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17 Versatile and Timeless Alternative Minimalist Ideas for Bathroom

If you’re looking for a versatile and timeless alternative to one of the most intimate rooms in a home, you should bet on minimalist bathroom decor. This, by the way, is one of the main bets throughout 2021, according to the Pinterest Predicts survey .

Check out the advantages and see tips for creating a minimalist bathroom project, but with great elegance and versatility!

According to Pinterest Predicts, the minimalist bathroom is a bet for 2021

Originating in the Scandinavian style, the minimalist architecture is characterized by neutral colors, simple design furniture, little use of decorative items and use of technology in the environments.

A minimalist bathroom, therefore, is ideal for those looking for a clean look without excesses. The style is recommended, mainly, for a few pieces, where space needs to be taken advantage of and the feeling of amplitude explored.

For you to stay on top of the trend and know how to design a space with these characteristics, we have prepared this article. Read through to the end to find out what the benefits are and how to design a minimalist bathroom design!

1- What are the advantages of having a minimalist bathroom?

Having a minimalist bathroom can bring several benefits to users

Anyone who works with architecture and design knows how minimalism is in evidence.

The theory that “less is more” is popular with people, who understand that it is worth investing in a practical and functional environment.

This is not to say, however, that a minimalist bathroom, being simple, lacks comfort and sophistication.

Here are some of the main advantages of having this style of decoration for your bathroom.


Minimalist bathrooms almost always have neutral (white, beige, gray, etc.) or light (blue, green, pink, etc. in pastel shades) as their main colors.

These colors make the environment much more versatile. That’s because it’s easy to plan the details, which can add a special touch.

When developing a minimalist bathroom, the room designer finds a wide variety of coverings, furniture, tableware, metals and decorative objects available.

An important detail is that the bathroom doesn’t get dated over time, easily matching the decorative styles that come into evidence and avoiding the need for renovations.


The bathroom is a part of the house that requires a lot of functionality. It is necessary that the environment provides practicality and privacy so that users occupy the space comfortably and without anything in the way.

In a minimalist bathroom this is even more evident. This is because items that seek to bring more dynamism to the use and optimization of spaces are used.


The feeling of spaciousness is one of the main reasons that people invest in a minimalist bathroom.

As the decoration is simple and without many items, besides using light colors, it creates an impression that the space is bigger. For small houses or apartments this is essential!


The light colors used in the minimalist bathroom also bring a clean feeling to the room. This provides much more comfort for the user.

Also, as there are not many details and decorations, it is easy to clean the space. If the coating is made of porcelain, cleaning becomes even simpler .


The comfort provided by the minimalist bathroom works as a kind of combination of all the aforementioned advantages.

Functionality, amplitude and beauty allow moments in the bathroom, such as a relaxing bath, to be even more cozy.

7- How to design a minimalist bathroom?

Light colors are one of the main characteristics of the minimalist style

So that you or your customer can make the most of all the benefits of the minimalist bathroom, we have put together some interesting tips on how to design an environment with these characteristics.


As already mentioned, neutral and light colors are the protagonists in a minimalist project . Therefore, the choice of coatings and paints must be made strategically.

In addition to white, colors such as gray, beige and pastels can be on the walls and furniture of your bathroom.

If you want something more rustic and differentiated, coverings that reproduce light woods are also a good option.


Good lighting is essential for a bathroom!

Therefore, it is very important to think of features that leave the environment well lit, such as discreet luminaires for LED lamps and LED strips surrounding mirrors and niches.

As minimalist decoration speaks well with technology, betting on a project with autonomous lamps can also give a special look to your environment.


As functionality is one of the main characteristics of minimalism, it is interesting to bet on furniture that fulfills its purpose well.

Overhead cabinets, for example, can be designed according to the needs of the home’s residents.

This means that if they don’t have a lot of things to store in the bathroom, it’s not necessary to develop something very big.


Porcelain tiles can be used to build furniture for the minimalist bathroom

The finishes are what give the charm of a minimalist decor. Therefore, the architect or designer needs to have a lot of insight when making their choices.

Sink countertops can be made of porcelain, in colors that match the rest of the environment. The Berliner line , by Portobello, shows the plurality of furniture made with this material.

In addition to the benches, also be strategic when choosing metals. Metal alloys can be used to coat mirrors and furniture.

Metal details can still be explored on taps, valves and showers, among other places.


Your bathroom decor can also be thought of in a minimalist way. It is worth remembering that this environment has several accessories such as the trash can, the toothbrush holder, the soap dish, the mirror frames, etc. It can even have several purely decorative objects, such as pictures and vases.

In order not to lose the minimalist characteristics, it is interesting to moderate the amount of articles, in addition to giving preference to those with straight lines and neutral colors.

13- What are the best finishes for a minimalist bathroom?

The walls of a minimalist bathroom can be covered in an interesting way, but without losing the characteristics of style. Take a look at some of the most creative and elegant finishes for a minimalist bathroom in the following topics.


The coating that reproduces wood can be used in bathrooms

To make your minimalist bathroom much more stylish, you can decorate all the walls or some details with coatings that reproduce different materials, such as cement, marble and wood.

In fact, coverings that recreate wood, such as Nordik Wood , can be used in the bathroom in a creative and original way, keeping the characteristics of minimalism.


Embossed coverings provide very interesting results on bathroom walls 

The use of embossed coverings is also very interesting in minimalist bathrooms. They can have organic or geometric shapes.

One option is the Krea line, which has smooth surfaces and 3D options to color the walls of all environments, including the bathroom.


Coatings with unusual shapes give more personality to the projects 

You can also choose upholstery with unusual shapes for your bathroom. There are several options that can add a touch of exclusivity to the environment.

The Bonbon line, for example, is made up of coatings with irregular shapes that refer to the shape of small candies.

The creation of Italian designer Paola Navone is available in four colors: aquamarine, slate, smoke and white.

17- Edge Rectified

The rectified edge is an interesting feature for minimalist bathroom linings

Rectified coverings are those with straight edges, meeting the functionality and aesthetics expected from a minimalist environment.

The Calacatta Blanc line, for example, has this characteristic, in addition to the light color, typical of a minimalist decoration.

Having a minimalist bathroom is synonymous with comfort and elegance. Consider our ideas when designing this space.