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20 20×70 Terrace House Interior Decor Tips

The 20×70 terrace house in Malaysia is long and narrow, it’s a headache to decorate. We provide 20 interior design and layout tips you can try including how to arrange furniture, use wallpaper and paint colors!

In Malaysia, there are various types of residential properties and the most popular choice is terrace houses. It is very suitable for those who are already married or friends who are still single who want to live together.

Of course, many people already know that this terrace house comes in several sizes. Among the sizes that are often also found on terrace house development is 20 x 70.

Due to the elongated design of the house, many people feel that the house is narrow and difficult to decorate. Everything is not enough when you want to place all kinds of furniture and decorations in the small house.

But, if you are good at playing with decoration and using the right layout, even a small house can look spacious and beautiful. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to start.

4 20×70 Terrace House Layouts

We have prepared 20 tips to give you terrace home deco inspiration! Let’s start with the idea of ​​a 20 x 70 terrace house layout first.

1. Make a Straight Path

It is quite difficult to have a walking path in a small space. for example in the living room. But with the right arrangement, you can make a straight path so that there is no need to go through the middle of the furniture.

One way is to place the sofa on one wall and pull the other chair facing the sofa. By arranging a small seating space, you can create a straight path between the chair and the opposite wall.

Therefore, the seating will not be disturbed when you want to pass the living room.

2. Create a Curved Path

Because this 20 x 70 terrace house extends to the back, you can divide the space with a curved path. For example, you can use a wall as a space divider and become two separate seating zones.

It’s easier to see if you try to sketch on paper first or use a free room planning application so you can see the curved path more clearly.

Here are two zones that create a curved path in a long and narrow living room.

Zone one

  • The sofa on the wall is elongated.
  • Chairs are placed facing the sofa.

Zone two

  • Two chairs on opposite walls.
  • Small coffee table in another corner

The result is that you have eliminated the tunnel atmosphere in the house and maximized space with two zones as well as making easy access to the rest of the living room.

3. Pull Furniture Away From The Wall

The position of the furniture pushed directly against the wall in a narrow living room will accentuate the small space.

All you can do is pull all the furniture away from the wall and arrange the seating in the middle of the room.

If it’s not in the middle of the room, pulling just a few inches from the wall is enough. You will get comfortable seating with two passages that make the living room feel more spacious.

4. Make an L or U Shape Seating Area

This layout is also to ensure you have a path that does not interfere with the seating area.

Place the sofa on the wall and place a twin chair or two chairs at the end of the sofa to form an L arrangement. You can also buy a sofa that is indeed L -shaped to use in the living room.

For a U -shaped seating arrangement, add twin chairs or a set of chairs at each end of the sofa and place at an angle to make it a U -shape. These are among other ways to make a path along the opposite wall.

16 20×70 Terrace House Beautifying Tips

If you are looking for 20 x 70 terrace house interior decoration ideas, let’s continue reading. Who knew there was an idea to use at home, it’s just beautiful!

1. Ornaments Captivate Attention

One of the best ways to make people feel like your patio home space is small and cramped is to use mesmerizing and eye -catching decor. Something unique and special like antiques, fancy paintings and so on.

When stepping in, the eyes will continue to focus on decorations, decorations, or furniture that is different from the others. So automatically there is no feeling that the space of the house is small because it looks beautiful and stylish.

This is what is called a clever distraction technique!

2. Choose Colors Carefully

The choice of color plays an important role for a space, especially if the house is small. Neutral toned colors like beige or white will make the space look and feel bigger.

But, not everyone likes bright wall colors. For those who like dark paint colors, match with brightly colored furniture and decor so that the room doesn’t feel cramped.

3. Use Wallpaper

The use of wallpaper or wallpaper is now very popular in Malaysia. If you used to want to buy wallpaper, you have to go to a certain store, but now you can buy it online or at a store for only RM2! There are all kinds of patterns to choose from.

The way to make the space look spacious with wallpaper is:

Soft color
  • White, cream, light green, soft purple and the same time with it.
  • Vertical stripe pattern for elevated illusion
  • Horizontal pattern for the illusion of a diffused room
  • The same wallpaper on two adjacent walls
  • Two walls look like one big wall

4. Match the Color of the Furniture with the Walls

Let’s say you really like the existing wall color or don’t feel like installing wallpaper, you can still make a small space look spacious. You only need to use furniture that matches the color of the walls.

Compatible color options will make the wall seem “pushed” backwards and make the space wide for the eye to look at.

These tips are also suitable for those who live in a rented house and the landlord does not want to change the color of the wall paint.

5. Multifunctional Furniture & Hidden Storage Space

One of the main problems when living in a small terrace house or other small-sized house is not having enough space to store things. If you buy various types of furniture or storage space, then the house is crowded.

