Kids Room Design

20+ Adorable Home Playground Ideas for You

Even you will want to go back to childhood with these ideas for a children ‘s room, playroom and even the living room that we are going to show you here. The main thing is to set up a space for children to play in any room. With these inspirations from the House Beautiful website, the toy library will be by far the most fun room in the house, whether in the children’s bedroom or in the TV room. And even adults will want to spend a lot of time there. Check out.

1- Put a slide

Want to make the most fun room in the whole neighborhood? Mount a slide in the environment.

2- Use the attic

An attic has so much potential… Even more to entertain children. They will love getting up and down from there.

3- Furniture to reuse later

When your child grows up, you can lose the furniture. To avoid this waste, one idea is to buy furniture that can be reused later in other environments.

4- Climbing wall

This is the children’s room of dreams. And every corner was taken advantage of. It has a climbing wall and a cozy area under the stairs.

5- Deck in children’s room

The room is not big is no excuse to do something fun. It is possible to create a deck above the bed for the child to play. It’s like a dollhouse inside the bedroom. + The ladder in this loft zeroed in the concept of space saving; see why

6- Timeless pieces

When the toy library is also the family’s TV room, invest in timeless and neutral pieces and then score with pieces that rejuvenate the place. Plus, soft, rounded furniture is always great with young children.

7- Use space strategically

Again, small space is no excuse. See what this room has above the desk.

8- Establish different zones

Create different sections in the room. In this playground, there is an arts area, a rest area, a conversation area and a swing.

9- Think out of the box

Even a climbing wall can be overcome. In this room, designers designed a map of New York as the backdrop for the climb.

10- Use colors on objects

Even when the environment fulfills two functions, there can still be color and fun. Use color in rugs, pillows, artwork and colored books as well.

11- Leave space for activities

Why choose a game when you can have several? If you have an empty garage, boathouse, or large attic, turn this space into a playground. Set up a ping-pong table, a foosball table, and a disco ball for dances.

12- Consider age

Yes, even a basketball hoop can be beautiful and chic. In this children’s room, the batteries, basket and balls have a contemporary design to match the house.

13- Kids friendly furniture in the living room

A plush sofa is perfect for when the family room becomes the home’s playground. Round tables are also great for this purpose. The desk doubles as an art station.

14- Have fun with the decor

When space is limited, use the walls and even the ceiling strategically. In this room, the wallpaper has gone to the ceiling and the bookcase takes up almost the entire wall. Cheerful objects and rug were used with humor to brighten the place.

15- Set up a cabin in the children’s room

Kids just love cabins. That way you won’t have to take them apart every day.

16- Area reserved for children

This is a small oasis for children, which you enter through a very small door. Adults can only get in by crouching. This gives a certain magic to the place.

17- Let it draw on the walls

Use wallpaper or paint that allows children to draw or chalk on the walls. It is a playful way that encourages children’s creativity and expression. To be harmonious even in your living room, just choose the right elements, such as the leather sofa, the wooden tables and the cozy rug.

18- Smart solutions to the mess

The design can be made especially for children and to be fun. With furniture designed for this purpose, it is easier to store toys and avoid mess in the children’s room.

19- Join the playroom with the TV room

With extra under-stool drawers, rounded tables and kids friendly, bold colors and playful wallpaper, this TV room is closer to a child-like environment than an adult one.

20- Turn into a gym

You can have half a basketball court at home if you have the space. In a play area, parents can chat on sofas while their children play.

21- Children’s perspective (Montessori)

Try to decorate from the children’s perspective, especially if they are still small. Keep toys and books within their reach using the Montessori line.