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25 Unique Ideas for Decorating Wooden Houses

Naturally beautiful and cozy, the wooden houses are, however, a real challenge when decorating. It is necessary to achieve pure harmony and simple balance in the decoration, in order to enhance the beauty of the wood, without becoming excessively heavy.

1- Natural Light

Emphasize natural light, that is, view the windows with light, fluttering, translucent or very light shades.

2- Cottage or Rustic Atmosphere

If the idea is to create a cottage or rustic atmosphere, opt for EG sofas, chairs and armchairs, preferably that do not match each other, but covered with flowered or printed covers.

3- Use Glass

Glass combines very well with wood, whether in access doors to other rooms or to the outside; whether in large mirrors that would let the space “breathe”; or even in small notes like vases or other decorative objects.

4- Floral Arrangements

Bring nature into your home with floral arrangements – natural or artificial – that will breathe new life into the wooden environment. Try roses, lilacs and daisies, but also green plants for an eco-chic look.

5- White Furniture

White furniture represents a perfect contrast to a wooden house, whether it has simple, contemporary lines or worn and rustic-looking.

6- Iron

Iron is another material that perfectly matches wooden houses: be it in the form of a bed or table, on curtain rods, hanging like art on the walls or giving life to other decorative pieces.

7- Vibrant and Solid colors

For a cozy and familiar environment, decorate with textiles in vibrant, solid colors – red, yellow, green, blue, orange – that will help to warm the wood even more.

8- Special Points

Worked pieces of furniture, with edges, curved or scalloped feet, create special points of interest within a sea of ​​wood.

9- Lintel Elements

The lintel elements – chairs, tables, baskets and chests – are a must for wooden houses. But, if the brown wicker is too much for this type of decoration, choose to paint it in white, for a refreshing and holiday-scented look; or in black for a very contemporary look.

10- Different Patterns 

Break the “woody monotony” with the inclusion of different patterns (florals, stripes, squares), whether in pillows, blankets, duvets, curtains and rugs, or in fabric furniture, such as sofas, armchairs, chairs and sommiers.

11- Paint it White

The wood itself, whether on the floor, walls or ceiling, can be painted white, for a very cozy cottage effect or else to demarcate different environments within the same space.

12- Pastel and Neutral tones

To break the intensity of the wood and create a fresher environment, bet on a decor that favors pastel and neutral tones.

13- Mountain Hut

If the idea is to transform the wooden house into a mountain hut, add shutters to the windows, letting them open inwards to take advantage of the natural light and painting them white to stand out against the wood.

14- Rugs

In summer, remove all the rugs and enjoy the beauty and warmth of a wooden floor. In winter, double the natural heat coming from underneath with nice rugs.

15- Decorate the Wall

Just because it has wood-paneled walls doesn’t mean it can’t be dressed in painted, carved art or even with frames that display color and black and white photographs. This may be precisely the touch of color that was missing in a wood-covered room.

16- Lamps, Chandeliers, and, Candles

In terms of lighting, favor lamps in light tones and natural materials; but also the chandeliers (whose contrasting effect with the wood is both elegant and romantic!) and, of course, the candles – of all shapes and sizes.

17- Baskets

Decorate with baskets – in wicker, bamboo or wire – they are essential pieces that combine the charm and style of a wooden house.

18- White Vintage Bathtub

A white vintage bathtub, complete with four ornate legs, will be all you need for a stunning wooden bathroom.

19- Earth Tones

In the kitchen, do not transpose the wood to the cabinets, instead choosing or painting them in earth tones (yellow, green) or in the classic white or blue ones, which go perfectly with this type of house in particular.

20- Instant Galmour

The “coolness” of crystal and pewter pieces contrasts and harmonizes the warmth of the wood, giving a touch of instant glamour.

21- Shelves and Open Furniture

Shelves and open furniture create an illusion of space and movement, so necessary for environments “dominated” by wood, unlike many closed furniture with doors. If you prefer doors, consider putting glass ones.

22- Leather

Leather and leather, whether applied to sofas, chairs, armchairs, headboards or benches, and provided it is chosen in mild tones, gives a much-needed softness to the presence of so much wood.

23- Mirrors

Mirrors are another note of class in a wooden house: hanging, resting on the floor, painted white, black or with an ornate frame, they will be a point of interest in any room.

24- The Vintage Style

The fans, ceiling or standing (the vintage styles in black iron, for example) are a casual chic note that balances and cools the heat emanating from any type of wood.

25- Fireplace

Along with the breath of fresh air, a wooden house also requires the comfort of a good fireplace – be it old or contemporary, in stone or brass, leaning in a corner or occupying the center of the room.