25 Halloween Decorations to Make at Home

Halloween Decorations to Make at Home – If the price of store bought Halloween decorations for your home, school classroom or office is just too scary, or if you’re spooked out by seeing the same indoor plastic pumpkin or witch in every home or classroom, how about trying these handmade Halloween decorations? The neighbors won’t stand a ghost of a chance competing with your original handiwork. On this page, you’ll find an array of information about spooky Halloween decorations. I have featured two Halloween projects — a Halloween House, a Halloween cup and saucer, and a craft project that can serve as a decoration or a greeting card.

This little Halloween House, as shown in the picture above, is a hand made creation that I cut from a cardboard box and decorated. The supplies you will need are two or three patterns of scrapbook paper, scraps of cardstock and other paper, Halloween themed stickers. black ribbon, a glaze pen, three dimensional glue (yellow),and of course, adhesive and a cutting instrument.

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