Christmas Decorations

20 Simplistic and Affordable Christmas Decor Tips for You

To have the house decorated to welcome the most important holiday for Christians, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money investing in objects that will spend months in boxes. You can make a Christmas decoration more simple, inexpensive and that will leave your home even more beautiful.

The best way to save on Christmas decorations is to invest in DIY, that is, get your hands dirty and enjoy the objects you already have at home. But, another alternative is to buy good quality and traditional decorations, so the following year you can use it.

If you are looking for ideas for easy-to-copy and cheap decorations for Christmas 2021, Pajaris has brought several images that will help you in this quest. Now all you have to do is get your hands dirty and prepare your house for the arrival of Santa Claus.

1- Decorate with makeshift trees

The Christmas tree is one of the greatest symbols and for this reason it cannot be missing from your home decor. To make an improvised tree, use plants from your house, dry branches or put your hands in the dough making with newspaper, cardboard and among other ways.

2- Dry Branches

Dry branches painted red and with several simple Christmas decorations.

3- Old Newspaper

Make your tree using old newspaper and wrap it using wrapping paper or make a painting. Unleash your creativity.

4- Cardboard

Or if you want, make a Christmas tree using cardboard.

5- Balloon

The balloon looks beautiful and makes the look much more modern.

6- Simple and Inexpensive Christmas Decoration Tips: Make Your Own Wreath.

The wreath is a decoration to be used on the door of the house or hung anywhere you want. It is an easy decoration to make at home and will make the Christmas atmosphere even more special. Follow the step by step:

1- You will need a circumference, it can be a small hula hoop.
2- Now, there are several possibilities. A cheap way is to roll the garland all the way around the hula hoop and decorate it with balls.
3- Another way is to wrap a gift ribbon with a Christmas decoration.
4- For decoration, use what you already have at home, such as polka dots and bows. Just unleash your creativity.

7- Paper Flowers

A simple wreath decorated with paper flowers.

8- Fabric/Ribbon

In this option, the decoration was made with a fabric/ribbon and some small Christmas ornaments.

9- Make Your Own Wreath

If you have a garland in your house, make your own wreath using them and be surprised with the result.

10- Home Pegs

How about using your home pegs to make a cheap and beautiful ornament!

11- Use recycling or objects that would go to waste and transform them

It is possible to use recycling and transform it into Christmas ornaments. The most common is to use cardboard, canning jars, potted plants that are no longer useful. Just decorate the way you want, painting, using cheap ribbons and other ways. Get inspired by ideas for decorations made only from recycled materials.

12- Paper Rolls or Cardboard

Santa Claus clothes made from used toilet paper rolls and cardboard.

13- Canning Jar

Canning jar is a good way to decorate with candles.

14- Decorate the Glass

You can decorate the glass any way you want and with the objects you have at home.

15- Plant Vase

In this inspiration, a used plant vase was painted with the Christmas outfit.

16- Beer Bottles

Beer bottles are also a great idea to use in your Christmas decorations.

17- Simple and Cheap Christmas Decoration Tips: Table Set

The table set is used on Christmas Eve or the nights before the holiday. The table decoration makes the environment even more special. It is also possible to decorate for little and with simple ideas to copy at home. See some ideas for a Christmas table setting and reproduce it at home:

18- Simple Cup with Christmas Balls

In this inspiration, in the center of the table a simple cup with Christmas balls inside was used and the red flowers brought the Christmas color.

19- Turn Cups Upside Down

Another way to decorate using cups is to turn them upside down and fill them inside with Christmas balls and put candles on top.

20- Placemat and Red Colors

The Christmas decoration can only come in a few details, as the placemat and red colors are the most used.

21- Small Trees

Finally, for Christmas table decoration, invest in small trees. Usually, the minis cost around 10 reais and it’s already capable of transforming the Christmas table.

These are simple ideas that are easy to copy at home. See what’s standing in your house and turn it into a beautiful Christmas decoration. Using recycling and objects that you already have, helps the environment, removing garbage from circulation and is also cheaper.