Spring Decor

22 Trendy Spring Decor Ideas You Will Love

Trendy Spring Decor Ideas You Will Love

The two major decoration trends for the Spring-Summer 2022 season: an ode to nature and a return to color in response to our contemporary lifestyles. Decryption and advice to make your interior radiate with harmony this year. Simple this year! Don’t bother with an elaborate flower arrangement with too many varieties of flowers. Opt instead for a clean and refined bouquet of white flowers. Here are some inspirations and favorites to start your spring decoration.

Are you looking forward to the arrival of spring? Sure, we like to be cozy by the fire wrapped up in our blankets, but let’s face it… There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of fresh tulips in the dining room when the days are hotter begin to settle. Be inspired by our favorite decorating ideas for spring, as well as our faux flowers that will look just as good as the real thing on your kitchen island. You can already start decorating your home for spring without waiting for the thaw.

Bring sunshine and a breath of fresh air to your interior and exterior for the arrival of sunny days! Spring trends are meant to be bright, natural, and comfortable this year! The colors, the flowers, the song of the birds… Spring 2022 is coming and the famous cleaning with it! Do you want to change or refresh your decor for spring, but you don’t know where to start? In this article, we give you some ideas to sublimate your home.

1- A return to optimism

1- A return to optimism

The return of sunny days announces a wave of freedom, optimism, and good humor! A need to escape for the greatest travelers, thanks to exotic prints and pieces inspired by the most advanced know-how in the world, a return to basics, an abundance of plants, and natural materials for the comforting cocoons of nature lovers. Nature, and of course color, both tender and lively (even more so this season), to make your interior an extraordinary place of expression.

This season more than ever, through shapes, colors, and materials, the Spring-Summer 2022 collections reflect our contemporary lifestyles, our uses, and our environmental expectations: the desire to consume thoughtful and multifunctional, an ode to nature harmonious and joyful; then a more pop and expressive direction marked by the return of color, lively, luminous and a symbol of optimism – to assert your personality even in your home!

2- Ode to nature: pieces of natural inspiration, essential and multifunctional

2- Ode to nature pieces of natural inspiration, essential and multifunctional

Practical, innovative and functional products become a priority! In particular, thanks to durable and multifunctional pieces that adapt to each moment of life to purify the atmosphere. For example? The large table – the centerpiece of a hybrid interior – is our best ally for working, drawing, playing, cooking, entertaining. It is adorned with wood, light or warmer, worked or smooth, an omnipresent material in the collections. The star piece of the season, according to Géraldine, this year is the seat, a real asset in an interior from a practical and aesthetic point of view. It is also, according to her, the best tool to “bubble, escape and refocus.” We think of the large soft armchairs, the poufs on the floor, the rattan seats for the vintage touch…

3- How do you bring nature into a lovely home?

3- How do you bring nature into a lovely home

We opt for natural and eco-conscious materials such as recycled glass and textiles, metal, or anything that pays homage to man’s gesture, imperfect and unique: wicker, rattan, braiding, terracotta, ceramics, straw… A nod to know-how from around the world and a lively and generous ode to nature in which natural colors intensify this year more than ever. First, via a palette of beige that pulls towards browns, earthy reds, gold, soft and singular whites, and thanks to shades of green (a must-have color this season, according to Géraldine) which immerse the space for even better vegetate it, circulate the light and illuminate the area.

Household linen (plain or checkered) becomes even cozier, and flea market-style furniture coexists with modern accessories. Cement tiles adorn the walls and small tables. The fading of textiles evokes the past with nostalgia… A joyful, balanced, and harmonious blend. Finally, whether they are oriented “countryside,” poetic, vintage, or inspired from elsewhere, our places of life is transformed into warm, reassuring refuges and vectors of serenity—all in harmony.

4- Back to color; celebrate joy and express yourself at home

4- Back to color celebrate joy and express yourself at home

“2022 marks the strong comeback of color!” enthuses Geraldine. More than a trend, a sunny and optimistic state of mind, and the best way to give free rein to your imagination to express yourself through your interior – a new extension of yourself. This season, make way for joyfully summery, bold, and vibrant colors such as the fresh orange trees (peach, mango), bright pop pink, iconic Klein blue, deep purple, and vivid greens… Not to mention a capsule of luminous pastels to underline a particular idea of ​​lightness and positivity (butter yellow, mint, Parma…). Geraldine’s favorite colors? “The very timeless Klein blue, about the Mediterranean, and all the shades of green, both soothing and energizing.”

