Christmas Decorations

24 Nordic-style Family Home Embellished for Christmas

In this family chalet, with huge windows and a warm décor, everything has acquired a festive air thanks to the decorations that embellish the environments. For their four little ones, Christmas has finally begun. At the home of stylist Adriana van den Berg and her husband Daan in Windesheim, the Netherlands, everything is ready for Nordic Style Christmas. They and their four young children are looking forward to the holidays to decorate their home, a townhouse with huge windows that they actively built together with their neighbors thirteen years ago. Adriana remembers how they did it then, when they were very young. “That experience! I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. The good thing about making your own home is that you are involved in the whole process. From the floors to the walls, doors and windows. All this makes you feel totally yours ”.

She and Daan believe that Christmas “is a time for families, friends and the community to come together” and an opportunity to change the interior.

“I like to decorate the house with a Christmas atmosphere, but I have a clear idea. The decorations, the tree, the gifts… must be subtle and discreet. On Christmas morning, after church, our friends and family gather here and it is the decorations that make the house warm and cozy ”. Inside your home you can also perceive a decoration based on the eclectic mix of styles, with which you have created relaxing environments. Adriana is inspired by decoration magazines and Instagram and confesses: “I make modifications to the decoration on a regular basis. I love trading and moving parts, shopping at flea markets and thrift stores. I also surf the Internet looking for bargains and interesting items. ”

1- House decorated for christmas living room in white and wood

The suspended lamp, a mid-century industrial design that was a real find; one day he discovered it in the middle of the road, abandoned.

2- House decorated for christmas living room with iron fireplace

The wood and the black brushstrokes, together with the diversity of textures, energize the decoration of the living room. “I like to mix and match brands and designs,” says the owner of the house, who confesses that the copper vase on the coffee table is one of her favorite deco pieces. The retro aesthetic fireplace reflects the building style of the 1930s, as desired by the owners. “In winter, we burn a couple of logs every night,” they say. Her look is updated with a cement-look finish. At Christmas they decorate it with a large star on the mouth.

3- Living room in White Sofa and Sideboard

Sofa, white table and sideboard, from Ikea. Cushions, from Zoedt, Benio, Ikea and local stores. The Berber carpet is a replica, since “with four children I prefer something affordable”.

4- Windows and Minimal Trees

The windows complete the Christmas scene in the living room with maxi deco details and minimal trees.

5- House decorated with christmas ornaments on the window

Window decoration with a row of paper stars and an old lantern repaired by the owner. With details in white, black and gold, Adriana and her family’s house is already living in Christmas mode.

6- House decorated for christmas hall with christmas tree

The width of the hall allows you to place a larger Christmas tree and decorate it with ornaments but without excesses. They bought the armchair at H&M Home.

“I succumbed to the children’s wishes to put up a second tree.” As in other parts of the house, here there are deco favorites of the owner, like this armchair. “It had been on my wish list for years, but the first time I tried to order it, I was out of stock. Then later, I decided to check the web again, and there it was! It has arrived just in time for Christmas! ”.

7- Christmas decorated house dining room black and white

The dining room furniture and candle holders were acquired in antique markets. The black woodwork and checkerboard flooring add a stately and vintage air to this family home.

8- House decorated for christmas family dining

Adriana accompanies her four children: Liene, Jula, Floris and little Bastjin.

9- House decorated for christmas kitchen in white and floor in checkerboard

In the kitchen you can see the dishes, arranged on shelves. A charming idea of ​​the owner that fits well with the farmhouse aesthetic of the kitchen, marked by key elements such as slatted doors, traditional white tile and the large ceramic sink, comfortable with its double bowl.

The kitchen furniture and shelves are from Ikea, but a coat of paint was applied over them that harmonizes better with tiling and flooring.

10- Christmas decorated house bedroom in white and wood

The master bedroom was located in the attic after making a gap to flood the room with light — all painted white, embedded floor — and allow the air to be renewed.

