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25 Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Landscaping isn’t just for spring! As summer temperatures begin to drop and we spend more and more time outdoors, we’re often left staring at our yards, noticing gaps in the landscaping as we make our “dream list” of Modern Outdoor Design Ideas. I am one such dreamer. And if you’re like me, your budget may not allow you to do everything at once. I have my plans for this fall, and I have my plans for this spring. But that doesn’t mean I can’t compile a big picture as we speak!

Today we celebrate the return of gorgeous weather by rounding up a slew of gorgeous spaces. Which one speaks to your style? Perhaps your dream yard is a composite that features a little of this and a little of that. Even better! Check out the pics that follow, then tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment at the end of the post.

Modern Outdoor Design

Amazing Modern Outdoor

Cool Modern Outdoor Wall Art

Custom Modern Outdoor Furniture Design

Casual Outdoor Seating Area 5

Exotic and Balancing Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

Fantastic Modern Outdoor Design

Fresh and Cool Modern Outdoor Design

Inspiring Modern Outdoor Design

Modern Living Pools Outdoor Design

Modern Natural Small Exterior Outdoor Design

modern outdoor bathroom designs

Modern Outdoor Bike Garage

Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Modern Outdoor Design With Sofa Fabric

Modern Outdoor Design

Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

modern outdoor kitchen Design

Modern Outdoor Lighting Design

Modern Outdoor Lighting

Modern Outdoor Living Designs Ideas

Modern Play Area Outdoor Design

Stunning Modern Outdoor Design Ideas

Stunning Modern Outdoor Design

Surprising Outdoor Metal Wall Art

Unique Modern Outdoor Design