylish curves of the round table, but with the available space of a rectangular table. More space, more style! (And as we’ve talked about, it could be the extended version of your round table).

Square Table

Square Table 13

Square Table 14

Square Table 15

Square Table 16

Square Table 17

The most straightforward table style in the world – remembering that simple doesn’t mean dowdy! Nothing but four legs and four equidistant sides. This is a table made for compact, minimalist spaces.

Extendable Table

Extendable Table 18

Extendable Table 19

Extendable Table 20

Extendable Table 21

A Brazilian family classic! You can now pose in the photo of the end-of-year party with the aunts and grandpa! Its logic is as simple as rice and beans. Small family, small table; the visitors arrived for a pizza – a pull on one side, another on the other, and TA-DA, a table big to fit everyone! Practically a must-have item for anyone with a small dining room.

Industrial Table

Industrial Table 22

Industrial Table 23

Industrial Table 24

Industrial Table 25
In this example, see how industrial style was combined with German singing – with L-shaped seats.

Based on apartments from the 70s – adapted from old sheds – this table can adapt to any size of the environment and stand out for its solid and striking style.

Finishing made of solid wood, iron, and steel; dark brown leather upholstery of the chairs – and it’s already halfway to a small industrial dining room.

Glass Table

Glass Table 26

Glass Table 27

Glass Table 28

This is another elegant and minimalist option that can be super adapted to a small dining room. As it is made from an essentially transparent material, this table has the gift of enlarging the home’s environment. Combine with acrylic chairs, and your dining room will look like Wonder Woman’s invisible jet.

German Corner

German Corner 29

Now you’ll excuse me, but I left my favorite for last. The German Corner is a space built on tables from old Bavarian restaurants and is very charming!

The table can be either square or rectangular, but the key here is the seats. Chairs on one side and an L-shaped bench on the other. This option is perfect for a small dining room because it uniquely optimizes the Corner of the wall.

And there’s a plus! Many German corner options have a chest hidden inside this bench – which is perfect for storing seasonal decorative items or even a hammock waiting for warmer days to be hung.