Kitchen Design

24 Shades for the Kitchen in Today’s World

When it comes to kitchen colors , the use of the entire color palette has gained ground in recent years. Before it was limited to the use of white, brown or gray. This has changed, so we will show you a lot of possible colors and their combinations that you can use to achieve a modern and updated kitchen. The kitchen is an interesting space to decorate for those who have their first home, since they have probably never thought about doing it before and now that they are in front of it, dozens of ideas must cross their mind.

What we will see next are just some ideas of colors to paint a kitchen that are proposed for this 2022, offering certain palettes to achieve a modern decoration.

Green kitchens

The green color is one of the most used in kitchen decoration in recent months, and everything indicates that it will continue to be so in 2022.

1- Bluish green

This beautiful color can be a good option with stylish appliances and modern materials.

If you like green, but want something calmer, you can consider a darker hue, as we see in these cabinets.

2- Mint green

If you are willing to start from scratch and invest good money in the kitchen, this Nordic style is an excellent option, with white walls, wooden countertops and floors, and minimalist storage, which in this case is the focal point thanks to its design and beautiful mint color.

If you prefer a more vintage look, then a retro-style refrigerator in this shade of green can be fabulous.

3- Sage green

The grayish sage green also has its place earned in ancient and modern kitchens. As seen in the photo, the mix with a beige color and stainless steel appliances gives the feeling of the union of modern with vintage.

4-  Olive green

Olive green has been seen a lot in recent years, and it will continue to be in fashion. Here we see it in a very modern and minimalist space.

The sophisticated look of these dark shades make them a perfect option. This kitchen is another beautiful example that green is a great option.

Use a dark olive green not so dark, like the one in the image below, a classic color that will not tire you easily.

5- Apple green

What happens if you use apple green? The answer is: nothing bad, it is cheerful, it transmits good energy and it is in a space where no color looks bad.

Blue kitchens

This is another color that is being used a lot in kitchens, let’s see the tones that are on trend.

6- Pastel blue

A muted pastel blue with hints of gray, like the two tones that are seen together in the cabinets and walls of this kitchen. The dark floor helps connect the space.

7- Navy blue

Nautical blue can bring a lot of sophistication and elegance. It can be used in its light or dark versions.

Some say that blue is not a good color for the kitchen because it suppresses the appetite. However, blue offers a beautiful decoration for this room of the home.

8- Turquoise

This is another of the classic colors that will never stop being used in decoration. It brings a lot of light and joy to the space.

If you are looking for tranquility, so as not to stress yourself when cooking, you can choose this soft shade of blue that calms and helps you enjoy what is done more.

9- Indigo blue

This is one of the shades of blue that is in fashion today. It is a very nice color that you can take into account.

10- Kitchens in pink

This is another of the colors that are being used a lot in interior decoration today. This space artistically mixes gray and pale old pink.

Old pink is a surprisingly sophisticated option. It is about making your kitchen look invigorating, a place that lifts your spirits and invites you to cook. In this photo below, we see that pastel pink is used, which complements the white and brings a lot of energy.

This kitchen combines an old pink and mustard. These non-traditional colors for kitchens go very well.

It can also be combined with a dark military green.

11- White kitchens

White is a fresh, clean color that can be achieved by painting walls, cabinets, lighting, tableware, and all kinds of accessories.

Instead of a pure white, you can choose a classic cream. This color is warm and relaxing. It fits in with any kitchen style, from traditional to contemporary. The cream shade goes with almost any color, from red to dark brown.

When we talk about painting the kitchen, 90% is reduced to discussing with what colors we will paint the cabinets, since these are the ones who occupy a large part of the walls. That is why its color will undoubtedly be the dominant one.

According to the trends in fashion colors for interior painting 2022, and interior design in general, white is one of the stars this year, therefore, it can be used as the predominant color, using it in different tones to enhance the colors. shapes and angles through shadows and chiaroscuro, and of course, small details of color can be added.

These two upper images present a very interesting option, which is to paint the furniture in ivory. It is a hue that can create a country kitchen feel, with an aged touch that fits perfectly.

For that color, ceramic tiles will be the best option for the floor, unless you can do it in natural wood, although we recommend the first one, for ease of cleaning. White walls will be the simplest, while countertops can be made of wood or marble.

The most modern trends in today’s homes are handled with monochrome environments, white being the most used color. The source of color is found in small ornaments, plants, the color of the dinnerware set, and little else. Below we see yellow and blue as protagonists, but it can change at will.

The most balanced segment, although a bit cold, is the one that works in shades of gray, with all the appliances in silver and wood on the countertops to contrast modernity.

12- Gray kitchens

The gray cabinets help to give a classic and elegant look. Different shades of gray can be used.

Those who pursue the most recent styles, the use of black, together with metallic gray, will achieve a modern, fresh and bright space, ideal for spending all day active.

When it comes time to decorate the kitchen, everyone loves gray these days, it is one of the most chosen shades. It is a very versatile, since it seems to mix with almost any color such as yellow, pink or light blue.

13- Black kitchens

Do you want to have something very different in your kitchen? Paint the cabinets black, leaving the back wall, lights, and fixtures white. This color combination can bring a lot of elegance. Opposites will always attract; an example of this is this kitchen based on black and white. Together with both colors, its intermediate, gray, the color of household appliances, is mixed.

When it comes to modernity, there is no better option than to use black painted wood for the cabinets. That way, you will achieve a minimalist and luxurious style.

