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27 Minimalist Creative Apartment Ideas for Your Home!

With the current trend of smaller and smaller real estate projects, minimalism has gained space in apartment decoration, as these properties, especially, are being presented with less and less space. Thus, both the architecture and the decoration are given a more functional look and only stick to what is essential, so that the space is better used, as well as the experience of those who live in it.

With smaller and smaller spaces, minimalism starts to guide the planning of small apartments.

Integrated with functionality, the minimalist apartment does not give up the beauty in the decoration.

In this way, we can think that a minimalist apartment is one where nothing is missing, but where nothing is left either. It is the balance required by a life and a routine that demands more and more of us and that often offers us less and less.

But what, after all, is minimalism?

Minimalism is not something restricted to decoration, in fact, it is more a way of thinking that has been translated into various “schools”, branches or segments of life, including architecture and decoration.

Minimalist thinking is about living only with what is necessary, giving up distractions and exaggerations, seeking personal development and quality of life. However, it is wrong to think that a minimalist apartment is a place where the room only has a bed, a closet and a simple table for the home office. On the contrary, minimalism seeks that individual optimal point, in which he has enough to feel fulfilled, within a very rational conception of what is necessary for him to feel that way.

In this way, it is possible to enjoy luxuries and pleasures through minimalism and its application in decoration. However, everything that is in your minimalist apartment, for example, must be there with a well-defined why and, more than that, with an indispensable functionality.

But then, how to bring minimalism into the apartment?

Modern, minimalist bathroom, with a planned sink to make the most of the space and a built-in cabinet with niches.

The kitchen in this apartment is really small and, in order to have a sink next to the counter (which doesn’t appear in the photo), an entire planned project was made to embed the appliances in a small wall.

Here’s an example of a faithfully clean and minimalist bedroom apartment: neutral color palette, bed and mirror to fix your hair after you wake up.

A portrait of functionality: the puffs below the workbench do not occupy the useful (which is small) area of ​​this room when not in use.

Although it is not an apartment, this property reveals a project seen in many kitnets and demonstrates how minimalism can be functional as well as beautiful.

Tips for a minimalist apartment

At first, it should be said that minimalist decor is not restricted to small apartments, but it is normal for it to get along very well with these spaces because precisely the lack of space makes minimalism the small apartment’s best friend.

Planned decor for a minimalist apartment.

Another thing that should be considered by those who already have furniture and other objects that make up a house is the need to let go of what you look at and think “what is it for?” and responds by saying “but I like it”. These are definitely the things that go away when it comes to planning and decorating a minimalist apartment.

Having only what you need in the room and what makes you feel good is essential for minimalism.

For those who are starting from scratch, it’s a different story and the path is easier, just follow the tips that we’ll mention throughout the text and get oriented and inspired by the photos that we’re showing. Let’s learn a little about minimalism applied to each of the rooms in an apartment?

Planning, it is possible to have a luxurious and beautiful decoration in the minimalist apartment.

Minimalism in the living room

When planning your minimalist living room, you should think about what use it usually has for you. For example, in my apartment, I don’t have appliances in the bedroom. Because of that, I have a little corner in the living room that serves as a home office, and I also have a sofa and TV.

So plan your living room according to the needs they bring to you. The basics of minimalist decor for the living room are compact and planned furniture, leaving free space to move around (ie, pay attention to the use of coffee tables and individual armchairs, especially for small rooms). In the photos, I always comment on other ideas.

Simple, modern lines are the face of minimalism

If that’s what you want, it’s possible to dare a little more

Small, minimalist room with an L-shaped sofa that makes more use of space

Coffee tables must be used intelligently and must not interfere with traffic through the room.

For those who have rooms integrated with the dining room, for example, make the living room a niche in the room, respecting the tips that minimalism indicates.

Minimalist kitchen

As most apartments today come with American kitchens, minimalism and clean decor gain a lot of space when making a kitchen. So, when creating your minimalist American kitchen, think about maximizing the usefulness of that partition between the kitchen and the living room, making a larger countertop or embedding a small table with benches or chairs that can be stored under the table. Also, avoid leaving household items on the sink countertop and try to fill the walls of built-in cabinets without handles, a super modern trend.

When it comes to colors, it is ideal to use neutral and light tones (white, beige, grey, etc.), being appropriate to create points of color in some part of the kitchen or with a specific appliance. The predilection for light colors applies to any small room, as they increase lighting and create a feeling of having more space available.

Realize how cool the look of the planned kitchen is with handleless cabinets

Here, the idea of ​​stools below the bench, saving space

Another cool idea to enhance the available space is to use these transparent benches, which help to increase the feeling of space

Simple and straight lines characterize the minimalist decor, which, depending on how the room is lit, can rely on dark colors

Luxurious decor for a minimalist kitchen, featuring vintage-style chairs, industrial-style pendants and wall cladding, as well as a granite countertop

Minimalist room

The bedroom planning follows the same rule as for the living room. So, consider what roles the bedroom plays in your life. For me, it’s enough to have the bed, the closet and a bedside table, since I use the room more to rest and relax in ways that don’t depend on any electronic device, for example. In this sense, it is essential to avoid having furniture or accessories that allow the formation of a mess, especially if you are a disorganized person. So, avoid having armchairs, racks or coat racks in your room, as these are likely to be disorganized points in your corner.

This room is simple and minimalist, with few decorations and only two pieces of furniture besides the bed.

Here we see creativity contributing to a nicer decoration – the drawing boards were transformed into picture frames, revealing the affection for the photos and travels of the owner of this room.

In this small room, the window sill was used as a place to leave some decorations, allowing the use of a larger bed in the bedroom, which also has a chest of drawers.

Clean, minimalist single room.

Another option that reveals that a simple and minimalist room can always be beautiful, decorated and very cozy.

Minimalism for the bathroom

Many small apartments do not even have a suite, so the bathroom must be shared by everyone who lives in the property. Therefore, the space should be as practical as possible.

  • When I talk about practical, I say that it must be easy to be sanitized and not leave room for disorganization. And how to do this?
  • Avoid leaving cleaning products on the floor, near the toilet, for example, this disorganizes and can make the bathroom suffocating.
  • Plan individual niches for each one of the users of the bathroom, this way, there won’t be any mixing or loss of personal items, in other words, we won’t have a mess.
  • Use light tones and try to use an identical floor and wall coating.
  • In the box or bathtub, also plan the construction of built-in niches, as they optimize the space in this area.

Note that the decor in this bathroom is down to the details, with floors and walls that match, in addition to the golden details, which make this bathroom more modern.

The open box makes this bathroom, apparently, bigger, and this “ladder” on which towels are hung is mobile, facilitating organization.

When your bathroom is really small, plan a corner shower, as the space is better used that way.

As you may already know, gray is the new white, and it can be combined with black to create an even more modern space.

The planned closet handle, which still serves as a support for towels, was a very clever idea that reminds us of that teaching of functionality that everything must have in minimalist decor.

As you can see, minimalist decor permeates the idea of ​​having only the essentials, but that doesn’t mean excessive simplicity or lack of comfort.

On the contrary, by observing the photos we have shown, it is very clear that the flagship of minimalism is organization and, as a result, it is a lifestyle that goes hand in hand with clean decorations , which are super in evidence given the modern designs they bring, without giving up comfort and functionality.  To wrap up and give you even more ideas, check out this really cool video showing a minimalist white apartment with wood and earth tones!