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25 Unusual Ways to Organize Shoes and Clean Your House from the Clutter

You can do it with your own hands, spending very little! Our shoes seem to have a life of their own! They are never where we leave them. A shoe rack can be a good way out of this mess, isn’t it? But as this is SOS, of course we are not talking about any shoe rack.

We’ve selected some of the most curious, creative and fun ways to store your shoes and keep everything well organized. Get connected!

1- PVC pipe

Large diameter PVC pipe cuts are a good way to store your shoes in style and economy.

2- Pallet board

Just place the pallet upright against the wall and fit the tip of the shoe between the gaps in the slats. If you want, you can paint and finish better.

3- Cans on the wall

Some paint cans nailed to the wall are transformed into stylish shoe racks, which in addition to keeping everything organized, also save a lot of space.

4- Old ladder

A ladder can also organize high-heeled shoes in a very creative way. Hang each shoe on the stairs by the heels. It’s worth painting and decorating to improve the look.

5- Hangers

You can install a coat rack near the floor, or hang it wherever you like. Hook hangers are ideal for sandals, while those with pegs are great for holding boots.

6- Bedside shoe rack

With this shoe rack you keep your shoes well-organized and accessible at the foot of the bed. You save space and easily hide with the sheet.

7- Coat hanger

Coat hangers are an interesting way to store long boots. You can buy some at home improvement stores.

8- Baskets

Baskets (preferably rectangular) can keep your shoes tidy, with a touch of elegance to the decor.

9- Wine crates (or cellars)

Wooden wine boxes can be easily converted into shoe racks. The dividers present in the boxes already guarantee a good organization.

10- Towel rack

With towel racks attached at floor height, your shoes are in a very visible place, making it easier to look for them when putting on and also save a lot of space.

11- Cardboard wine box

You can place wine boxes under your bed, or in another corner, and fit your shoes into the spaces for the bottles. It’s really a very practical and cheap shoe rack option.

12- On the roof

Also known as a “frame”, this is a rather daring way to store high heels. These rods can be purchased by subway at building supply stores and easily installed by professionals.

13- Puff with shoe rack

This seat is very practical, as in addition to storing your shoes, you have a place to sit and put them on. You can do one of these by following the tutorial below. If you want to buy, this one in the photo costs around R$800 – a little heavy, right?

14- on the stairs

A very simple idea is to arrange the shoes on the steps of the stairs at home. In addition to being within easy reach, you’ll always have a seat to put them on quickly.

15- Shelves

Another interesting and practical way to organize shoes. Two shelves close together, one smaller than the other.

16- Shoe rack

This support is very useful and charming in small spaces, besides being very simple to do. You can build one with few materials like wood, screws and nuts.

17- Clothesline

With hooks on the wall, just attach the rope and hang your shoes on hangers, filling a beautiful space in your little house.

18- Frame frame

You can use a picture frame, with the edges facing up, to store your shoes under some furniture. Attach some felt stickers underneath to make it easier to pull on and not scratch the floor.

19- Metal support

This support is easy to install and takes up very little space, your shoes are within sight and reach, in addition to decorating a more cool environment. They can be found in homes for building materials or home decor.

20- Bamboo Mat

A simple treadmill can become a display for your high heel shoes. To do this, just tie string “handles” between the mat spaces.

21- Wheeling

Heeled shoes can be hung directly on the wall. To do this, you just need to attach some wheelset to it, preferably by a professional, so you’ll have your shoes within reach.

These wheel rails are like the wheelsets, you buy them by subway in building material stores and they need to be installed by professionals.

22- Buckets

Some small metal buckets also store your shoes with style in the decor. You can separate them by type or color and tag them with tags.

23- Crates

After sanding and painting the fair crates, you can nail them to the wall, transforming them into beautiful spaces for your shoes.

24- Metal pipe shelf

This shoe rack is one of the most innovative and different on the list. Although it looks very sophisticated, it is possible to build one of these in your home.

25- Skateboard Shelf

If you are passionate about skateboarding, this shelf is what you need, to give style to your room and still tidy up your treadmills.

So, now you don’t have any more excuses to keep tripping over your shoes around the house, do you? Choose one of these and set off housekeeping.