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30 Environments With Wallpaper for You to Be Inspired

30 Environments With Wallpaper for You to Be Inspired

Use wallpaper to decorate the house and transform environments.

30 Environments With Wallpaper for You to Be Inspired 4

The wallpaper is versatile, practical, and easy to maintain. It helps you transform the decor of a room quickly and with virtually no mess. Because it’s easy to change and much cheaper than other finishes, you’ve almost certainly thought about using wallpaper in your decor, haven’t you? And if what kept you from trying it was not knowing how to use this type of finish in the decoration, see below for some tips and ideas!

The wallpaper in the decoration

You can decorate the entire house with wallpaper: the living room, your bedroom, the children’s bedroom, your workspace, plus the kitchen, dining room, and even the bathroom. And the best part, you can put it on yourself!

30 Environments With Wallpaper for You to Be Inspired 3

When choosing the perfect wallpaper, it’s always good to think about the rest of the decoration and the size of the space. The striped model, for example, is often used in small environments because it helps to enlarge the room visually. Floral prints are still on the rise and are great for bringing the setting to life, and geometric designs are gaining ground.

30 Environments With Wallpaper for You to Be Inspired 2

Just choose the ideal material and print for each environment. Some rooms in the house, such as the bathroom and kitchen, require exclusive models due to the humidity in these environments. As long as they are suitable, your creativity is the limit.

Here are our tips for using wallpaper in various environments.

In the double bedroom

In the double bedroom 1

Discreet and in balance with the room’s decor, the vertical stripes enhance the ambiance.

In the double bedroom 2

A neutral tone in a vintage style offers refinement to the couple’s room and makes the environment even more elegant.

In the double bedroom 3

Instead of painting, a light texture on the wall can change the room’s decor at any time.

In the double bedroom 4

Floral print paper is still a highly desired item.


To get out of the commonplace, a different design sets the tone for the decor.

In the double bedroom 6

Retro style is consistently among the most sought-after wallpaper motifs, as its antique ambiance lends style and warmth to the room.

In the children’s and babies’ room

In the children's and babies' room 1

Easy to maintain, wallpapers with animal prints, such as dinosaurs, are cheerful and make the atmosphere cozy.

In the children's and babies' room 2

Paper can imitate various surfaces, whether wood, brick, or fabric, allowing the room’s decor to be very personal.

In the children's and babies' room 3

Whether mixing colors or combining fabrics, a high-profile wall will always attract our attention.

In the children's and babies' room 4

A wall with sky and stars in the baby’s room brings tranquility and decorates the entire room.

In the living room 

30 Environments With Wallpaper for You to Be Inspired 1

In the living room 1

Apparent bricks don’t have to be original in the living room environment; just decorated wallpaper, which can be removed when you want to change the decoration.

In the living room 2

White painted bricks add texture to the wall and make great decorative items.

In the living room 3

The vintage style in your living room can be seen by a wall with paper decorated in this way, exquisite.

In the living room 4

Many patterns can be found, and your choice will define your decoration for the environment.

In the living room 5

Experience the daring of matching painted brick walls with wallpaper in your living room. Various combinations will make your room cozy.

In the kitchen and dining room

In the kitchen and dining room 1

The dining room is decorated with wallpaper in harmony with the upholstery of the chairs. Very elegant.

In the kitchen and dining room 2

With new technologies, it is now possible to find exclusive wallpapers for the kitchen and other damp environments in the house.

In the kitchen and dining room 3

To change your kitchen decor without doing any work, paper one of the walls and see the difference in a short time and without any mess.

In the kitchen and dining room 4

A stylish baseboard can be purchased with wallpaper designed for specific house areas, such as the kitchen.

In the kitchen and dining room 5

The tile mosaic can be reproduced on paper and highlight a wall in your kitchen.

Home office wallpaper

Home office wallpaper 1

Subtle prints, like in this home office, give the room a cozy atmosphere.

Home office wallpaper 2

A delicate texture on wallpaper can lighten your workspace.

Home office wallpaper 3

The durability and ease of cleaning the wallpaper encourage creativity when choosing a pattern to match the environment.

Home office wallpaper 4

With its retro style, elegance and inspiration, you will be your allies in the work environment.

Home office wallpaper 5

Vertical stripes, in addition to giving the feeling of spaciousness, add grace to the decoration.

In the bathroom

In the bathroom 1

A mosaic detail on the bathroom wall will bring movement to the all-white room.

In the bathroom 2

Bricks that are exposed and painted white can be used even in bathrooms.

In the bathroom 3

Texture and color decorate a bathroom wall, with harmony and contrast at the same time.

In the bathroom 4

The imitation of old tiles is a great attraction of wallpapers for covering bathroom walls.

In the bathroom 5

The modern style in the bathroom decor leaves the environment up to date and with an industrial touch.