Living Room Design

18 Tips to Adorn the Living Room and Get a Lot Out of It

When moving house, sometimes our heads fill with ideas, you like one thing here, another thing there, but then it is very difficult either because of money or because the layout of your house is not ideal. Other times you get tired and feel like your alón needs a make-over. Either way, don’t worry! Pay attention to these ideas to decorate the living room and make the most of it.

1. Natural light is important

Living room in gray tones with shelves full of books and window with natural light to illuminate the living area

Let’s start with the distribution. The first question you should ask yourself when decorating your home is how it is laid out. If the living room has a dining area and a living room, I recommend that you reserve the window area for the living area. So you can take advantage of all the natural light.

2. The dominant materials of your living room

Industrial style in the living room with taking advantage of the architectural elements of the space such as the iron beams and the windows

As you well know, each decorative style has representative materials that characterize it. Broadly speaking, we can say that the industrial style has cement, brick and iron. The rustic style, on the other hand, is characterized by natural fibers such as wicker or esparto, lime walls or wooden beams in ceilings and walls. Before going crazy to buy things without criteria, stop to think about what is the predominant material in your living room and take advantage of it to choose the style.

3. Decorative beams

Wooden beams as decorative pillars in the living room

In today’s post there is a little bit of everything. I wanted to go little by little since these elements are not so easy to move but you can get a lot out of them, and if you don’t look at the personality that these beams bring to the living room of this house. What do you think?

4. Build depth with mirrors

Generate a sense of depth in small rooms with large mirrors.

If we talk about small rooms or those spaces that do not have large windows, the best option you have to counteract this situation are mirrors. It seems incredible, but if you place a maxi mirror on a wall, you will be able to generate a sensation of great depth.

5. The fireplace decorates a lot

Living room with industrial style and rustic boho mix decorated with fireplace and logs

Like light, the climate is also very important. In this aspect you have many options. If you want something that is not appreciated much, you can opt for an underfloor heating. However, if you like practical decoration, you will love fireplaces and stoves. It does not matter if it is new or old, you can always take advantage of them to decorate the living room of your house. You can also place some logs to decorate, the result will be a super warm room that will invite everyone who enters to sit down and have a good time at ease.

6. Decorate the walls of the living room with decorative paper

Living room decor with tropical-style wallpaper

I acknowledge that I have not yet come across a rental house that does not have gotelé but if I did find it, believe me that I would opt for this option. On the market there are many varieties of wallpapers with which you can decorate your living room. From a geometric pattern to an embossed brick wall. This one with tropical motifs, what do you think?

7. Cushion bench in your living room

Spacious living room with a large window and a cushioned sofa under the window.

Sometimes you just want to rest, watch the rain fall or put your mind blank … That will be the perfect plan to sit on a cushion bench that you can do under the window. Sounds good right? If you don’t have a bench to take advantage of it, don’t worry, you can set up a bench with a basic modular furniture and some comfortable cushions.

8. Your reading corner in the living room

Space dedicated to reading in the living room

For lovers of reading, this space will give you life. Inside the living room you can reserve a small space to read , with a small rug you can create an environment separate from the rest. Place a comfortable sofa or armchair on the carpet where you can spend the hours and a floor lamp to illuminate yourself at any time of the day. Also, if you had the possibility of locating a small table to leave the book and the cup of coffee, it would be the best.

9. Contrast with colored sofas

Living room with neutral colors and mustard yellow sofas

I love the decoration with neutral colors, I am not going to deceive you, but putting a sofa with an intense color that breaks with the style, already drives me crazy. If I had to decide on three colors for the sofa in my house, they would be: bottle green, mustard yellow and living coral. Which do you like more?

10. The carpet speaks for itself

Living room decor with a long-pile beige rug and glass coffee table.

The choice of rugs for your living room is somewhat complicated, although it is an element that is on the floor and that will be trampled infinitely many times, it also gives warmth to the room and helps in decorating it. There are thousands of options, plain or patterned, fluffy texture with long hair to put your bare feet or natural fibers for the summer and get a more rustic style. What is your style?

11. Decorate the walls with wicker baskets

For me this detail is a plus in any room. I love the walls decorated with rustic wicker elements and the truth is that in a matter of baskets there are millions of options. What do you think? Rustic living room decorated in mustard and earthy colors. Walls decorated with wicker elements and a wooden fan.

12. An XL work of art

Living room decoration with XL size maxi box with marble effect of cold and gold colors in industrial living room.

Size matters a lot, they say. In my opinion, when it comes to works of art, I agree. It fills me a lot to walk into a room and see a painting of that caliber. It only takes one element to fill the room with personality. If I had to choose the perfect place, I would choose to place it on top of the sofa. What site would you reserve for a maxi box?

13. Plants

Living room decoration with green plants and mustard colors

A room without plants has no life. I know it may sound very blunt but the feeling of joy and vitality offered by various plants in the living room is incredible. If you don’t seem very capable of keeping them alive, opt for plants that require little care such as cacti or potos, which need to be watered very few times.

14. Decorative plates on the walls

Decorate the living room walls with hand-painted ceramic plates. A decorative solution that mixes the old and the new in a modern and current way

In Balamoda’s house we can find a good example of this. Decorate a wall with decorative ceramic plates, old and new, it is a way to bring great personality to your living room. It is a technique from many years ago that fell out of fashion, and now, for me, it is one of the decorations that most attracts my attention.

15. Double function shelving

Decorative triangular wooden shelf

When you think of storing the books and figures that will decorate your living room, think of a double function. On the one hand storage and on the other decoration. I show you an example of several shelves where you will immediately see what I am talking about.

16. Ceiling lamps tailored to you

Decorative lamps for the living room of natural fibers

Choose a ceiling lamp that suits your needs and above all, if you can choose, do not skimp on discretion. There are lovely chandeliers, or wicker in many shapes. If you prefer the discreet option, you can place LED surface or recessed lights. It is a matter of tastes and needs.

17. Cushions and blankets to give warmth

Living room decoration with cushions of different textures and mustard and yellow colors.

If you are one of those people who like a good blanket and soft sofas that invite you to sit and lie down to watch movies with love and company, you will love placing thousands of cushions with different textures. This idea to decorate the living room, I love it. Also add shearling and wool blankets to add even more warmth to the living room.

18. Decorate the walls with collage

Living room wall decoration with collage illustrations

If you are a fan of prints and illustrations, this idea to decorate the living room will suit you perfectly. Frame all the illustrations you like and put them on the wall. You can hang the pictures without making holes in the wall so you won’t get too complicated.

I hope you liked these ideas very much and that you can put them into practice. What has been the one that you liked the most?