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20+ Super Creative Vases to Delight Your Home Full of Plants

The current trends in the world of decoration bring greener environments and full of plants that refer to nature in the urban setting and indoors, such as Urban Jungle.

Regardless of the space in your apartment or house, the market brings several options for potted plants that suit any environment. Even for those who don’t have the gift of growing a small plant, there are smart pots that have a technology that ensures better care.

Below we’ll list twenty of the most creative and efficient pots for you to fill your house with plants in style!

1- Tamagotchi vase

Lua is a stylish vase that shows information about the plant through an app. Their reactions change according to the “mood” and health of the plant. When there is extremely little or too much water, exposure, or lack of sun, it even sleeps when there is no interaction with the plant. A cute!

2- Music box vase

This vase, in addition to decorating the environment, promises to liven up! Its innovative design has a built-in music box, where you can play your favorite hits via Bluetooth.

3- Smart Flower Vase

Chinese technology market giant Xiaomi has also created an intelligent vase to call your own! The product has a small flower that changes color according to the plant’s needs.

4- Robot vessel

Hexa is a little robot that looks like a spider, designed to be a free-standing vase. In addition to letting you know when the plant needs water, he takes it out to sunbathe when necessary. Incredible! Its price is not at all attractive. However, the robot can be adapted for other functions.

5- Self-irrigating vessel

This self-watering pot is ideal for planting spices. It doesn’t need all the technology of the above products. Its manual self-irrigation system couples a water reservoir at the bottom, and through a fabric cord, the plant is “watered” whenever necessary. It is worth mentioning that we have already been taught how to make a self- irrigating vase with a PET bottle.

6- Cat bed vase

This vase has one of the most excellent features. In it, you can grow your favorite plant and even put your kitten to sleep in a stylish and comfortable bed. It is not fluffy?!

7- Vase LED fixtures

Quite different! These luminaires are stylish and give the environment an uplift.

8- Female hair vase

This pot shaped like a woman’s head grows beautiful plant hair as it grows.

9- Origami vase

A pair of designers created growth. The purpose of this vase is its versatility and practicality, as it increases according to the plant’s growth.

10- Rainy vessel

This one is charming and fun! To water the plants, just put water in the clouds.

11- Lamp vase

These jars made from incandescent lamps are a great decoration option. 

12- Chess game pot

In addition to decorating, this item also serves as a board game—ideal for offices or relaxing environments. Parts can be purchased from the creator’s website!

13- Fridge magnet vase

Emoticons are magnets with stabilized natural plants. A method replaces water and sap with a biodegradable and ecological blender. This way, the plant no longer needs light and water to survive.

14- Wine stopper vase

This is a very creative way to reuse wine corks! With a simple DIY, you can create these mini succulent vases and decorate your home.

15- Wall frame vase

This tip is valuable for anyone who wants to have plants in an environment with little space. These wall vases look like pictures, take up no space and create a whole lot of style.

16- Groot Vase

A Guardians of the Galaxy star as your decoration item! The Groot pot is ideal for planting cacti and succulents.

17- Bob’s Vase

They look like little men and can be found in different poses. This vase makes decoration fun.

18- Dinosaur Vase

One way to honor our prehistoric friends in our decor is to use these dinosaur pots for plants. Parts can be purchased, but some tutorials reuse old toys.

19- Harry Potter Vase

For those who are a fan of the wizard’s saga, this item goes very well!

20- Frame vase

This vase is ideal for creating a succulent frame.

21- Female face vertical vases

A resounding success on social media, this vertical vessel is genuinely remarkable. The only problem is that the product is out of stock!