Easter Decoration

17 Easter-practical and Beautiful Diy Ideas for You

Easter is very famous and important festival for Christian as we all know. With Easter approaching, it’s time for crafts. If you are looking for some original, simple DIY Easter ideas, we will give you some.

1- Easy DIY for Easter-practical and beautiful ideas

2- DIY Easy Easter Bunny Weaving Egg Easy DIY

3- Easy to make original Easter DIY-try fashionable ideas

DIY Easy Easter Garland Multicolored Egg Wall

If you have enough eggs, please try to make this original wreath. Color the eggs in advance. Of course, you can use brushes, ink or paint to decorate them later, but it will take longer. Drill two holes at both ends of the eggshell, and then blow into one of the two holes in each egg. To make it easier to use the needle, make one of the two holes a bit larger and blow into the smaller one.

4- Easy DIY for Easter-Original Garland and Bunny

DIY Easy Easter Wreath Decorated Eggs

Now pass a needle through the two holes in each egg. Use decorative ribbons or threads. Decorate tables, stairs, windows or mantels with these original garlands.

5- Easter decoration with eggs and burlap

DIY easy easter egg decoration burlap DIY easy.

6- Decorate the stairs with colorful frangipani garlands

DIY Easy Easter Stairs Garland Eggs

Another idea we offer you is knitting rabbits. When they are still hot, they act as protective clothing for eggs. In addition to knitting them, you can also cut paper rabbits. You can even use paper models and cut out bunny rabbits. Cut out two numbers and sew them together. To make eggs, use glass beads. Use pink felt to cut a small nose for the rabbit. Put the rabbit fur coat on the egg, and the egg will be hot until the beginning of breakfast. This is a great idea, and your child will be very satisfied with it.

7- Gray knitted bunny as easter decoration

 Easter Knitting Bunny Gray Egg.

8- Easter white and knitted bunny

DIY-Easy Easter Bunny Egg Holder-Knitting.

9- Try to knit a bunny for Easter

DIY Easter Egg Bunny Woven Egg Holder.

10- Original rabbit woven in white and gray for Easter

DIY Easter Eggs Easily Weave Eggs.

11- Decorate the mirror with a frangipani garland

DIY Easy Easter Egg Wreath Eggs.

12- DIY Easy Easter Wreath Five Eggs

13- DIY Easy Easter Wreath Table Egg

14- DIY Easy Easter Wreath Egg Stairs

Beautifully repaired table decorations, surprise Easter for your friends. These paper tripods are very primitive, aren’t they? To DIY them, you need:

15- DIY Easy Easter Template Cardboard Flower DIY Easy

-Some plastic or wooden eggs

-Some flower pots or cups

-Acrylic paint




-Colorful foam

DIY Easy Easter Flower Pot Small Decoration Easy DIY Eggs

The diameter of the flowerpot or cup should be large enough to be used as an egg tray.

Decorate the cup or flower pot with acrylic paint and let it dry. Decorate them again with colorful patterns and figurines. Don’t forget to write down the name of your friend. Let them dry.

Download the flower model and cut it out of cardboard. The cardboard model will help you cut other objects, but this time with plastic. Place them on the photo and glue them together.

If you decide to use plastic eggs that can be opened, fill them with candies and desserts. Before putting the eggs in the egg rack, put some artificial grass or green paper in it.

16- DIY Easy Easter Flower Paper Decoration

17- DIY Easy Easter Egg Holder Flowers Easy DIY Eggs