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25 Shabby Chic Style Kitchen Design Ideas

Shabby Chic Style Kitchen Design – The kitchen is often the hub of the home, the room where people come together to cook and eat every day. The shabby chic kitchen is especially warm and inviting, a place to relax and chat – and I hope that these 33 shabby chic kitchen ideas will inspire you to add some beautiful cosy touches to your own kitchen.

Here’s a very simple but really effective idea for the shabby chic kitchen – use cup hooks above the window and hang small glass containers from them to hold flowers. You’ll need to wrap some wire or strong string around the lip of each container to give you something to attach to and for some, you might want to then add one or two loops from one side to the other before stringing it up, so they hang fairly evenly.

Shabby Chic Style Kitchen Design Ideas

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Shabby Chic Kitchen Ideas

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Shabby Chic Style Kitchen Ideas

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