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20 Wall Table Tips to Optimize Space

The wall table is the perfect solution for those looking to optimize space in small environments. That’s because, just the act of leaning one side of the table against the wall of the environment you will possibly already gain a few more centimeters in the circulation area. Folding wall table, retractable and extendable wall table are some of the models that can be part of your project. Therefore, with the variety of options it is natural that people have doubts about which model to choose.

With that in mind, we prepared this text especially for you. Check out tips on how to choose the ideal wall table and find out how to better optimize your project space. Get inspired!

Eames chairs bring a special touch to the wall table

1- Why use wall table in the project?

The apartment wall table is also used as a room divider

With increasingly smaller houses and apartments, several practical, functional and affordable solutions began to be created and designed by architects and interior designers, in order to better optimize the space in these environments. And among these smart solutions came the so-called wall table, which is nothing more than a table with one of its sides leaning against the wall.

The main advantage linked to the use of the wall table is the optimization of the project space. In other cases, this piece of furniture can also function as a room divider, as is the case with wall-mounted table models for apartments, which separate the kitchen from the living and dining rooms.

2- How do I get the wall table model right?

Coating in shades of blue and wall table decorate the environment

In order for the wall table to be functional and suitable for the size of the project, the choice of model must take into account some information.

The first point to be evaluated is the place where the wall table will be placed. This is because each environment may require a type of table function. In the dining room , the wall table will be used during meals, while in the bedroom the wall table can be used as a desk or dressing table.

After defining the place, write down the measurements of the environment and observe the decoration style of the space, so that it will be possible to be more assertive about the wall table model (folding, retractable, suspended…) and their respective seats ( stools and chairs , beanbags, benches…).

Normally, the wall table is made in a rectangular shape, which is the most recommended to save space, but over time, some half moon table models began to gain fans also for their unique design.

3- What are the types of wall table?

In the design, the wall table can be positioned flush with the wall with chairs around it or it can take on four more functional types: folding wall table, retractable wall table, extendable wall table and hanging wall table. Check out each of these models in detail below.

4- Wall table for apartment

The wall table for apartment optimizes the project space

The apartment table is the one that normally assumes the function of dividing rooms. In decoration, this table usually takes the place of the bench and is positioned close to the kitchen wall, forming a subtle delimitation between the rooms.

5- Retractable wall table

Wall-mounted retractable table model_the piece is built into the cabinet

The retractable wall table is one that can be pulled and pushed into a piece of furniture, that is, when the piece is not being used, it leaves the scene completely. In the image below the retractable wall table is built into the kitchen cabinet.

6- Folding wall table

Compact kitchen with folding wall table

The folding wall table is very similar to the retractable model, with the difference that the opening and closing mechanism is done from the bottom up, that is, the table top folds and unfolds every time it is used in the environment.

7- Extendable kitchen wall table

The extendable wall table is that piece with a flexible top, which increases or decreases in size, offering more seats for guests.

8- Wall hanging table

Wall hanging table made to measure for the environment

The hanging table is also a smart alternative that optimizes the environment, since the absence of support feet on the table allows the fitting of chairs and other decorative objects. The hanging desk is a wall table model normally installed in bedrooms, home offices and even balconies. In the project below, the custom-made suspended table follows the layout of the room and further optimizes the space of the project.

9- How to use the wall table in decoration?

German corner brings more seating to the wall table

The wall table can compose the environment in different ways. In the dining room, the table fixed to the wall of the kitchen countertop can have a beautiful modern German corner, allowing for a greater number of seats in the environment.

10- Decorative mirrors

The mirror next to the wall table brings the feeling of amplitude in space.

Decorative mirrors can also become great allies during the composition of the environment . Note that above the wall table, the mirror fills almost the entire wall horizontally, favoring the feeling of spaciousness of the environment.

11- Bedroom

Wall hanging table fixed in the shared room

In the bedroom, the wall table can be used as a hanging desk or a hanging dressing table . Depending on the project, the furniture can even replace the presence of the nightstand in the bedroom.

12- Balcony

Folding tables are perfect for porches and balconies

On the balcony, gourmet balcony, terrace or backyard, the folding wall table can be one of the best options on the market. THE FOLDING TABLE when in use it can accommodate snacks, bowls and other HOUSEWARES, while its disused structure does not hinder the movement of people through the environment.

13. Special Lamp

In the project, the wall table can have a special lamp.

14. Wall Finish

Wall finish delimits wall table space.

15. Wall Mirror

The mirror on the wall elongates the dining table.

16. Wall Table

Visually analysed image

Optimize project space with wall table.

17. Perfect Fit

Small, functional and versatile, the wall table fits perfectly into the project.

18. Table and Bench

Design with wall table and wooden bench.

19. Green Folding Table

Balcony with green folding wall table.

20- Wall-mounted

The wall-mounted dining table optimizes the space of the environment.