25+ Simplistic and Reasonable Christmas Decor Tips

December is coming and we are the ones who ask: have you prepared your Christmas decorations? If you say yes, but in fact you only put the pine tree and the flasher, know that you can do a lot more and go even further, diving headlong into the good old man’s mood.

And if you haven’t prepared absolutely anything (which is normal, as we always leave it to the last minute), know that there is still time to go after it, to buy or simply use your creativity to be bold in the decoration.

So, it was thinking of you who still have nothing defined, or who simply want to get out of the traditional and renew your Christmas decoration, that we created this article with the best Christmas decoration tips.

1. Christmas Room Decoration

The room is the entry point for many houses and this generates a certain responsibility in relation to its decoration, as it will be the first room to receive and impact its visitors.

Many people come to us reporting this type of questioning, asking what you can do differently, in addition to the traditional Christmas pine tree, to create a new Christmas decoration for the living room – after all, it’s the end of the year and it’s practically the same thing. That’s why we love the decor, as it will transform and create a new energy for the entire space.

See our tips for decorating your living room this Christmas:

1. Innovate on the Christmas Tree

Green Garland Christmas Tree

Tired of assembling and disassembling the same old pine tree? Well, know that you can have more surprising results using a smaller amount of resources, you know?! In addition, this idea comes as an alternative for those who live in an apartment and don’t have enough space for large arrangements and compositions.

We are talking about the wall pine, made with green garland and the help of ribbons.

Once glued and arranged to your liking, simply decorate it with your favorite ornaments, such as the flasher, bows, Christmas balls and the gold star.

Far from just being, there are still other alternatives, such as:

2. Christmas tree wall with stickers

Christmas Tree Sticker

Simple and cheap. You can choose to buy Christmas stickers or create your own from cardboard cutouts.

3. Wall-mounted Christmas tree with blinker

Blinker Wall Christmas Tree

And for those who want to go even further in terms of simplicity, it’s possible to create a personalized Christmas tree using only flashers and a few other decorations. The result is amazing after finishing.

4. Christmas tree with branches

Christmas tree branches

And in the absence of a pine tree, a dry tree or branches can be enough to create a more rustic yet very refined Christmas decoration. The more details, the more sophisticated and Christmas-looking it becomes.

5. Wall Christmas tree with rolls

Christmas tree with rolls

Recycled rolls of various products, such as toilet paper, paper towels and thread, can give rise to a very eccentric decorative Christmas tree, able to stand out in some corner of the room. In this example, they chose to replace the traditional painting with a themed decoration.

6. Christmas pillows

Christmas Cushions Kit 4

Still talking about the room, another item that can be replaced in order to create a new atmosphere is the pillow. If you already have pre-defined templates, great, then just buy a themed cover that will save you a lot. But if you don’t have it, take the opportunity to buy here at Wevans, as they are cheap and of great quality.

We offer complete kits that guarantee the best cost-benefit, making the purchase even more attractive.

Christmas Cushions Living Room

With them you can transform your room, especially when added to other decorations, such as the tree, Christmas lights, arrangements and other decorations. All this ends up adding up and creating an exclusively personal result.

7. Christmas Room Rugs

Christmas Decoration Carpet Room

Exchanging traditional and iconic elements within the room ensures that we have a revolution in this space, like the rug, for example. He is a big piece, which helps to delimit spaces and create order within this scenario.

Replacing the rug of the year with something special in December is a successful move. It is impossible to enter the room and not be faced with the contrast of the radiant colors that the date brings, such as red, green, white and gold.

8. Christmas Sofa Covers

Christmas Decoration Sofa Blanket

Maybe this isn’t even a key element, but it comes in as a refinement, adding balance and support to the composition. This is the blanket/sofa cover.

As you can see, it has no reference to the proposed theme, but it still fits as one of the main items within the decoration of this room, increasing the refinement of the entire space.

9. Garlands in Wall Decoration

Christmas Wreath Decoration

Another very nice option to add a Christmas look to the wall decoration is to replace the canvases with the garlands.

Here, they used several different styles to create a unique effect in the decor. Or else, equal items plus adverse sizes, creating a unique result for your composition.

10. Coffee Table Christmas Decoration

Christmas table living room decoration

The living room table cannot be forgotten. It is the perfect central place to adorn and add small details to further balance the result of the decoration.

Here, candles, small gift boxes (which can be surprisingly full, with a favorite kind of bonbon), Christmas treats and a porcelain tea set. All items somehow match not only with each other, but also with the rest of the composition, thanks to the pattern established by the red color.

11. Christmas Dining Room Decoration

Christmas Decoration Table Arrangement

Nowadays, the concept of open space mixes and generates unique results. If you happen to have the dining table alongside the living room, then you shouldn’t forget to maintain standards in both locations to achieve that feeling of harmony and coherence.

2. Christmas Room Decoration

The bedroom is our special corner and cannot be forgotten when decorating for Christmas. There are many ways to add Christmas elements and you can do this through blankets, pillows, curtains, lanyards, among many other items that just a simple replacement.

12. Christmas pillow

Christmas Bedroom Decoration Pillow

Minimalism is an incredible decoration style that seeks attractiveness in details. Here, simple Christmas pillows became the protagonists of the space, making the room more cheerful and cozy.

