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30+ Garage Flooring: See the Main Types and How to Choose

If you want to know the best option for used garage floors, check out these tips. Choosing a garage floor can be difficult if you don’t know the best types. Therefore, whether for the outdoor or indoor area, there is always a recommendation. It is essential to understand the durability and quality of the material you choose.

By knowing the Floor you are taking, there is no risk of regret. After all, the garage, in addition to storing cars and motorcycles, is also used to store robust items, such as tools. So, see how you can find the best option for your project.

How to choose the best garage floor

Still thinking about the various uses of the garage and the aesthetic issue, it is also necessary that the material is resistant. In these cases, investing in a more economical floor is not enough. It is essential to know what effect and use it will have.

Despite this, quality and price are not always directly linked. In some situations, the most expensive Floor can be beautiful, but it is not suitable for that type of garage. So, it is necessary to evaluate the project entirely.

Another interesting tip is the positioning of the area. If the garage is on the front of the house, it is worth having a bigger job. However, if it is more hidden, just for access by residents, a more explicit material, such as a burnt cement floor, will do the job well.

Other than that, the Floor for the indoor garage must be non-slip, like the PEI 4 porcelain tile. This type is the most used because it prevents accidents if they get wet. Thus, it is essential for those with children or older adults at home to avoid falls.

Types of garage floors

The good news is that there are numerous options for garage flooring on the market. With that, when you find out more about them, you can already choose your favorite type. Check the list with several alternatives for your home.

1- Ceramics

It features many colors and textures. There are even models that imitate marble and wood. As it is an area with a risk of slipping, the ideal is to choose a ceramic floor with PEI 4, with high resistance and non-slip.

However, even though it is more economical than other types, there is a downside. This material tends to make noise when there is friction between the car tire and the Floor. You also need to pay attention to the format, as there are more smooth and slippery tile floors.

2- Rubberized Ceramics

This type is different from previous models that can cause accidents if they are not slip-resistant. Therefore, rubberized ceramic is highly recommended, as it does not cause problems with similar materials.

That way, even if it’s wet, it doesn’t slip. It also doesn’t make noise when going out with the car or motorcycle. The downside is maintenance since dirt tends to stick easily to this material.

3- Concrete Floor

To use concrete garage flooring, you can choose whether or not to apply paint. If you don’t do this finish, it will be cheaper. Still, you need to burn the concrete right, or it can crumble and form holes.

It is necessary to apply the paint on the burnt subfloor when painting, adequately prepared for this process. In general, this style is seen in office garages and buildings. However, it is essential to know that there is a risk of slipping if it is wet.

4- Concregram (Grass Floor)

The grass floor is suitable for open areas that need drainage. In addition to being aesthetically attractive, it’s also a more sustainable one than the other types.

It is interesting to say that projects that invest in sustainability are on the rise. Soon, you will have a beautiful garage and will contribute to the preservation of the environment. So it’s worth testing the concregram for your outdoor area.

5- Stone Floor

The stone floor is perfect for garages outside the property. The idea is for this part to be integrated into the façade of the house, creating uniqueness between the two environments.

Thus, the model brings many advantages, such as durable, resistant, and annual maintenance. Even though it has a higher initial cost, it is compensated due to its excellent durability and little need for care.

6- Fulgent

Also known as washed granite, fulget is being used a lot for residential projects. This material results from the union of cement, multicolored natural stone granules, and additives.

It is excellent as an outdoor floor, as it has a non-slip and rougher texture. Other than that, it’s still practical to clean, it’s affordable, it’s easy to renew, and it’s still durable. It needs more thorough cleaning every year and waterproofing with its resin.

7- Hydraulic tile

Similar to the finish of porcelain, having the same strengths and weaknesses as ceramic materials. As was common in the past, handmade ones tend to absorb oil and have more porosity, which causes them to be marked by the tires.

Although they are a valid option, it is crucial to consider quickly accumulating grease and dirt. Therefore, they end up acquiring a more grimy appearance if they are not cleaned frequently.

8- Porcelain

They work in the same way as ceramic floors, requiring PEI 4. So, when choosing a porcelain floor, check if it is suitable for areas with high traffic. Also feature many available colors and textures.

However, this material is still more expensive when compared to ceramic, but its finish is better. The disadvantages are that it can be slippery and noisy when maneuvering the car or motorcycle.

Now that you’ve seen the types of garage flooring, you won’t be wrong in your choice. Then evaluate items such as features, quality, and price. That way, you will find the best option for that area in your property.

Garage Floor Inspirations

9- Natural Stones

Natural stones were used to cover the garage floor.

10- Slabs

Large concrete slabs framed with grass.

11- Two Types of Floor

The storage space for the car combines two types of Floor.

12- Most Chosen Floor

Concrete appears among the most chosen floor models.

13- Earthy Tone

Stones with an earthy tone are beautiful and resistant.

14- Glass Ceiling

Garage with stone floor and a glass ceiling.

15- Facade with gardens

The stones combine with a facade with gardens.

16- Wooden Garage

The wooden garage door matches the gray Floor.

17- Natural Stones

The facade is made of concrete, and the Floor is made of natural stones.

18- Gray color

The project has gray as its primary color.

19- Cover the Floor

Perfectly fitted stones cover the Floor.

20- Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are resistant and durable.

21- Contemporary Facade

Concregram combines with a contemporary facade.

22- Brick Facade

Brick facade combined with concrete Floor.

23- Concrete and grass

The Floor combines concrete and grass.

24- Porcelain floor 

Porcelain floor in a modern garage.

25- Resistant Floor

Large and resistant floors.

26- Concrete pergola

Garage with concrete pergola and stone floor.

27- Micacema stone

Miracleman stone appears in the coating.

28- Black Portuguese stone

Finish with black Portuguese stone.

29- Light Portuguese Stone

Light Portuguese stone flooring.

30- Hydraulic tile

A hydraulic tile is an option for those who like a stamped floor.

31- Interlocking Floor

Interlocking concrete Floor.

32- Arbor

Ceramic floor arbor.

33- Burnt Cement

Garage with Floor coated in burnt cement.