In the case that you like the modern, the metallic tones, a lot of gray, silver, black furniture, give modernity to the kitchen. Although they also make it colder and less welcoming; it must be balanced with some decoration.

14- Brown kitchens

If you have lots of light or white cabinets, brown adds a bit of warmth to the kitchen with rich chocolate or cocoa, which are sophisticated yet calming colors. When adding dark brown, include some accents in yellow or light green, to brighten the space a bit. Intense colors have earned a place in modern kitchens, appearing more and more commonly, in those that use designs with wood, stainless steel and concrete.

15- Red kitchens

They say that red not only stimulates your appetite, but also makes you lose track of time, making it one of the best colors for kitchens. It is perfect for a eat-in kitchen for a large family. When using a bright red color, do so in moderation as it can be too overwhelming. If you live in a very cold place, the best combination without a doubt is that of cabinets, preferably in deep red, while the rest of the room is distributed in different shades of natural wood. This will give the home a feeling of great warmth.

In these photos we see this warm color combined with whites, grays and woods.

An orange-red in the cabinets, which contrasts with dark walls.

16- Orange kitchens

One of the often overlooked colors in kitchen decor is orange. However, a warm pumpkin hue might be just what you need.

This color goes very well with dark gray or white cabinets.

17- Yellow kitchens

You don’t need to paint everything yellow, however this color is perfect as an accent. Consider painting a single wall in this color or the cabinets. If you are looking for something discreet and relaxed, ideal for a country kitchen, then it is best to bet on using small touches of yellow in a mostly gray or white environment.

Color combinations for kitchens

The colors that we choose to decorate in the kitchen are much more important than what we might seem at first. We must bear in mind that the environment should be pleasant enough to enjoy it, but at the same time it encourages you to work. That is why below we will see some interesting color combination ideas for kitchens.

18- Warm color palette

This is an energetic, intense and lively palette. The conjunction of burgundy, with orange, gray and light wood, generates the perfect atmosphere for a kitchen that needs to provide a welcoming and elegant image at the same time.

19- Cool color palette

On the contrary, for homes located in warm areas, it is best to create a cool space in the kitchen, so that cooking does not become tedious. Light green is ideal for this, and accompanied by a soft sky blue or some raw and white tones, a good result can be achieved.

A variant of this could be to magnify the use of white and silver, while leaving a more luminous green, as a distinctive color in a few places.

20- Dark color palette

Not that the combination is that dark per se, but since dark is not commonly used as a decorating tool in the kitchen, it is generally difficult to find darker options than this. The almost black wood, the intense but muted red, and hardly any furniture, one or two layers of nude, in a raw tone.

21- Palette with flashes of yellow

It focuses on white, brown and gray, for furniture and decoration in general, but adds touches of yellow on some walls, tablecloths or things like that, to achieve the necessary energy impact, without saturating the room.

22- Brown and red

This combination of colors for kitchens is ideal for those cabins in the mountains, with the lake in the background. Dark brown or reddish, in the wood of the walls, while most of the furniture is in red. The countertops can be in some light marble, or in light wood.

23- Colors for small kitchens

We all know that light colors create the impression of spaciousness, and that they are especially beneficial for a small kitchen. White painted walls and cabinets not only lighten and brighten up a room, but also maintain a visual simplicity and uniformity that makes the small kitchen look bigger.

Mixing shades of whites, creams, and taupes can add depth, warmth, and sophistication to a small kitchen. Another important tip is to determine your design style before selecting a shade of white. For traditional-style rooms, whites should be warmer, while modern or contemporary-style spaces call for whiter or bluish whites.

If you get bored with an all-white kitchen, then you can liven it up with a dose of light or bright color. Popular shades continue to be shades of blue, from deep cerulean to sea green for some coastal style. Sunny yellow and mint green are commonly used for a more vintage look.

You can also try deep shades of black, navy blue, green, and even red, applied in small areas, to add personality. However, consider contrasting deep colors with bright whites.

24- Colors for rustic kitchens

If you are planning to create a rustic kitchen, there are certain paint colors that you can incorporate into your design. White, yellow, light blue, red and beige tones can create the atmosphere you are looking for. White is one of the colors that never fails in this type of kitchen. But with so many whites to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones to use. We recommend those that are warm and do not feel cold and stiff. Creamy whites or those with a hint of beige can help soften the space and make it feel more inviting.

Yellow is a color that is commonly used in kitchens, and for a rustic kitchen, light shades of yellow are recommended. Pale blues are a wonderful option in kitchens because of their calming effect, but they are not recommended for a rustic look.

Go for powdery or grayish blues, which can be paired with yellow or white accents for a warm effect. Medium and dark blue might work too, and can be paired with aged woods and creamy whites and yellows, while darker hues like navy are better in more modern spaces. If you prefer a neutral for depth, consider using creamy whites. These beige shades go well with yellow, blue, red, and green.

Red is a color that often comes to mind when thinking about kitchens, and it works well in rustic kitchens. Instead of wearing a bright red, go for a duller one. Choose reds that are brick-like or have a more weathered look so they’re not too overwhelming, and think beyond the walls. Red looks great on cabinets, chairs, tables, and other kitchen areas.

Mint green or other pastel shades of green can also be a great choice. These soft tones can be combined with bright whites. Avocado or moss green can also create a shabby chic look when combined with wood.