5- The recipe for a cheerful interior?

5- The recipe for a cheerful interior

Choose mix and match! Via subtle touches, by accumulation, color (bright, tangy, raw, pastel, or matte) invites itself everywhere. On massive forms, on noble materials, more worked, tiled or woven, on accessories and small decoration. For example, ceramic lampshades, graphic cushions, crockery (specially tinted glass), paintings with abstract motifs, woven baskets, or organic vases, and singular and artistic pieces like natural objects of art with traces of brushes or drips or staggered scratches… All this, even in the garden, the new room of the house to invest. “From small balconies to large green expanses, the exterior has become an extension of the house,” concludes Geraldine. Striped parasols, lounge chairs and colorful cushions (notably yellow, pink, and blue), arty rugs, perforated metal… Knowing how to get away from it starts with the windowsill or the front door! You have to dare to reinvent your space, create a unique cocoon and perhaps boost your energy, awaken your creativity and energize your mind.

6- Get the style:

6- Get the style 1

6- Get the style

1. Artificial white roses, cream viburnum, faux eucalyptus, glass vase.
2. Potted hanging pothos plant (devil’s ivy) or pothos plant wall.
3. Lemon yellow planter, Citron Sol 4 reed diffuser. White or red tulip, long-leaved eucalyptus, matte white vase. Would you like to take a closer look at which spring decoration trends will be in the spotlight in 2022? We introduce you to our new spring collection through this year’s trends. And there’s no better way to dive into it than with our expert advice.

7- Biophilic design

7- Biophilic design. 1

7- Biophilic design

Considered one of the hottest trends of the moment by Pinterest, biophilic design is more popular than ever. We’re so used to seeing classic indoor plants; now we’re making a change with green plant walls. We dare plant walls, staircase gardens, floral ceilings, and hanging plants. Green walls of artificial plants have been one of our specialties for over 30 years. By reading our full article on the subject, you may be interested in knowing the benefits of artificial green walls. Here are some of the most popular green walls we’ve created over the years, perfect for the spring season.

​8- Pastel Spring Decorations

​8- Pastel Spring Decorations

Again, this spring, pastel colors are the reference for shopping for Easter decorations. They are loaded with bright colors and quickly make us forget the grayness of winter. Use planters in pink, yellow, or floral or lemon motifs that will add more to the decoration of your kitchen. The terracotta planter is the most popular and sought-after indoor plant pot. Also, consider pastel silk flowers which can be a subtle way to get the vibe you are looking for.

9- Botanical art and landscape

9- Botanical art and landscape

We already talked about this new trend in a blog post. Adding some impressionist art to more modern and transitional decors is the way to go. This year again, we will see this type of canvas everywhere, especially landscape paintings and botanical paintings. Our collection of impressionist wall art is made in collaboration with Oleka Canvas and Canadian illustrator Amber of Pink Lemon Decor art.

10- Simple Flower Arrangements

10- Simple Flower Arrangements

Simplicity always tastes better! While it can be exciting to fill your home with a full array of spring flowers, choose 2-4 varieties and stick to those. Keep your space uncluttered with simple and fresh flower bouquets. Why not go for the fake? Synthetic flower arrangements are so beautiful these days that you won’t even notice the difference. Plus, they’ll be fresh and colorful every day of the week, month, and even year.

11- Urban Jungle

11- Urban Jungle

You may already know this, but it’s so lovely to be surrounded by tropical houseplants and artificial palm trees. Why wait until summer to have palm trees outside when you can have them inside your home right now? Urban jungles are a perfect mix of greenery springing from hanging boxes and exotic plants (fig tree, rubber tree, California palm, and other tropical palms). Green plants are true works of art in urban jungle designs.

12- Pantone 2022: the Ultimate Gray & Illuminating to brighten up your interior

12- Pantone 2022 the Ultimate Gray Illuminating to brighten up your interior 1

This year 2022, it is not ONE, but TWO colors in the spotlight at Pantone! A reassuring gray and an optimistic and tangy yellow form a timeless duo that inspires spring decoration projects.

