20 Smart and Neat Tips to Really Ease Change

Moving house is a stressful situation for everyone, but a few ideas (simple and ingenious) can make this process easier and cheaper.

1- Box with handle

Carry heavy boxes more easily: Use a stylus to make openings in the sides of the box to hold hands.

2- Stuffed animals help a lot

Put stuffed animals, pillows, sheets and blankets in garbage bags and use them to fill empty space inside the boxes. This way it prevents fragile items from “hitting” and breaking on the way.

3- Take a picture of your cables

Before disconnecting cables from the computer (or other electronics) take a picture. This simple click can help you to install everything without a headache, in the new house.

4- Use rollers to avoid curling up

Also in the electronics aspect, a good way to separate wires, cables and everything else (in addition to avoiding all that tangles that only happen when cables meet), is to use toilet paper rolls, just write on the outside of each roll, where it is, and what each wire is for. This can save you hours of trial and error.

5- Take the wardrobe (almost) assembled

Keep clothes on hangers and put in garbage bags (large ones, even better if they come with little bows for knotting). Thus, it is easier to store clothes, clean and less wrinkled.

6- Prepare the first night box

Anyone who has already moved in knows that the first night in the new house can become a God help them! Since you probably won’t have time to unpack and put everything away, put everything you need to survive with dignity in a box, labeled “First Night’s Box.”

There you can put, for example: toothbrushes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, cup, plate, spoon, fork, knife, flashlight, towel, benjamin, bed linen, change of clean clothes, slippers, wallet with documents , money and medicines for usual use.

7- Plastic film, your best friend

Do not empty your nightstand or chest of drawers. Wrap everything in plastic wrap, so you save time and don’t lose anything.

( EXTRA TIP: If it’s too heavy, a trick is to put cloths, old socks or even cardboard tubes underneath, so you can move more easily, we’ll talk about it here ).

8- Save the bijus!

You know that “maledeto” entanglement in necklaces and bracelets? So, your problems are over! Just like we did with electronic cables, put necklaces and bracelets on toilet paper rolls, earrings and other smaller things are neatly packed in egg cartons.

9- Arrange the screws

Wrap screws in sachets, or tape them, or wrap in aluminum foil. Stick them to the original furniture with masking tape (if possible use a stronger one) on the underside or behind them. Nobody deserves to be looking for a screw in change.

10- Have a toolbox close at hand

In addition to the obvious function of disassembling and assembling furniture, having the toolbox nearby can be a good thing for the unforeseen, which is sure to show up! A closet that has quietly exited the door of the old house may not pass so easily through the corridors of the new home.

11- Reuse your stuff as packaging

Use kitchen gloves to pack the cutlery, store some change items in the microwave or washing machine (but remember to seal their doors with masking tape and put bubble wrap inside, or a duvet and the like so you don’t break anything).

12- Label everything with colors

To speed up (a lot) the organization process in the new house, in the boxes, write with a pen (or use colored labels) the name of the room/room where it should be placed, if the content is fragile or what is inside. Preferably use very large letters and different colors for each environment.

13- Suitcase with handle

Use your suitcases with wheels to carry heavy objects such as books and magazines, believe me this will make the process of change much easier. Believe me, box with books is very heavy, practically impossible to carry, avoid embarrassment in front of friends.

14- Use old sheets to protect your mattress

Let’s face it, no one expects your new house to be an earring a month later on your moving day, but at least the place where you sleep needs to be clean, right? So that your mattress doesn’t suffer too much in the transition from home, use two old elastic sheets to cover it. Place one on top, and one on the bottom like a sandwich. Another option is to invest in a large plastic or mattress cover.

15- 7 years of luck

A simple workaround in case of lack of bubble wrap, or boxes, is to put 2 adhesive tapes, in X, on the mirrors. Thus creating resistance in case of impact, keeping the mirror in the frame, even if it shatters. Ideally, the X goes beyond the mirror, taking the frame as well.

16- Keep things light inside the drawers

Underwear and other light items can be taken inside drawers, you use a space that would be empty, you can carry it easily and still save time when you arrive at the new house, as these items will already be in place. An extra tip is to protect the opening of the drawers with a bag, or plastic wrap, nobody deserves to see your underwear, or panties, scattered throughout the change.

17- Use towels to protect fragile objects

Anyone who is a fan of Douglas Adams knows that a towel has many uses, one of which is to protect fragile objects during your change, such as dishes and other dishes. Packing these things with towels and lots of duct tape is a good thing because it also frees up the space you would be using to carry them.

18- Before taking everything off the truck

When it’s time to enter the new house with boxes and boxes, it’s good that there’s nothing, no big furniture, getting in the way. If the space in your new home allows, take all the gear out of the truck to organize yourself and not have to jump or dodge the sofa, stove and closet. Remember you are on the move and not in the middle of a scavenger hunt.

19- Know where you are going to put things first

You don’t need to be an architect or interior decorator, a very simple floor plan will help a lot. At least know where you’re going to leave the bed, the sofa, the refrigerator and anything else heavy you might have. Just as it’s not nice to dodge large furniture, carrying heavy stuff isn’t a good thing.

20- Don’t go hungry!

Search the internet, or ask the new doorman for pizza menus and other takeaways near the new house. No matter how big your move, two things are certain: You’ll be hungry and you won’t want (or be able to) cook. In addition, paying a good meal to friends who gave a helping hand is a good form of thanks, but it’s not the only one, be willing to help change these guys when they ask you to.

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