25 Tropical Kitchen Design Ideas

Tropical kitchen design and decor ideas for decorating tropical style. Find simple and easy to implement ideas and tips for tropical kitchens. What descriptive words and colors come to mind when envisioning tropical decor? Perhaps lush, green, casual, beautiful, natural, wood, rattan, wicker, colors of the sea, sunsets, bamboo, flowing. I’m sure you have thought of some words that aren’t on this list, but you get the idea.

Take those visions and turn them into a reality, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. You can spend as much or as little as your budget will allow. Here are some ideas for tropical kitchens that will help you create your own piece of paradise, right in your own home.

Floors: think wood or tile, using casual sisal area rugs for function and also to break up the space. Walls: think of those beautiful carribbean colors, then select a soft, soft shade of one of them for the walls. Counter Tops: think bold and colorful if you are willing to commit, or go with a natural and neutral selection if ‘safe’ sounds more like your lifestyle.

Tile for back splash: here is a place where you can use bold tropical kitchen design tiles to create interest and drama. It might be a simple, neutral overall tile with a bold patterned tile worked into the space, or you might select an overall colorful, tropical design. the choice is yours, and it could become the focal point of the tropical kitchen.

Cabinets: offer several options, and all work well in a tropical kitchen design. Light finished cabinetry will maintain the overall neutral background and allow the natural textures and elements of tropical kitchen design to take a front seat.

You might select white or cream cabinets, or perhaps use a painted cabinet if your tropical decor is very casual and simple. Imagine a soft, soft shade of peach on the walls with cabinets painted a muted teal, complemented by neutral counter tops and natural wood floors in a medium finish. I can already feel the tropical breezes in that space!

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