30 Latest Home Paint Colors For 5 Rooms Of Your Home!

The color of house paint can affect your emotions. Let’s see examples of color and paint codes for living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom that we have collected for you! When you want to decorate and beautify the house, one of the first tips that you will often come across is to choose the appropriate house paint color.

Paint color is very important because it can make a space look spacious, small, bright, cheerful, gloomy and so on.

Home wall paint is also able to change the atmosphere of a space and can be combined with other decorations according to their tastes.

Aside from giving it a distinctive aura, the color of the paint in the house also has a certain meaning and can affect your emotions.

Each color has its own meaning and can affect your mood. So be smart to choose!

There are indeed a variety of colors and when it comes time to choose, can be random eyes when going to the paint shop. In the paint catalog, it can be said that there are 1001 colors of house paint, the type and quality vary.

To help you find the right paint color, we divide it according to the space of the house. For each color as well, we provide color codes or names of some of the leading paint brands in Malaysia.

You don’t need one color tone for one house. Choose different colors to suit the mood you want to evoke. The home space is definitely more radiant and unique!

A- Bedroom

Let’s start with the bedroom, the most important space for all reasons this is a place to relax and ‘ release stress ‘. So, the atmosphere should be comfortable, calm and peaceful every time you step into the room.

So, what is the best combination to try?

1. Yellow & Dark Gray

Yellow color alone will look too bright and if only dark gray is used the room will look dim. But, when combined, these two colors provide a very unique and cheerful contrast.

2. Emerald Green & Pink

For those who like serenity and there are feminine elements, the combination of green and pink is very suitable. The emerald green color is very beautiful and when combined with pink, entering the room feels like a fight.

3. Merah Rubi & Taupe

The color of the taupe itself is a bit different from the others. It is a mix of gray and brown and when matched with ruby ​​red, the room will continue to look exclusive and unusual.

4. Gold & Black

For those who like fairy-tale colors, this is the color combination for you. It turns out that the gold and black bedroom will look more elegant and luxurious. Coupled with the exclusive decoration, it sleeps like a king!

5. Purple & Brown

Some may feel this combination of colors is very strange. But, for those who are looking for a compatible color but are relatively rarely used, purple and brown are very matching colors. Pretty, right?

B- Kitchen Room

This is the heart of every home. If the kitchen is not colored, you can lose the mood to cook, so make sure you look for a paint color that can lift the spirits to enter the kitchen. Among the colors that are suitable for the kitchen area are:

6. Orange

Who would have thought that the orange color would make the kitchen look bright and very cheerful. For those who like a cheerful atmosphere in the kitchen, this is the color for you. Place colorful decorations to make the kitchen stand out again.

7. Black

Black is charming and so is your kitchen if it is colored with black paint. This color can indeed make the kitchen look dark, but if you are good at combining it with the appropriate decor and color of appliances, your kitchen will be very exclusive and tip top.

8. Chocolate

This color is perfect for those who like the kitchen space to look ‘natural’ and classic. Some may feel a bit boring, but there are a variety of tones for brown, so find one that suits your tastes and decor.

9. Salmon

Who has ever seen the color of salmon, that is the color used here. At first glance, people will remember the color pink, but the color tone of this salmon is really different. Continue to taste a unique color kitchen like this. Suddenly I feel like eating grilled salmon!

10. White

If you feel like you want to put colored walls in the kitchen, you can choose white paint.

This color will not only make the kitchen look spacious and comfortable, but the choice of decor and appliances is also unlimited as most of it will be able to be matched with white.

C- Living Room

Living room is definitely important for all houses because when there are guests, that’s where you want to sit and socialize. In addition to attractive decor, you can paint the living room to look spacious and bright. Let’s take a look at the living room paint colors that can be chosen!

11. Cream 

The choice of cream color will make a narrow space look more spacious and airy. If you choose this color for the living room, it is very suitable if matched with wood -textured decor.

12. Biru Navy

This blue is a dark navy blue that looks bold and exclusive when painted on the living room. To further enhance the navy blue room series, match it with white, black or wood furniture and decor.

13. Turquoise Blue

According to psychology, the color blue can give a relaxing and calming effect. Aside from navy blue, another pretty tone for the living room is toska blue. This color will make you feel as if surrounded by blue clouds. Listen, you feel calm, right?

14. Wine Red

This color is probably better known as burgundy , which is like a maroon color but brighter. The living room will look luxurious and rich when worn with this color and also matched with white, gray and gold decor.

15. Yellow Lemon

In addition to white, yellow is also one of the best color choices to make the room look spacious. Because this color reflects light, the living room will be bright and airy.

D- Dining Room

Although the dining room is usually adjacent to the living room or kitchen, you can still distinguish the space with different paint colors.

When there is a dining room that is pleasing to the eye, then it is fun to eat. The colors that can be used for the dining room are:

16. Bright Yellow

Some say the color yellow symbolizes optimism and happiness. So, if it is colored in the dining room, it will definitely make the room more attractive and charming.

17. Pink Pastel

For those who like soft colors in the dining room, pastel pink is perfect for you. This pastel color will make the atmosphere more calm and comfortable to dine with your loved ones.

18. Cream

If you are tired of white, cream color can also make a space look brighter and more spacious. If you choose a cream color in the dining room, use contrasting colors for furniture and decor to set the mood.

19. Mauve

This mauve color falls in the purple color tone category but it has a mixture of gray that makes the room look classic, calm and elegant. Style with wooden or white furniture and your dining room will captivate every eye.

20. Teal

The dining room will look neutral and elegant when using teal colors. Match it with brightly colored furniture such as white or cream and you will be able to enjoy a cozy atmosphere While dining.

E- Bathroom

Haaa… I want to go to the bathroom, I have to have the right mood, you know. I want to take a shower, I want to throw it away, so that there is a sense of calm. Who knows if you want to feel like you’re in the middle of the ocean, this is the time to play with the appropriate paint colors.

Well, we share some colors for your bathroom!

21. Warm White 

We already know that white will make the space look spacious. But, do you know that even white does not have several different tones? This is what we would like to recommend as a color for your bathroom, a warm white color. The color is bright but not too white. Okay right?

22. Aqua Blue

If you use this aqua blue color in the bathroom, it must feel like you are sitting in a swimming pool. The blue color is definitely soothing and you will be able to bathe in a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.

23. Pink

Still skeptical of this pink? I didn’t expect the bathroom to be pink. Either way, the bathroom will be more romantic. Especially when combined with white and rose gold bathroom accessories. Phew, threatening!

24. Blue Gray

For those who want a color that is not too bright and not too dark for the bathroom, this is the color for you. The blue gray will still make the space look spacious and that is definitely soothing.

25. Mint Green

If you want a twist in the bathroom, mint green is an option that will make your shower time more peaceful and relaxing. Combined with white bathroom equipment, it feels comfortable when the footprints enter the bathroom.

Have fun finding the right color to paint in your home! Note: The colors selected for each brand may look different from each other.

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