The house will look spacious when you do not use a lot of furniture. The way to add space in a narrow or small room is to use multifunctional furniture and hidden storage.

For example, a sofa or chair that has storage space under it, an arranged bench that can be used as a side table and also a guest seat, or various other designs that are out there.

6. Space Saving Furniture

This space -saving furniture means they can be folded or stacked when not needed. There are already all kinds of space-saving furniture in the store, ready to be specially ordered or DIY yourself.

Among the most popular is the space -saving dining table set where the table can be folded and extended according to the guest while the chair can be pushed fully down the table, as pictured above.

If someone is sleeping in the living room or to relax on a weekend night, you can also use the sofa bed. You only need to open the sofa bed when you want to use the bed. Saving space for unused furniture will make a small room feel bigger. In addition to saving space, the house will also look more exclusive.

7. Transparent Furniture

You must be wondering what this transparent furniture is, right? Haaaa… this transparent furniture should look transparent like a glass coffee table or Perspex chair.

Replace furniture that blocks the view of the space with transparent furniture and you can see more space, thus looking bigger.

Before you buy transparent furniture, first make sure that it suits the style of your home. If you have small children or often have guests visiting, it may not be appropriate to use this transparent furniture.

8. High Leg Furniture

For small and narrow home deco, you can use furniture with exposed legs to make the space feel bigger.

When the sofa or closet is lifted off the floor, we will be able to see more floor space and the reason for the plague of the room will feel much bigger. So, when you are looking for furniture for a small house, do not choose one that covers the floor.

9. Round Shaped Decoration & Furniture

If the room looks compartmentalized, we will feel that the room is small and narrow. So, eliminate horizontal lines on the space with round decorations and furniture. There are several ways you can follow:

  • Use a round table in the center of the seating area.
  • Place a small round side table next to the chair and sofa.
  • Install the lamp with a round design.
  • Style mirrors and rounded artwork on the walls.

In addition to round furniture and decor, you can also place round rugs on the floor.

10. Install the Floating Wall Shelf

By installing floating wall shelves and avoiding the use of furniture that covers the entire wall, you will be able to free up more floor space.

This floating wall shelf is suitable to be placed in all places in the house such as living room, bedroom, walking room, bathroom and others.

In addition to making the room look bigger, the shelves are very practical for storing personal items or placing decorations.

11. Sufficient Space Lighting

Lighting is very important for the appearance and atmosphere of the room. If your house is small and does not have enough light, it will feel gloomy and cramped.

Ever not seen a ghost story whose house is all kind of dark? Did you notice that there was no room in the story, you didn’t feel like there was enough space and it was too tight to breathe? Haaaa… that’s the feeling if your house doesn’t have enough light.

If you have only one light source, try installing several small LED lights on the ceiling at a distance that can spread the light evenly. Can also place table or floor lamps around the room.

12. Use of Mirrors

It seems that if you are looking for tips for small house deco , you will not run away with the use of mirrors. Almost all tips will say a mirror is the most effective method to make a small space feel bigger.

Mirrors not only make the space look spacious, but you can style the walls with the various types of mirrors available. You can match it with wall colors and other decorative designs.

13. Divide the Space Stylishly

Often the front room in a small terrace house is used as a living room as well as a dining room. When you need to divide a space like this, you can make a clear division by using furniture or home decor.

Use a large rug to show the living room area and use a small divider between the living room and dining area. You can also use different paint colors or wallpaper to isolate the space.

Even if you are dividing the space as separate areas, it is very important to make sure the natural flow between them so that it does not look crowded. The arrangement and design of the furniture must correspond to the dimensions of each space.

14. Place a Beautiful Ornamental Tree

The atmosphere of the house is definitely fresher when decorated with plants. If you are not sure which plant is right for your beautiful little house, get an idea from the list of easy -to -live plant types and the best decorative trees in the house.

Place relatively large plants to fill empty corners and smaller ones as table decorations , shelves, cupboards or anywhere that is compatible.

15. Curtains as a Complement to Home Decoration

Never underestimate the curtains because it can also make a space look spacious and stylish.

Even if your windows are small or short, you can place long curtains from the level near the ceiling and drop them to the floor.

Curtains like these will make it seem as if the existing windows are large and showcase a large area.

But remember, you need to choose the color and pattern of the curtains that match the color theme of your room.

16. Don’t Over -Decorate

One piece of advice you should keep when decorating a small house is not to use too much decoration. If you place different types of decorations, chances are the room will look crowded.

When decorating, keep a minimalist attitude and save empty space as a space accessory. This way the house will feel more comfortable and spacious. Make sure you don’t overdo it when decorating, okay?

All 20 tips can not only be used for 20×70 terrace house deco, but also suitable for other types of small houses. Happy decorating your little house!