Here are some examples to use this marriage of colors:

  • Combine a gray sofa and a yellow plaid for a warm atmosphere,
  • Paint a basement wall yellow if you have a gray tiled floor,
  • Brighten up your gray kitchen with a yellow splashback.

13- Eco-responsible decoration: recycling & DIY in the spotlight

13- Eco-responsible decoration recycling DIY in the spotlight

With the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, post-covid decoration desires have evolved. We want to consume much less, limit waste, and expenses. Therefore, do-it-yourself decoration and recycling are in the spotlight for spring 2022.

We bargain, hunt, restore, and make furniture and small decorative objects with our own hands for a much more eco-responsible interior and exterior. Let your imagination run wild or get inspired by the many tutorials available on the web to make garden furniture with pallets, create vases with old light bulbs, transform the drawers of an old piece of furniture into shelves, etc.

14- The hanging chair on the terrace: trendy and comfortable

14- The hanging chair on the terrace trendy and comfortable

Spring heralds the return of sunny days, milder temperatures, and longer days. Therefore, it is inevitable to hasten to take your garden furniture out of the garage and prepare your terrace to take advantage of the beautiful season.

This year, the trend is hanging chairs. Thanks to its chic bohemian style, this outdoor furniture will embellish your terrace or part of your garden. Still, it will also make you spend a pleasant moment of relaxation and tranquility.

15- The green wall in the office: the unexpected return

15- The green wall in the office the unexpected return

With two confinements in less than a year, many people have discovered the joys of working from home. But it’s not easy to adapt and not sink into depression when you don’t have an exterior.

Among the decoration trends for spring 2022, we celebrate the grand return of the green wall to furnish your office area for working from home. A guaranteed breath of fresh air and greenery in your home every day!

16- LED neon lights: festive and colorful

16- LED neon lights festive and colorful

For spring, you can’t miss the new trend: neon lights. Hanging on the wall or placed on a piece of furniture, they will bring color to your interior.

Festive, original, and colorful, you will be spoiled for choice in terms of shape: pink flamingo, cloud, cactus, sun, expression, burger, etc.

Spring cleaning

To go from winter to spring and before starting the change of decoration, do not hesitate to follow one or more of these following steps:

17- Tidy up and organize your home again

17- Tidy up and organize your home again

Do not hesitate to tidy up your home before welcoming new decorative elements inside or outside. It is essential to rearrange the rooms. For example, you can move the furniture to create a unique space and thus feel like a new home!

18- Clean the interior and exterior

18- Clean the interior and exterior

Clean every corner of the house: walls, windows, curtains, vents, furniture, switches, fridge, garbage cans… Try not to forget anything. It is also important to ventilate the rooms well to start spring in good conditions. You can also perfume this new air by diffusing incense in your rooms to create a soothing atmosphere of relaxation!

19- Change parts of your home

19- Change parts of your home.

Change a piece of furniture, the sofa, a table… or even the lights, why not? Spring is synonymous with clarity, light, and color. If you want to reorganize your interior for this season, choose original decorations that will brighten up your daily life. The choice of glass objects is not lacking: revive your home with these decorative objects.
If you wish, you can also change the textiles: new cushions on the sofa or in the bedrooms, new curtains or sheets, a new tablecloth… Spring is synonymous with renewal: creating something new in your home means installing a sense of well-being in your life!

20- Colors

20- Colors

The trendy colors for spring 2022 are bright: orange trees, bright pink, purple, electric blue… The gray winter weather is over! Do not hesitate to match these colors with softer tones such as pastels, or the very trendy green shades this spring, to create a nice contrast.

21- Flowers

21- Flowers

This is the critical element of spring: the flower! The flowers adapt to all your desires in a vase to decorate your interior, in a pot outside, or even as decoration on the walls. The crown or the bouquet of dried flowers are particularly fashionable when spring returns.

22- Plants

22- Plants

Plants are an essential element in decoration, but especially for 2022. Nature and well-being are the keywords for decoration this year. Do not hesitate to put plants in the house or outside when spring arrives. They will appreciate the sun, and your mood will thank you.

Speaking of spring, you can also slowly decorate your outdoor spaces, adding window boxes, watering cans, spring wreaths and other Easter decor items.