Bedroom Design

20 Ideas for Renewing the Environment of Room With Blue

Blue is a strong trend in decor, especially in the bedroom, and has long since ceased to be associated with a hue that represents the male gender. It is currently possible to find several ideas for rooms decorated in blue, for couples, singles and children of both sexes.

There are several shades of blue available on the market, from more intimate shades like navy blue to more vibrant ones like pool blue. While the stronger ones convey an appearance of sophistication, the lighter ones convey positivity and creativity. However, it is also possible to use two different shades of the same color in a bedroom decor.

As it is a color with different shades, you can mix two or more forms of use, for example: on the wall and on the trousseau. Use your creativity to decorate your room and always prioritize your personal taste.

Blue double bedroom

For the double bedroom, the most used blue is navy, bringing an elegance to the room. As it is a room shared with someone, the color must represent both residents and that is why it must be chosen by mutual agreement. Be inspired by some ideas of blue in a double room below:

1- Navy Blue and White

In this example, navy blue was used on the wall and combined with neutral tones such as white.

2- Blue Headboard

A more discreet way of adding color to the bedroom decor, blue was chosen for the headboard and also for the comforter, combined with the rest of the furniture and objects in black and white.

3- Two Shades of Blue

Two different shades of blue were used, a pen blue wallpaper with white ornamental decoration, the lamp and cabinet in the same shade of paper and the headboard in a navy blue shade.

4- Navy Blue and Woody

Once again, navy blue was chosen for the bedroom wall and combined with other neutral tones, such as white and woody.

Blue room for women

For the female bedroom, one of the most used colors is Tiffany or pool blue. But other shades are also amazing. Blue can be combined with other colors such as gold, white and pink. It all depends on each woman’s personal taste. Here are some ideas to get inspired:

5- Tiffanly Blue with Other Elements

Tiffany blue on the wall and other elements also carry blue, like the flowers used in the decoration, the pillow with a navy blue print and a blanket in a shade close to the wall.

6- Beach style

Once again, Tiffany blue was used in the decoration of a woman’s bedroom, recalling a beachy style. Shades such as yellow, white and light wood were used to compose the room.

7- Halfway Down

An inspiration for a woman’s bedroom wearing blue husband. In this room, blue was used only halfway down the wall in place of a headboard.

8- Blue with Vibrant Tones

Another inspiration using navy blue, but in this case it was combined with objects in other vibrant tones such as pink pillows.

Decoration for male bedroom

For men, the strongest shades are always a huge hit. Therefore, you can use royal or navy blue in your bedroom decor. It is usually combined with shades like black and white. Get inspired by several room ideas for men with blue:

9- Royal Blue

Brick wall in royal blue, with paintings in shades of black and gray and on the bed, a pillow in the same shade as the wall.

10- Discreet Way

A discreet way to use the tone, at the head of the bed in a dark tone and the blanket in a light blue.

11- Light and Dark

In this case, the lighter blue was used in the closet and the stronger shade in the trousseau.

12- Headboard and Chair

Another inspiration of blue being used on the headboard and on objects such as the chair.

Children’s room

Navy blue is also part of the children’s room decor for boys. In this case, more delicate elements are put together so that it doesn’t look loaded. Get inspired by different ideas for a child’s room with a shade of blue:

13- Fun Room

Blue was placed on a part of the ceiling, on wall details and on objects. In order not to leave the room so dark, details in different colors made the room fun.

14- Half Wall and Drawing Paper

In this case, blue was used on half of the wall and in details on children’s drawing paper.

15- Blue in the Trousseau

But if you want to use neutral tones on the wall, you can choose to put blue in the trousseau.

16- Universe

One way to use full wall tone is to make a universe. The white and yellow stars break the dark tone, making it more delicate.

17- Galactic Room

A galactic room, using two shades of blue, a lighter and a stronger headboard, with elements of space.

18- Blue Combined with Delicate Colors

Tiffany blue was used only on the wall above the bed and combined with other delicate colors.

19- Fluffy Elements

Another option using Tiffany blue in the decoration and with fluffy elements such as clouds.

20- Blue with Baby Pink

But if you want to use a dark tone, like royal, transform the environment using delicate colors like baby pink.

There are so many beautiful options that it’s hard to choose just one!