11- Christmas decorated house master bedroom

Suspended sideboard, from Ikea

Plus of style: the canopy, which creates an intimate atmosphere and gives the bed a delicate air.

12- Christmas decorated house bedroom with dressing table

Mirrored triptych dresser, “It’s from the twenties, it was one of the first items I wanted when we built this house. I found it on the Internet ”, recalls the owner.

13- In the bathroom, the washbasin front is the absolute protagonist of the space.

Christmas decorated house bathroom in white and wood

First of all, the colonial walnut sideboard stands out, which has been given a new use. Also, the marked contrast of black, which gives greater relief to the tiled front, the sinks and the taps. Natural light enhances the play of chiaroscuro and enhances the carved front. “I love this piece of furniture. The ornamental work done on the wood is exquisite ”, says the owner.

14- Christmas decorated house pink children’s bedroom

One of the girls’ bedroom is filled with joy and life with floral wallpaper and a multi-colored Berber rug. The owner was right to leave the center of the room free for the little girl to play or lie down on the fluffy wool. Also when choosing custom furniture, because they transform this space into a comfortable place. In addition, putting a canopy on the bed and a light garland have turned the bed into a magical refuge, perfect for reading stories or imagining a thousand and one stories.

15- The dresser, armchair and other details in the bedroom were bought online and in second-hand stores

16- Christmas decorated house kids bedroom with wood and wicker furniture

17- For the smallest of the family: the baby’s room.

The baby’s room has plenty of space to play and ride in his ride-on car; a custom closet under the window for your things; and an evolving crib that will transform into a bed when he grows up. Its oval shape, which evokes that of a cozy nest, provides a feeling of security for the youngest of the house.


18- Protect the dishes

With four little ones, the ideal is to place it out of reach. It’s safe here on shelves that only Mom and Dad can reach. The pieces, white, harmonize with the rest of the kitchen.

19- Express change to personalize a children’s room: combine two motifs

In this case, a tall plinth with a long-suffering grid inspired by a large-scale school notebook and, on top, polka dots painted by the owner.

20- A desk and office chair for a children’s bedroom? Yes

These desks, from the middle of the last century, have a resistance to child and schoolwork proof. If their measurements fit you, go ahead!

21- Create Christmas stamps with representative elements

A forest of small trees and a reindeer, surrounded by white, evoke a snowy landscape. The bells, a symbol of joy for the arrival of Christmas, complete the look . Infallible to gain visual breadth: the total white bet.

22- Christmas decorated house winter porch

On walls, ceiling and bench, white covers everything on the porch to create a winter scene. Tips that add warmth: lighting with a strip of light bulbs, a mix of cushions and some blankets.

23- Christmas decorated house dining room

In a house with children, protect the wall most exposed to friction with a skirting board. Adriana opted for a self-adhesive sheet, from Kwantum, whose print manages to give the wall the appearance of a surface covered with marble, and even has the same shine. In the dining room, the white ornaments hanging from the suspended branch and the large black Christmas star stand out, in harmony with the decoration of the house.


“Throughout all these years we have made some changes. For example, we put two dormer windows on the top floor and created two extra bedrooms so that the six of us would have our own room. And the terrace was also a dream come true. There, Adriana says, is where I can put some of the finds that:
I don’t want to put in the house. It is a space that can easily be given a
new feel. It’s wonderful to add that romantic, wintry touch to it at Christmas. ”

Among Daan’s contributions to the house: “the placement of the checkerboard floor in the dining room —which harmonizes with the black retro-style doors—, and the construction of a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with doors from an old Czech hospital ”. Daan also made the tall furniture in the living room that hides the television.

“You never know when you can find a new chair or a wardrobe at home,” confesses Adriana, who loves to hunt for deco treasures in vintage markets and second-hand stores, “but Daan is so used to it that he hardly even realizes it. ”.