13. Flasher

Christmas blinker

There are some elements that are symbolically powerful within the Christmas decoration and that with their simple presence it is already possible to glimpse a different room, richer and more welcoming. This is the case of the flasher, which can not only bring the spirit of the date into the room, but also romanticize it.

14. Duvet, Blankets and Frames

Christmas Decoration Children Room

See how the duvet, accompanied by some ornaments hanging on the wall, can transform the atmosphere of the children’s room and make them more fun.

15. Tapestry , Garland and Prints

Sophisticated Christmas Decoration Room

In this image, we would be able to talk about many decor fundamentals, as they are essential to create a consistent, clear Christmas atmosphere that can convey your feelings without any doubt.

But here, the highlight is the tapestry, not only for the volume of pieces in the scenery, but mainly for the prints chosen. In them, there are no Christmas elements or figurative drawings, but even so, he was able to make the proposed theme very explicit. What we mean is that you can create your own decor, whether it’s bright and fun, or sober and refined, without having to resort to cliché.

3. Christmas Decoration for Kitchen

16. Christmas Dining Table Decoration

It is a tradition to welcome relatives and friends for a nice dinner on Christmas Eve. At this point, having a well-decorated and refined table can yield the expected praise.

The tip is to invest in table arrangements, which can be done in different ways, from the simple to the most complex and sophisticated. An example here is using pieces of pine trunk to base your creation on. Usually branches from the same tree, which is significantly symbolic, are used to bring out the green and create more contrast (you can learn more about the influence of colors on decoration through this link ).

17. Crockery, Cups and Others

Christmas decoration plate

It makes a lot of difference to change the traditional items for personalized ones with the suggested date theme. In the Christmas atmosphere, dishes and dishes can be replaced by something more symbolic and gain prominence within the table decoration.

In this image, notice that even with few items it is possible to make the table more sophisticated. The main elements of this composition are: the red tablecloth in the center, along with the plates, pine cones and napkins.

Cup Dishes Christmas Decoration

Here, absolutely everything received a special touch for the Christmas atmosphere: from the cup to the groceries containers. The presence of the Christmas elf helped to theme and make this decoration even more fun.

18. American Christmas Game

Christmas placemat

It brings a Christmas atmosphere to the supper, in addition to protecting the table against possible accidents.

See how simplicity can bring a lot of elegance and sophistication to the space. Here, with few but selected items, it was possible to achieve excellent results.

19. Christmas napkins

Napkin Christmas Table Decoration

Another way to bring a special touch to the Christmas table is through fabric napkins , which can be folded and styled according to the occasion.

At this table, they decided to make napkin folds in Christmas tree shapes to theme the space.

20. Chair Decorations

Christmas Chair Decoration

And since the table is completely decorated and ready for Christmas, it would be unfair to leave the chairs outside, without receiving the slightest ornamentation – don’t you think?!

Christmas chair ornament

In this image, a small and delicate arrangement, composed of lace, pine branches, sweets and fruit.

In this sequence, instead of creating or buying decorations, they preferred to opt for Christmas chair covers, which, in addition to theme, also add a plus to comfort.

21. Chandeliers and Candles

Candles Candles Christmas Decoration

Candles are one of the main symbols of Christmas, representing the light that will guide everyone through the darkness. It represents hope as well as birth.

Chandeliers come as an option to enrich and add a sophisticated touch to the use of candles, making the table layout more beautiful and orderly.

22. Christmas Kitchen Rug

The kitchen goes very well with fabrics that, on the other hand, combine very well with prints and embroidery. From curtains to rugs, absolutely everything can be influenced by the good old man to brighten up the decor.

Here, Christmas kitchen rugs are featured in the decor. They are well-differentiated pieces that can brighten and revitalize the Christmas spirit.

4. Christmas Decoration for Bathroom

For the good decoration lover, no place is left out of customizations for the Christmas atmosphere, including the bathroom. Inside, you can replace traditional items such as towels and tapestries, as well as add other ornaments that were not previously part of the composition.

23. Christmas Bathroom Rugs

Christmas Bathroom Carpet

See how this bathroom, as simple as it sounds, gained a dose of humor alongside the custom rugs.

24. Bathroom Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Bathroom Decorations

Soap dishes, toilet paper roll holders and various other items can be found customized in the Christmas theme. See how they are able to enrich and spread the mood throughout the entire home.

25. Bath and Face Towels

Fabrics are a fun way to add personality to your decor. Here, “Santa Claus clothes” style towels conquered the scene.

26. Bathroom Christmas Ornaments

A simple and inexpensive way to make Christmas decorations for the bathroom is through porcelain ornaments. There are many – but many! – and you will find many cool alternatives to apply to the bathroom, such as soap dispensers, candle holders, as well as simple dolls and objects that allow you to create a beautiful and fun scenario.

Christmas Decoration: Conclusion

It’s hard to get the best Christmas decorating ideas together and bundled together in a single post. There are so many paths and paths to follow that it is clear that what counts is the intention, allowing daring in absolutely everything. You don’t necessarily have to follow the traditional color palette, you can define a completely new one. As well as the level of seriousness of the decoration, which can contain snowmen, elves and Santa Claus or not. Who will dictate this is you! Always feel free to create a unique Christmas mood that carries your signature.

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