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17 Original Ideas to Make Decorated Pots at Home

Still haven’t considered filling your terrace or balcony with plants ? Well, the time has come… And to help you with this decision, we propose a lot of original pots with different ideas and materials. Recycle and reuse those old pots that you are sure to keep at home and turn them into true decorative pieces that will enhance your plants. You have run out of excuses to turn your home into a garden. In addition, children can help you with the decoration. You will get unique pots that will brighten up any corner of your home. Do not miss our 17 proposals for decorated pots.

1. Hand-painted pots

Hand painted flower pot

A simple way to give your pots a different look is to paint them. And the possibilities are endless. Remember to apply a primer to the clay pots, so that the humidity does not spoil the paint over time. The advantage of painting them yourself is that you can choose the colors and designs that you like the most or that best combine with the place where you are going to place the plant.

2. Messages in a pot

Hand painted flower pots

Flowerpots decorated with messages

If you use chalkboard paint to cover the pot, you have the possibility to write with chalk the message you prefer: inspiring, motivating, funny … And erase it as many times as you want to put a new phrase. You can also use permanent markers and write or draw directly on the pot or on a coat of paint.

3. Flowerpots decorated with tiles

Flowerpots decorated with tiles

The mosaic tile is great for decorating pots. Ideally, have a tile cutter on hand, as it will allow you to cut small pieces. Glue them with silicone, for example, and then cover the entire tile surface with a joint putty, which will fill in the gaps between the different pieces. It is easier to use adhesive tiles that can be cut to the size you need.

4. Pots painted with spray paint

Flowerpots decorated with spray paint

Spray paint is a quick and easy option to transform the look of almost any object. Therefore, for our pots it is great, whether they are made of clay, plastic or metal. If you want to give it a hazy finish, once you have painted the entire pot, use different spray colors on the base with small touches so that a little amount of paint comes out. The result is great.

5. Personalized pots with wool

Pots decorated with crochet or crochet

Crochet or crochet : wool is a fantastic material to give an original touch to your pots. It works especially well with succulent plants or cacti. You know, knitting!

6. Pots decorated with Decoupage

Pot decorated with decoupage

This is probably one of my favorite ways to give flower pots a very special flair. The decoupage is to use printed paper, sticking to the object to be decorated. Ideally, apply a paint base so that the drawing on the paper stands out more. Then you need special glue for decoupage and a little patience, so that the printed paper does not tear when gluing it to the pot. The result is well worth it.

7. Pots for superheroes

Superheroes and cartoon pots

These pots will love young and old. Of course, you need some practice with the drawing. Superheroes and cartoons inspire some very cool and fun flowerpots. Specially dedicated to lovers of comics, series and animated films.

8. Original pots for the garden with burlap fabric

Flowerpots decorated with burlap cloth

For aromatic herbs and wild plants, pots decorated with natural elements are the ideal solution. Burlap fabric is one of the best ideas. Easy and very simple.

9. Flowerpots decorated with lace

Flowerpot decorated with lace and rope

The lace provides romantic reminiscences in the decoration of the pots, which, together with the use of natural materials, such as ropes, manages to create a rustic and delicate atmosphere at the same time. An interesting decoration that will give you a lot of play. It can even serve as a nice gift at weddings and other celebrations.

10. Wood and geometric figures

Flowerpots decorated with wooden figures

Some wooden figurines from a game your children no longer use can become a useful decorative element to transform that boring pot you have at home. You just have to glue them to the pot and you will appreciate a great change.

11. Pots decorated with shells

Pots decorated with shells

Marine elements, such as shells, also play a role in decorations. Of course, try to use them of a similar size and shape, since the result will be more spectacular.

12. Decoration of flowerpots with musical motifs

Flowerpots painted with musical motifs

If music is your thing, this flower pot decoration is going to enchant you. You just need a little paint in black and white colors and draw!

13. Hanging pots with fabric yarn

T-shirt yarn is great for creating a pot holder with which to hang your plants from the ceiling. And it allows you to choose the colors that you like the most.

14. Hanging cement pots

If you prefer to create your own pots, nothing better than cement to achieve a unique and spectacular result. You can leave the finish in cement or decorate it to your liking. In addition, we have used leather and rope to make the pot holder and thus hang the plants. Great idea!

15. Dress your cork pots

Flowerpots decorated with cork stoppers

Save the corks to surround and ‘dress’ your pots. It is another original form of decoration with which you will always succeed.

16. Pot decorated with eva rubber

Another extremely versatile element for decoration is eva rubber, so an example of a flowerpot in which this material was the protagonist could not be missing. Draw and cut out the figures with which you want to decorate your pot and glue them on it. That easy.

17. Flowerpot decorated with rope

Original rope planter

At Handfie we are very fond of the rope. It is a very grateful material that brings serenity to the decoration due to its color and texture. We have built this planter from a recycled bin, which we have lined with rope. To give it the funniest touch, we have added some tassels that we have made ourselves.