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30 Cute Halloween Decorations Ideas

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Cute Halloween Decorations Ideas – Halloween is simply fun and frivolity. Long gone are the dungeons and dragons and the witchcraft. Yes, the scary stuff is still here, you can still find loads of monsters and grotesque faces. What has changed? The industry has branded Halloween into simply just pure fun. It is all about the make believe, the many different costumes, and oh, my goodness, all the candy! Halloween is a bigger holiday for candy than even Valentine’s Day. To further indulge this lucrative industry is the home decoration. The economy must be rebounding and people feeling better because home decoration for this season is strong. Items were flying off the shelf of the big box store in my area.

What has changed this holiday most dramatically? In my humble opinion, the color scheme. The introduction of vibrant purple and almost luminescent orange has turned this holiday into a decorator’s dream. It started with purple outside lighting, now the big boxes are offering a complete array of lighted pumpkins and ghosts to grace your home’s pathway and entrance.

While it is becoming a commercial holiday, there is still room for the handcrafted pieces for decoration. Journey with us as we explore handcrafted witches, scarecrows, and even pumpkins made out of dryer vents. Stay with us to the end and envision a final idea of colorful garden stakes that celebrate the purple,yellow and orange decorative colors of Halloween.

Cute Halloween Decorations are now much more than just Jack ‘OLanterns. Yes, Jack is still center stage but he is now greeted in conjunction with copper counterparts, handcrafted scarecrows, witches, spiders and more. One of my favorite finds this year were the beaded placements that were in a Halloween motif that I quickly snatched for creating small decorative vignettes throughout my family room. Or do we still use the term great room?

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