17 Artistic Ideas for Decorating Rooms

Although most people only use the bedroom to sleep, the truth is that the importance of this space cannot be overlooked, neither in terms of comfort nor in terms of decoration. Whether you’re going to decorate a room from scratch or want to renovate the decor of an existing room, get inspired by these creative ideas!

1. With suitcases

Tired of the old ladies bedside tables that serve to support the bed? Replace them with a set of stacked vintage suitcases and give your bedroom decor a real world trip!

2. With a long bed

Innovate in room decor by choosing an extra-long bed instead of a traditional bed. This idea gives a new meaning to the “sofa bed” concept, being also a great suggestion for the decoration of the guest room , without the air of a guest room.

3. With curtains

Textiles are one of the best accessories when it comes to transforming, in an easy and low-cost way, the decoration of a space, room included. In this case, the curtains jump from the windows to the middle of the room, creating an original and intimate division.

4. With plants

Bring a real breath of fresh air to any room decor by introducing plants – real and/or artificial – and create an outdoor atmosphere inside. Although a little daring, it’s still a good idea to try it out, for example, in a guest room!

5. With living room

If you have the space to do so, create a small living room inside the bedroom itself – sublime decor, for a room you’ll hardly want to leave!

6. With fireplace

If you’re under construction or want to completely remodel a room, consider adding a fireplace to the decor. There is no space that does not benefit from the atmosphere and the warmth that only a fireplace can provide… and in a room it becomes truly magical.

7. With original bunk beds

A small room, for two small occupants, requires great solutions in terms of decoration and these original bunk beds seem to fulfill all the requirements and more! Who wouldn’t love to sleep, study and play in this space?

8. Canopy

Very easy to put on and take off, a canopy instantly transforms any room into a stylish room. To complement a more romantic or feminine decor, a teenager’s or guest room… is a suggestion to try.

9. With the bed on the floor

Who says that, to be successful, the decoration of a room needs an imposing bed or design? A mattress on the floor and properly tucked in can create a minimalist decor!

10. With slate paint

Slate paint is here to stay and is everywhere… even in bedroom decor! A creative idea to brighten up the decoration of children’s or teenagers’ rooms… it can even be replaced or shared with magnetic paint, thus bringing together the best of both worlds!

11. With two beds

Want an original idea to decorate a guest room? Use two beds! In addition to being able to be joined or separated according to the guests that receive, the symmetry of this decoration creates a very harmonized, very pleasant atmosphere.

12. With niche

Incorporating a small, inviting niche in a bedroom – whether it’s for a bed, a reading space or a play area – will definitely make this decor the home’s favorite!

13. With maps

As a decorative element, maps are also a trend that has come to stay and pasted on the wall – whether with old maps or even wallpaper – it’s a funny note for both a male or teenager’s room, as for the kids… especially if the colors of the maps are vibrant!

14. With suspended beds

If it is possible to decorate a room with beds on the floor, it is also possible to decorate a room with beds on the air! Imagine the faces of friends when you show them the guest room where they are going to sleep…

15. With stencils

Stenciling the walls of a room is a quick and simple way to elevate any decor, without spending a lot of money or compromising on the decorative style, as they are easily removed. However, its application allows you to create themes or simply give life to dull walls.

16. With brick

If you’ve always dreamed of having a loft-inspired bedroom, then this decor – with exposed brick walls – is perfect. Then let yourself dream of New York.

17. With beds facing each other

Do you have little space to put two beds side by side in a room but don’t want to use bunk beds? Put the beds face-to-face! Children will love sleeping so close together at night and having a giant sofa to play in during the day… the room’s decor is also winning!

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