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17 Diy Renovating Ideas for Banking Things in Your Home

Organizing the house is a big secret to keeping it nice and pleasant. There are simple tips to help us keep things at home and thus keep everything in its proper place. Even better when they are DIY ideas (do it yourself).

Check out DIY ideas for storing things at home:

1. Use pots in the service area

Prettier glass or even plastic jars for storing laundry detergent, fabric softener and other cleaning items will add another face to the environment.

2. Hide brooms and buckets

Set up a closet or cabinet to hide brooms, buckets, shovels, and so on.

3. Display magazines on the wall

Vertical racks save space and even personalize the white wall.

4. Use bikes as decoration

In addition to adding a touch of decor, it saves space.

5. Hang pans in the kitchen

Choosing the most stylish or vintage, you gain space and style at the same time.

6. Use a bar trolley to store things

Instead of installing shelves and drilling into walls, bar trolleys can save many environments. You can put flowers, towels or cleaning and beauty items in the bathroom.

7. Repurpose cabinets

You can line up several cabinets and turn them into a buffet or sideboard.

8. Reuse boxes and baskets for storing and decorating

You can put old drawers, baskets, and boxes to new use to keep the room tidy without spending a dime on furniture. If the boxes are ugly, cover them with fabric.

9. Seasonings and dry ingredients on sight

Keep your seasonings and dry ingredients (like pasta, rice and grains) in easy-to-reach, clear pots. You can even label them for more convenience when cooking.

10. Toys stored but on display

With a more kids friendly design and ideas (child friendly), the environments are more fun and organized at the same time. The great thing is to put the toys within their reach (both to pick up and store).

11. Special place to store bread

Bags of bread dotted around your kitchen and table? Having a specific place for the buns will solve this.

12. Reinvent the ladder

A ladder can be used to add style to the room while hanging blankets, scarves, etc.

13. Shelves above the doors

That way you gain a lot of space with floating shelves. But use them only for objects you don’t use much.

14. New purpose to kitchen items in the bathroom

Use kitchen pots or utensils like an ashtray to organize your things in the bathroom in an elegant way. Even the brush and toothpaste can look more stylish.

15. Reuse packaging and create pots

Transform food cans into DIY vases. You don’t have to do practically anything, apart from planting. One of the easiest DIY ideas.

16. DIY PVC shoe rack

This PVC shoe is ingenious and you can do it yourself. Find the right length for your shoes and then cut them to the correct length.

17. Install a DIY sliding door somewhere

There’s always a spare corner. And as narrow as it is, it can work miracles. In this sliding door next to the refrigerator, it is possible to make a pantry for smaller items. One of the best DIY ideas.