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16 Stylish Curtains for Living Rooms, Kitchens and Bedrooms

Curtains are a simple decoration accessory, but chosen with good taste and style, they have the power to enhance any space in which they are placed, since there are a wide variety of textures and styles that add a very flattering look to the rooms. For this reason, today we present you ideas and fashion trends of modern curtains for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. A simple cloth spread over the panes not only helps to filter the light that enters the room, but also aids in decoration. We will show you below, some of the most notable trends for 2022.

1- Striking colors

Striking colored curtains can be used as a focal point in your décor. For example, in the living room that we see in the photo below, neutral colors such as gray and beige have been used, and the yellow curtain provides a beautiful dose of color.

The color of the curtain can combine with a decorative element, for example, in this case, it combines with one of the cushions.

2- Neutral colors

Neutral colors such as white, beige and gray also stand out, to offer spaces a more elegant and distinguished appearance. Classic neutral colors never go out of style, and they look perfect with all colors and styles.

3- Gradient colors

This is another of the holdings that have been seen for several years. The gradient can be very subtle like the one we see. Or with more shades, for example, from almost white blue to a dark and saturated blue. The gradient can also be seen in two tones, for example from blue to brown.

4- Floral and botanical prints

With regard to prints, one of the great trends is large flowers or botanical elements. This fabric creates a striking contrast of dark gray and white.

5- Geometric

We will also find tartan and geometric prints mainly. In addition to being one of the most effective ways to add privacy to spaces, they are one of the decorative elements that have the most style to offer, being able to be adopted in windows, doors and as simple room dividers.

6- Two or three stripes

This style is also being used a lot. At the bottom of the curtain, a stripe of another color is added. Two or three stripes can be used.

7- Stencil prints

If your curtains are long enough, a stencil pattern around the edges can be a good choice without being too overwhelming. Or a discreet print like the one we see below.

8- Interesting curtain rods

Not only can you focus on the curtains, the look of the bars can also help to extend an elegant touch to the space. A lucite bar with fancy gold brass hooks can be a great option. You can achieve a touch of luxury with metallic details. The look can be even more elegant and refined in a dark curtain.

9- Curtains with lace

The lace finishes at the bottom of the curtains will add a decorative and glamorous touch to the room. Adding an antique charm, this lace chain across a curtain looks great.

10- Fringed curtains

11- Pompons

This curtain is decorated with pompoms, it is perfect to create a cheerful atmosphere, and it is very easy to make.

12- Textures

Nowadays, not only is the use of color important in curtains, but textures also play a fundamental role, since it adds a great deal of interest to them. You can choose from curtains in fine and delicate fabrics such as silk or more consistent fabrics such as linen, bamboo and natural fiber fabrics, which offer a more rustic style, ideal to incorporate in modern rooms.

13- With drag

This way of arranging the curtains, resting on the floor, is very elegant and is being used a lot nowadays.

14- Modern curtains for the kitchen

The kitchen is a very particular place in the house, a place of permanent use and in constant need of cleaning. This does not mean that it should be a poorly decorated place. Here are some options for curtains for decorating kitchen windows.

Roller blinds

They have the advantage that they can be rolled up, in order to avoid splashes of any kind that could stain them.

A simple fabric with a graphic print to match the room is more than enough to achieve a great result.

We see a beautiful and simple curtain, it combines well with smooth walls, even if they are in other colors.

This type of curtains that we see below are also one of the most modern options that we have today.

Roller curtains of the same color as the walls are a good option for when you want to integrate the curtains to them.

Country or rustic style

This is a very romantic style, in which floral prints are used a lot, with fruits or farm animals and ruffles.

You can also use tartan prints, pompoms or tassels.

Or rustic fabrics.

Also the short curtains, ruffle style.


The vaporous fabrics allow the passage of generous light.

They are perfect for rustic and informal spaces or for very modern kitchens.

But you can also use colors and patterns.

Natural fiber curtain with small ruffles, in the middle of the window. Create a rustic atmosphere.

A rustic fabric can be another lovely option.

Or a beautiful old-fashioned lace curtain.

15- Modern curtains for the bedroom

There are infinite designs that can be chosen, for example, in a room with so many different colors and mixes of prints, a checkered cotton curtains on an iron rod seem to harmonize with the mix of prints. If you don’t want to take chances, a neutral colored curtain will always go well with everything.

Thick, dark fabric curtains that naturally reduce glare in bright rooms. The thin curtains below help protect the curtains from dust and fading.

The ecru color of the curtain combines perfectly with the natural woods, the tones are very pleasing to the eye.

Trailing curtains, tied with fabric ties, creating a very pretty effect in the master bedroom.

A fringe of satin fabric at the bottom creates a very elegant and glamorous effect.

And we can also use blinds.

A curtain with a rustic touch contrasts and complements a classic décor.

16- Modern curtains for the living room


Very long curtains, down to the floor, making an interesting frame on both sides of the window. Its design is elegant and it is not overloaded, as is often the case with curtains with this type of pattern. The white and gray curtains thus generate the unification with the gray details of the decoration.

Linen curtains keep their shape, they are resistant and soft.

A very ethereal and simple curtain, decorated with small triangles.

Simple and sophisticated curtains, easy to make, practical and very tasteful.

To add elegance to the living room, you don’t need great things, especially if you want to give it a slight change. A simple sheer curtain can look spectacular hung by a zigzag string.

A curtain in vivid gradient colors.

You can choose a dark color that will match many decorative styles and furnishings and ornaments.

But if what you want are clearer curtains that give more light to the environment, and that combine with everything then you should bet on white.

In this predominantly blue-decorated room, white curtains bring balance. Highly recommended


Roller blinds are one of the best solutions to “dress” in a simple, elegant, attractive and striking way, but also functional.

They are formed by alternating opaque bands, which gradually allows the entry of light by assuming one another, overlapping each other, when extending or collecting them, so that in this way, we will achieve greater or lesser entry of light.

There are many options to buy them, from large firms, or on the contrary for tighter budgets, since in today’s times, everything is possible if we want.

Thus, roller blinds are a highly recommended way of decoration, they are very comfortable and most importantly, less dirty, since they do not reach the floor completely, although there are long ones, but we can always make sure that they do not end up completely reaching the floor.