25 Essential Tips to Decorate Your Entire House

Moving to a new house? Are you looking to renovate the house where you live? Then you are in the right post. When you turn your house into a home, lack of experience can make decorating something tiring and difficult, after all, there are many details. But don’t be discouraged, as we’ve separated nothing less than 25 tips and ideas for every little bit and corner of your home. Run there, grab some popcorn and roll that mouse over there.


1- Decorated room scandinavian white style

– In which room do you spend the most time in your house? For many people the answer is the room. It’s the place where you relax, take off your shoes, put your foot on the couch and watch a good movie. And since this is where you spend the most time, the tendency for you to get sick of this space is much greater than in the other rooms. So, when thinking about paint colors here, aim for neutral tones. When you want to change the rug, the sofa cushions or the painting on the wall, you’ll thank me for choosing shades that go with everything.

2- Kitchen white cheerful

– Kitchens are for cooking, reading recipes and washing dishes. The rest you do there, or want to do, are supporting actions. Anyone who consumes a lot of time in a kitchen knows that good lighting is super important to develop these tasks. So, remember that light colors are very helpful in distributing light. Smooth and shiny surfaces too. When in doubt, white will always be a great choice!

3- Wall bedroom gray texture

– When we get to the room, the options are endless, but as the idea here is to filter, keep in mind the cool tones. Cool colors like blue, green and gray are great for relaxing. And it makes perfect sense to paint the room you sleep in a relaxing color, doesn’t it? Darker or lighter, it doesn’t matter. But if you asked me, I would go in gray.

4- Bathroom tablet porcelain tile

– Brainstorming about the color of the bathroom/toilet? Here, if you like a little exaggeration, go for it! The options for wallpaper, porcelain, mosaic and tiles are so many that I wouldn’t even dare to make a suggestion.

5- Baby room vintage scandinvo soft

– Everyone loves a cute and soft baby room. And what can be softer than pastel shades? If you like blue for boys and pink for girls, don’t be shy. However, light green and light gray can be great choices too.

6- Room blind shelf white tv

– Window treatments can be quite confusing. He doubts? Have you ever been to a curtain and blind store? Yeah… And, when it comes to the room, these decisions can vary a lot. Sometimes you need a blackout, sometimes a lightweight fabric just for privacy. It is necessary to see the need. However, if you want and can have the option of not putting anything, this trend is super high, and it’s great for those who like plants, because natural lighting is very good for them.

7- Kitchen retro with blind

– Kitchens tend to be a hot room, not only because of the oven and stove, but because it is usually located in the orientation of the house where there is a lot of sun, so that other rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms can be spared. If that’s the case for you, blinds are great options as they are easy to clean and help to control this entry of sunlight.

8- Blue curtain to the roof room

– If you are one of those people who need complete darkness to sleep, you can go with blackout blinds or very heavy curtains. You can mix the two options too, lighter blinds and curtains. Personally, I really like curtains for the rooms, as they help a lot to make the environment more cozy.

9- Bathroom marble pigue

– For the bathroom, a humid and warm place, fabric curtains and blinds are not very smart choices, especially since the windows are always open. Normally, in bathrooms, the windows are high, which means that your privacy is preserved and the need for curtains is nil. But in case you still need it, blasted glass is perfect. They let the light in and don’t make cleaning any more difficult.

10- Bedroom baby conza curtain fabric

– For the baby’s room, blinds or light curtains do the job, as this room doesn’t demand total darkness. Light curtains and with a nice pattern can work miracles for the decoration of the little room.


11- Room living carpet

– Let’s talk about rugs now. If you’re not a fan of them (they’re always a bone of contention around here), I suggest you skip this item. There are so many rugs that we could get lost. But when we’re talking about rooms, there’s a really cool tip that helps you filter your choices: prints help to disguise those path marks where people walk the most, you know?

12- Kitchen colored ironing 

– In the kitchen, a rug near the sink is always welcome. It helps to dry that water that splashed when washing the dishes. However, choose a washable material mat, as you will need to wash it frequently.

13- Room rug furry white

– For the bedroom there are no filters. It can be smooth, printed, synthetic or natural fibers, the secret here is to get the right size. Very small rugs make the environment very awkward. The tip is that it goes under your bed to a little more than half the bed and that it goes at least 60cm on each side that is left. Buying a soft rug can be a good thing, since it’s where you’ll step barefoot every day when you get out of bed.

14- Bathroom small red tablet

– In the bathroom, a rug becomes interesting if you have space for it. Other than that, just stick with those made of towel so you can get out of the shower and not get everything wet.

15- Bedroom modern green with coloured carpet

– For the baby’s room, consider 3 things. The first one, if your baby is allergic, because if he is, forget it. Second, despite any allergies, this mat needs to be kept clean, after all, it’s where your baby will crawl, play, etc. Third, since this is where your baby will stay, play and crawl, he needs to be very soft to the touch: never those itchy rugs.

Don’t be cheap

16- Sofa multi-colors

– Look at your room. What do you think should be prioritized in your budget there? Yes, the sofa. If you answered TV, try sitting on a bad sofa to watch TV… It is important that your sofa meets 3 criteria: comfortable, durable, and that you love it passionately. After all, you don’t change your sofa every two years, do you?

17- Kitchen yellow coating ceusa

– In the kitchen, the stars are the appliances, because they consume a good part of your budget! A good stove, oven and refrigerator will not only make up your environment, but will make you happier for a while. Not to mention the savings in the long-term electricity bill.

18- Neutral room with colored frame

– In the bedroom, I think the item you shouldn’t save on isn’t a secret to anyone, is it? The mattress. Extinction is worth more than a good night’s sleep and the mattress is largely responsible for that!

19- Tile-hydraulic-wall-and-floor-bathroom

– Unless your plumbing is crap, your sink and toilet no longer work, you can spend here with an amazing coating, be it stone, chip or tile. Keep in mind that a good floor covering changes the entire aura of your bathroom. But if your problem here is hydraulic structural, don’t think twice about allocating your budget to fix these problems.

20- Room baby modern grey

– When you’re buying things for a baby to come, money goes like water. But if there’s something you can’t save, it’s in the crib: get a good, reliable one with the Inmetro seal. That’s where your baby will stay for a while. A question of security, indeed.


21- Plants dining room one hundred of table

– Without a shadow of a doubt, plants are the best decoration pieces around. They leave the environment happier, lighter, with more life and freshness. No restrictions, in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Every little sheet is worth every penny!

22- Composition varied sizes

– Picture frames and pictures on the wall can change an entire space. Besides, photos bring personality to your home. Pictures and pictures that mean something to you will transform your home into a real home.

23- Kitchen white shelves

Shelves are not only useful, but complement any decor. In the kitchen, they can be used to store pots, mugs, cups and whatever else you like on your tile. In the bathroom, they can be used to place towels, paper, baskets, ambient air fresheners… In the living room and bedroom, they can be used to display books and picture frames. The options are endless.

24- Room with large mirror

Mirrors help with lighting and considerably enhance an environment. Leave the environment modern and very charming. In the living room, bathroom and hallway, they are very versatile. They can come with or without frames.

25- Composition varied sizes cushions

– Cushions! Whether on the sofa, bed, chair, bench or armchair, they help in the composition of the environment and comfort. Not to mention that they are super practical. Sick of the environment? Change the pillows. This might surprise you!

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