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17 Ideas to Brighten with Yellow Color in Decor

Ideas to Brighten with Yellow Color in Decor 2

The firm trend in decorating houses and apartments, the use of the yellow color is proper to highlight a piece of furniture or wall and brighten the environment.

If you haven’t thought about using yellow in your decor, it’s time to give this tone a second chance. Color lights up any environment and makes spaces more than modern. Don’t know how to combine it with the rest of the house? See some inspiration below:

1- Sofa in Living Room

Ideas to Brighten with Yellow Color in Decor 1

Ideas to Brighten with Yellow Color in Decor 3

Ideas to Brighten with Yellow Color in Decor 3

In the living room, furniture plays a major role and especially the sofa, and you can how attractive and beautiful the living room looks with a bright yellow sofa.

2. Stylish Bedroom

1. Stylish Bedroom

It has Wallpaper from the 70’s website and a bedspread from Urban Outfitters, both purchased online. The star of this environment is the yellow patterned Wallpaper.

3. Home Theatre

2. Home Theatre

The bookcase unfolds in two on the walls of the home theatre and, on one side, forms a low piece of furniture that separates the room from the living room in this apartment.

4. Yellow Dining Table

3. Yellow Dining Table

“I opened a room to enlarge the living room”, says resident Eder Chiodetto. There are still exposed aesthetically pleasing beams. In the decoration of the architect Gustavo Calazans, the new environment became more transparent with the gray laminate floor.

5. The gem yellow shiny lacquer cabinet

4. The gem yellow shiny lacquer cabinet

The bright yellow gem lacquer cabinet gave the kitchen a modern look, open to the living room. “It’s a fun color that makes a balanced contrast with the stainless steel and black of the appliances”, says the architect Beatriz Quinelato

6. Yellow Buffet

5. Yellow Buffet

The architect’s yellow buffet with a design stands out in front of the wall made with wine boxes.

7. Yellow Lacquer Bookcase

6. Yellow Lacquer Bookcase

Chairs of different models make up the blue lacquer dining table, but the room’s star is the yellow lacquer bookcase.

8. Yellow and Gray

7. Yellow and Gray 

The resident’s cameras are in the yellow and gray lacquer furniture.

9. Patterned Wallpaper

8. Patterned Wallpaper

Comfortable tones give the room a nice mix, which has patterned Wallpaper. The boldness is due to the energetic colors of the painting, the headboard, and the armchair.

10.  Yellow Headboard

9.  Yellow Headboard 

The 40 m² of the double bedroom made it possible to build a niche from top to bottom, 35 cm deep, in which the bed and nightstands fit. Made of drywall, the lightweight-looking structure was ready in one day.

11. Brazilian Cuisine

10. Brazilian Cuisine

It’s Brazilian cuisine for sure. The wood stove that divides the room, the floor with hydraulic tiles, and the yellow and pink colors guarantee the warmth of our grandparents’ time. It also overlooks the vegetable garden.

12. House from outside

11. House from outside

The 130 m² house, designed in Brasília by architect Ney Lima, displays modernist lines from the 1960s. Landscaping by Freiman Jardins.

13. Yellow Bookcase

12. Yellow Bookcase

They designed an MDF bookcase with a yellow grate finish. The professional requested that the bookcase base be painted white to soften the striking look, giving the impression that the furniture was suspended.

14. Yellow gray outdoor bench and garage with car

13. Yellow gray outdoor bench and garage with car

In contrast to the gray Havana tone, the yellow vases, and the bench make the garage more charming.

15. Yellow Nanoglass Table

14. Yellow Nanoglass Table

The yellow Nanoglass table gives a special touch to the room and the blackboard wall.

16. Sliding Door

15. Sliding Door

The property’s floor plan was modified, and the kitchen was integrated into the living room. The wall between the rooms came out, and in its place, an MDF panel gained the function of a sliding door in yellow because it is the resident’s favorite.

17. Yellow Floor

16. Yellow Floor

The 60 m² apartment has already started to be renovated with a challenge: its floor plan was free of walls, bringing several contrasts in colors, especially when applying a yellow epoxy floor to everything. Every corner of the apartment is enhanced, including the natural light that floods through the balcony.

The purple cabinets contrast elegantly with the yellow epoxy floor in the kitchen and highlight the decorative tiles on the pediment over the sink.