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18 Interior Painting Trends for Walls

As with everything in fashion, wall color trends come and go, and sometimes only last a few months. But even though they continually change, we can follow our own style, without neglecting the trends of the moment, and adapt them to our style and personal taste. The really important thing is that you like it and that it looks good with your decoration. Today several major paint brands have announced their colors for the year.

1- White

It is one of the simplest options, since the white color on the walls can act as a backdrop to incorporate small notes of color in the decoration.

It never goes out of style, so our house will always look current. It will only be enough to change the decoration accessories to keep it modern.

You can use warm, vanilla, or cooler whites mixed with a small dose of gray.

2- Beige

You can compose a nice palette with soft shades of sand, grays and whites.

This color, on the walls, is also timeless, so your home will never look out of style.

It incorporates rustic woods and oxidized metals, to give an industrial rustic touch, one of the chic trends of the moment.

This beige has a reddish undertone, which is very reminiscent of clay.

This other beige has a yellowish touch, which also looks very elegant.

3- Brown

The brown tones of the earth are incorporated into the home to achieve a decoration inspired by nature.

The reddish undertones are reminiscent of adobe or clay, which combined with raw colors such as gray, achieve a very beautiful composition that connects us with Mother Earth.

By marking contrasts with light and dark tones, an emphasis on silhouettes can be achieved. This year, browns are combined with whites and grays, which undoubtedly make up a place with light and personality.

Whites stand out in an environment where brown predominates, and can become the focal point, as we see below, where the washbasin acquires an indisputable leading role.

The focal point can also be in gray, like this side table.

Another way to achieve an interesting focal point is to just paint one wall in this beautiful color.

If you combine gold with a dark brown, the result is majestic and opulent.

4- Grays

To give a warm and cozy look, you can implement gray neutrals on the walls, and combine them with furniture and accessories in warm or bright colors.

Dark green, brown or yellow, combine very well with all shades of gray.

As you can see in these images, there are many shades of gray that can be used. Both cool and warm tones will help you achieve excellent results.

Mint green is one of the colors that are being used a lot nowadays, and it looks great in combination with gray.

The titanium color, a variant of the many grays that are in fashion today, has become famous for its ideal qualities for minimalist spaces.

5- Mint green

Mint green is very well suited to interior design, particularly in bathrooms or kitchens, due to its clean appearance.

Mint greens, when used as an accent or contrast to neutrals like taupe, can give a really fresh look. If combined with white or blue they can provide a very maritime atmosphere. It also looks great in contrast to analogous shades of green. Paired with pastel pink, old pink or lilac, it also looks very boosted.

There are also opposites on the color wheel (red-orange) to consider; Hues like salmon, coral, and tangerine can bring green to life. Mint green is the perfect complementary color to coral.

6- Sage green

This tone is ideal for decorating a bedroom, as it is relaxing, calm and even somewhat muted. This as long as in your bedroom you do not dedicate yourself to study or work, since it will not give you the energy you need.

They are a good shade of green for a chic look.

Pastel green has already made a place in the world of decoration, it is no longer relegated to decorative elements, such as the curtain or minor decorations, but to entire walls.

Here we see it incorporated into the kitchen. Combined with brown and gray, it looks fabulous.

7- Pistachio green

This is a muted shade of green, mixed with gray, which can help us achieve a very calm environment.

8- Olive green

This is another of the shades of green that enters the scene once again.

In its most saturated tones, it can be used on a single wall, as a focal point, so as not to saturate and darken the room too much.

9- Hunter green

Hunter green, evoking the vitality of nature, can give us fresh and very modern interiors.

For greater interest, it is proposed to combine this color with white, gold or any other luminous color.

In recent years, there has been a strong influence of nature in terms of decoration colors, since many shades of green can be seen as the protagonists.

Colors have always been ideal for creating decorative accents, although there has been a more daring turn in terms of the elements that are colored inside the home. Whereas before the walls, cushions, flowers or ornaments were generally colored elements that were worn, today color is imposed on entire walls.

10- Bluish green

A composition with bluish green achieving the color of a jewel, is one of the proposals for this year. A complex and deep color that offers a feeling of familiarity with a touch of the unknown, it unites a harmonious balance of blues and greens that can be found in the old and the new.

The teal color evokes a multitude of moods and associations depending on tone, hue and application. Despite these possible variations, it is universally perceived as smart, honest and interesting, being one of the favorite colors.

The oceanic inspiration of this color can create a welcoming statement as a vivid color for a front door. Its shade of green with blue tones can also stimulate creative thinking and mental clarity in a home office, or invite meditation and introspection to a bedroom or reading in a corner. It is a universal shade of green, adapting to various styles, from modern to Mediterranean, traditional or contemporary.

11- Navy blue

This shade of blue is one of the most repeated in the different color forecast lists. And thanks to its versatility, it can be successfully taken to the various spaces of our home.

It can also be effectively combined with light tones such as pastels, different colors of the same color, brown, white and black.

These deep, serene shades of blue are an attractive color option for almost any setting, giving the feeling of beautiful serenity.

12- Light blue

The pastel blues, beautiful celestial, are also more and more numerous, the most prominent being the watery and greyish tones.

The light blue color is very relaxing and adds a delicate feel to modern interior decoration. The light blue color combinations are relaxing and pleasant, ideal for decorating bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms.

Pale blue color tones are calm, but can look very vibrant when paired with dark colors.

The celestial sky is a beautiful color, that when you put it to the test, then you want to have absolutely everything in that tonality.

13- Pinkish

Coral pinks are being used a lot.

These shades can be contrasted with mint green.

And the old pink ones.

14- Yellow

A super cheerful, warm yellow, gold color with orange hues will be used.

This is another of the colors that is leading the trends, being ideal for recreating warm and energetic interiors. It looks good paired with versatile colors like black and white, as well as paired with shades of gray, brown, or green.

The trend-setting tones are very bright, which with natural elements such as plants, give the place a lot of personality. We can give free rein to the imagination and create in our home, a space that invites us to stay, where color is one of the reasons for attraction.

15- Orange

If you are looking for very warm proposals in decoration, you can bet on shades of pumpkin and rusty orange.

These rusty shades of orange carry a lot of weight in modern d├ęcor. They are oranges with small mixtures of earthy tones.

If you are currently designing your own home, or you are looking for colors for walls or for the set of armchairs in the living room, and seek to give warmth, then you should take these warm colors into account.

If you are tired of the dominance of neutrals, especially gray for the last five years, then you will be pleased to see that more varied and interesting shades and hues have been introduced, among which there are plenty of vibrant colors to bring your walls to life.

17- Lilacs

The next color, a mauve lilac, is also on trend. It transmits serenity, promoting meditation and de-stress.

This combination is romantic, ideal for girls’ bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and living room.

This shade of lilac, a little darker, but at the same time so not very intense, that at times, it makes us confuse if we are not in front of a gray. It is harmonious and goes perfectly with all kinds of styles, from classics to modern ones.

The most intense lilacs can also help us achieve a glamorous space.

18- Purple and violet

These shades of purple, very dark, tinged with blue, will be one of the colors that can be adopted for the walls. It can be used to add sophistication and elegance to spaces.

Shades of violet are on many of the forecast lists, one of the most relevant color trends. They are ideal for those who seek to recreate relaxing and very warm spaces. So it becomes especially recommended to give life to bedrooms, although in living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens it can also look very good.

Ultra violet is a very strong tone, that precisely whoever chooses it must have a dominant personality. Although we are not used to it, it ends up looking very good in environments with nude colors, blues, browns and to a lesser extent, with greens and mustards.