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20+ Astonishing Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom With Curtains

If you are one of those who get tired of the same decoration and do not have a lot of budget, you are in the right post. An inexpensive way to change the appearance of a room is with curtains. And if you also give the walls a coat of paint, you have a totally different atmosphere.

1- Tips to renew the design of the bedroom with curtains

In today’s article I will tell you how to change your environment with beautiful curtains, how to choose bedroom curtains , and even how to combine them with the rest of the design. In order to achieve more harmonious rooms.

2- A curtain is much more than a decorative element, discover what the right fabric can do for you

A curtain can do a lot for the master bedroom, change the look and feel, as well as add something extra to the spaces.

If you are at the point where you have to decide which bedroom curtains to buy, you must remember all the functions they can do for you:

A good curtain regulates the light and even the contrast: It is important depending on the functionality of the space where it will be placed, that you decide if you want it to be opaque or translucent. That is, if you want it to allow light to enter or not.

They are usually opaque to achieve greater privacy and improve rest . It is intended that the light does not enter through the windows.

Despite the above, there are those who decide that they are clear, that they allow the entry of light to achieve a romantic and natural atmosphere . It depends on the style of decoration you are looking for, choose a curtain with the degree of transparency or opacity that best achieves the style you like.

3- Curtains for double bedroom

Combine them with the decoration: It must match the decorative design of your environment, it is not just about the color combination. Not necessarily elements of the same color palette coexist harmoniously, the final idea is to highlight the elements that are in the same space in a balanced way.

4- Curtains with privacy for double bedrooms

Many think that they are not wrong if they choose the same color of walls in the curtains. Well, not always elements of the same color look good, so you should highlight your style using the curtains. The idea is to play with the colors so that they stand out from each other. The aim is to highlight or combine with the character of the space itself.

A good curtain gives privacy: Depending on the type of textile, its thickness and degree of opacity, it can give each person the privacy that each person needs for their spaces. With special attention to the curtains for the double bedroom, or also the shower curtains .

5- How to decorate a minimalist bedroom with curtains

It can also help regulate temperatures: There are infinities of fabrics and textiles that help you fight the cold winter, or the entry of heat in summer. With the right fabric or textile, your bedroom curtains can better keep heat, or repel it.

Believe it or not, they reduce exterior noise: There are textiles developed so that exterior noise does not penetrate with such force inside the home. A fabric of the specified thickness can prevent the curtain from allowing certain noises to enter so loudly.

6- When choosing, remember everything it can do for you and look for one that:

  • Highlight your bedroom decor.
  • Give you the degree of privacy you want.
  • To help you control outside noise.
  • That does not allow the entry of cold or heat.
  • And regulate the entry of light to your spaces.

7- How to choose curtains for the bedroom

In the previous point we studied everything that a good curtain can do in your home. Knowing this, choosing it properly for your bedroom will be an easy job, you just have to follow certain fundamental interior decoration guidelines. Here’s a good summary:

8- Turquoise curtains for bedroom

1. Remember what the purpose of the room is, and look in your curtains for characteristics that match the functionality of the space.

It’s simple, you can’t choose a sheer curtain for a space where you are looking for privacy. There are those who choose curtains with soft, romantic, somewhat translucent falls in their bedrooms and end up changing them. It is because, really, a curtain with the above characteristics can be very beautiful, but they simply do not provide the privacy that a bedroom needs.

If you want to get it right, look for fabrics that give you good opacity, that protect your privacy.

9- Curtains for a beautiful room

2. The dimensions of the room are important when choosing.

Although it seems illogical, a bad choice can steal an inch from your space. If you do not have a large room it is important that you lean towards soft and neutral colors , such as white and beige.

A curtain for a modern bedroom with strong and striking colors can take away space, it is an optical illusion , but it matters when you do not have very large rooms. If you are not into the classic, you can see several ideas of modern curtains for each room in the house.

10- Curtains for a small bedroom

3. The textile should bring you not only beauty, but functionality.

Remember when buying curtains for the bedroom, to choose fabrics that give you the maximum qualities. Textiles that maintain the temperature of the space and keep away the cold or heat outside, that allow you to regulate the entry of light, and even allow you to reduce the outside noise inside the room.

11- How to combine the curtains in the bedroom?

The decoration is not about arbitrary color combinations, there are environments in which colors that normally do not match look very good together. The above depends not only on the color of the walls and curtains, but also on the furniture within the space.

Don’t limit yourself to a set color scheme, be bold and try to give your spaces a new color that works for you. It’s not about white paired with red, or just having autumnal hues. It is rather to observe what works best so that the elements coexist properly.

There are no formulas without errors, everything is to try and choose the best combination.

Despite the above, it is important that you study the psychology of color before starting. There are certain colors that can make harmonious sensations predominate in your spaces, such as:

  • Green: It is a color of relaxation, peace and harmony. Many indicate that it supports good health and healing.
  • Yellow: It is a color that helps mental concentration.
  • Red and orange: They are dynamic colors that invite action.
  • Blue: Despite looking cold, it is a color that favors rest and calm.
  • White and beige: Light and neutral colors that promote relaxation, also perfect for enlarging small bedrooms. They inspire cleanliness and stillness. However, I recommend when using these colors, trying to add a more lively tone to avoid looking like sterile environments.

The perfect color combination for the bedroom curtain depends on the ensemble. That is to say, that all the elements coexist properly (the furniture, the color of the walls and the curtains), there is no pre-established formula, just try to let yourself go taking into account everything you have read here .

12- Curtains for the master or double bedroom

Curtains for master bedroom

Curtain Design for Master Double Bedroom

13- Curtains for a modern bedroom

Modern curtains for designer bedroom

Curtains for modern minimalist bedroom

14- Curtains for a rustic bedroom

Rustic bedroom curtains

Modern rustic bedroom curtains

15- Curtains for women’s bedroom

Curtains for women’s bedroom in red

Romantic style women’s room curtains

16- Men’s bedroom curtains

Modern style man bedroom curtains

Curtains for a rustic style men’s bedroom

17- Curtains for youth bedroom

Curtains for girl’s youth bedroom

Curtains for youth room by cicho

18- Curtains for children’s bedroom

If you want to see more ideas, you can go to the article on children’s curtains with dozens of photos.

Curtains for a girl’s children’s room

Curtains for child’s bedroom

19- Baby bedroom curtains

Curtains for the nursery

Curtains for baby’s bedroom in blue

20- Curtains for bedrooms with small windows

21- Curtains for bedrooms with large windows

Bedroom curtains with large windows

Curtains for a room with bay windows

They are also valid for the living room, which usually have large windows. Here you have ideas for decorating curtains for the living room according to the decorating style of your home.